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Floyd Mayweather Flaunts Sports Betting Streak, Green Bay Packers Ride Ends

Floyd Mayweather sports betting streak

Floyd Mayweather isn’t known for being humble, and considering his all-time 49-0 boxing record, perhaps that’s warranted. Affectionately known as “Pretty Boy” and “Money,” the boxing GOAT (greatest of all time) is spending his hard-earned retirement fortune by placing some not-so-casual sports bets. A lifelong gambler who calls the Las Vegas Valley home, Mayweather recently…Read More

Mafia-Backed Casinos Tried to Kill Me, Claims Edward O Thorp, the Father of Card-counting

Mafia Tried to Kill Card Counter Edward Thorp

Edward O Thorp, the 84-year-old inventor of card-counting, was once the target of a suspected Mob hit. The revelation comes in Thorp’s new autobiography, A Man for All Markets, published this week. In 1964, Thorp believes that Mafia-connected owners of the Dunes were so incensed by his ability to beat them at blackjack, they tried…Read More

DOJ Accuses Western Union of Anti-Money Laundering Violations, $586M Fine Tendered

David Bitkower Western Union AML procedures

Western Union will pay US federal authorities $586 million for anti-money laundering (AML) violations, the largest forfeiture ever imposed on a money services business by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The wire service company’s transgressions ranged from facilitating illegal Costa Rica-based sports betting to the processing of hundreds of thousands of transactions for global fraudsters…Read More

Donald Trump Inauguration Speech Not a Big Pay Day for Online Gamblers

UK Bookmakers Donald Trump inauguration speech payouts

President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech last Friday delivered plenty of fist-pumping excitement to those who voted for him, but for gamblers who took odds on precisely what he would say, the address didn’t deliver much in the way of profits. The entire 2016 presidential election was a difficult time for overseas sportsbooks that were able…Read More

Super Bowl Odds: New England Patriots Slight Favorite Over Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl odds Tom Brady Patriots Falcons

The early Super Bowl odds give the New England Patriots a slight edge over the Atlanta Falcons. Vegas’ prominent sportsbooks have the AFC Champions giving three points to the NFC’s best. Online sportsbook Bovada, as well as land-based books in Nevada including Caesars, Westgate, Wynn, and Mirage, are all in accordance on the field goal…Read More