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Where are the best tables located? The friendliest dealers? The most generous comps? Our guide to the best places to gamble, both online and offline, will reveal all.

Hangover Cures Take Vegas By Storm

Someone hungover looking for a quick fix

A new craze has invaded Las Vegas recently and it consists of party goers hooking themselves up to a drip in order to recover quicker from a Sin City-induced hangover from hell. Hangover Heaven are the company behind the treatment but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Does A Hangover Cure Really Exist?…Read More

A Concise History of Gambling In London

old black and white view of river Thames and houses of parliament

London is made up of a rich cultural tapestry. So much has happened there that it can be difficult to find new aspects of the capital’s history, aside from the fact the Prime Minister and the Queen both live there! We reckon that not enough people know about the rich gambling history of London though,…Read More

The Taj Mahal: the Rise and Fall of the Eighth Wonder of the World

Today, whether you live near Atlantic City or not, finding a casino convenient to your home is no problem at all for most Americans. But that wasn’t always the case. Prior to 1978, there was only one state in the country where land-based casino gambling was legal, and that was Nevada. Then on May, 26th…Read More

An Inside Look At Virtual Reality & The Casino Industry

Virtual Reality

Once a major talking point in discussions about the future, virtual reality’s progress has seemingly stalled somewhat. Not including 18th century, attempts to stimulate the senses with various 360-degree viewing and listening machines, as far back as 1960, we saw the first headset for virtual reality released. It would be almost another thirty years later that…Read More

A Compete History of Betting Shops in The UK

Number of UK betting shops 2009 to 2016

In 1960, the landscape of betting within the UK changed forever when the British government introduced the Betting and Gaming Act that allowed betting shops to officially open up for business across the country from 1st May, 1961. Things have never been the same since. How It All Began The first betting shops opened on…Read More

eSports Gambling in the USA: How Long Until It’s a Reality?

An eSports event

eSports is one of the fastest growing betting markets in the world with mobile and social gaming creating a larger audience following the action and placing bets on the various tournaments taking place across the world every year. eSports: The Next Frontier The market for eSports is expected to reach $952 million by 2019 which…Read More

How Will Atlantic City Cope After the Trump Taj Mahal Closes?

Taj Mahal

Trump Taj Mahal Will Close on October 10, 2016: Why is Yet Another Atlantic City Casino Closing? 2014 was a devastating year for Atlantic City, which had to deal with the fallout of an unprecedented four casino hotels closing and a loss of more than 8,000 jobs. With another casino hotel that is on life…Read More

How Do Illegal Gambling Rings Really Work?

Illegal gambling ring cash

Illegal gambling is a highly profitable business with a high risk and even though government agencies work hard to take action against illegal gambling rings the practice is still rife as individuals look to circumnavigate the laws in place to tax winnings. The Set-Up Technically, anybody can set up an illegal gambling ring. There have…Read More

A Recent History of Gambling Advertising


Since gambling pre-dates even the most ancient of advertisements, it’s safe to say that the two have been inseparable since ads became a permanent fixture in most societies. In more modern times, as the legal status and public perception of gambling constantly ebbs and flows, the same rings true for gambling advertising. What Are Some…Read More

The Casino Floor of Tomorrow: Attracting Millennials to Casinos

Bill’s gambling hall

The Casino Floor of Tomorrow As the population visiting casinos and their primary reasons for coming change, so are the casinos themselves. According to a recent White House report, millennials, those born in the last two decades of the 20th century, now constitute approximately 1/3 of the American population and the largest generation in the…Read More