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Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about what’s happening in the world of sports. Check out stats, updates about your favorite teams and even esports rivalry rumors. Whatever sport you’re into, we’ll scratch that itch for non-stop info.

Most Obscure Sports: Quidditch

A chaser scoring points during a game of quidditch

Chances are you’ve seen a news clip or video of college-age kids running around on brooms, playing what resembles Harry Potter‘s flying broom sport, quidditch. But what started as a way for bored freshmen to pass the time at Middlebury College in 2005 has spread and transmogrified into something much more global. It’s now an…Read More

Which Soccer Team Has The Most Violent Fans?

An image of football fans intimidating the opposing fans

Soccer fans are amongst some of the most passionate people in the world. At their best they promote diversity, joy, and togetherness. Sadly, at their worst, they can revel in prejudice, anger, and violence. Here’s a look at some of the most violent soccer club fans from around the world. Al Masry The first team…Read More

Which Sport Is The Toughest To Train For?

We’ve all been that armchair athlete, declaring we could compete at a sport’s highest level if given the necessary time and resources to do so. But even if those barriers didn’t exist, which sports would still be a longshot to compete in? And which would require the most training to reach an elite level? Golf…Read More

9 Incredible Transgender Athletes Who Can’t Join The US Army

Bearded Man with Red Lipstick on His Lips and Nail Polish

Sports are often divided into men and women’s categories but there have been instances when transgender individuals have participated in sports to a very high level. The tactical, physical and mental strength of these athletes still isn’t enough to convince Trump that transgender people should be allowed in the US Military though… Everybody knows of…Read More

The Five Best Esports News Sites

Esports continues to be “the biggest thing no one has ever heard of” and, despite being a multi-million dollar industry, finding out what is happening in the world of esports and who’s doing what can be a tricky business for the untrained. This is partly due to the fact that there is just so much…Read More

How Hard Is The Tour De France Really?

cyclists race past mountains in france

As far as endurance competitions go, the Tour de France is in a league of its own. Cycling’s most prestigious race has been held annually (except during the World Wars) since 1903, and even with advancements in bike technology and fitness knowledge, it hasn’t gotten much easier. For any endurance discipline, it remains one the…Read More

Golf: Boring Sport, Great Controversies

close up photo of golf balls

Golf is often associated with being played by older men and women who are looking to take up a recreation in their golden years. Yes, younger people do thrive in the sport but it has been tagged with this reputation for being boring. However, for such a boring sport it sure does produce some seriously…Read More

How And Why Are Swimmers Getting Faster?

The World Aquatic Championships start today and records are almost guaranteed to be broken. Just take a look at the swimming from the last Olympic games. In the first four days of the Rio 2016 Olympics’ swimming events, six world records were broken. By the time the closing ceremony rolled around a few weeks later,…Read More

10 Rising eSports Stars

retro gamer background for esports stars

The eSports industry is growing year-on-year and a new generation of superstars has been born. In an age when gamers are evolving from geeks to Gods, we take a look at the top 10 players that are set to become icons on the global stage. Sumail “Suma1L” Syed Hassan(Dota 2) This 18 year old Pakistani…Read More

Top 10 Twitch eSports Channels

twitch purple logo title

The eSports genre is enjoying a boom period right now. Prize money and revenues are bigger than ever before too. Last year over $891 million was gambled on eSports events. One of the most popular places for fans to watch eSports is Twitch. The site has seen their popularity grow from 20 million monthly unique…Read More