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Who doesn’t love a bit of sporting action? And with betting on sports reaching an all time high it is important to know your soccer from your football. Here you’ll find everything related to the intersection of sports and gambling.

So, eSports Is Now Massive In Nigeria

men in cafe playing console games

The market of eSports is becoming more popular with punters across the world with every passing month. This is truer in Africa than it is in anywhere else. That’s because eSports have really taken off with players and punters alike. Nigeria’s New Obsession Africa has always been a continent that is famous for its vibrancy…Read More

eSports Gambling in the USA: How Long Until It’s a Reality?

An eSports event

eSports is one of the fastest growing betting markets in the world with mobile and social gaming creating a larger audience following the action and placing bets on the various tournaments taking place across the world every year. eSports: The Next Frontier The market for eSports is expected to reach $952 million by 2019 which…Read More

Going Pro Against the Flow: An Interview with an eSports Athlete


The world of eSports is currently blowing up and a lot of people are enjoying the success that it has seen over the last few years. More often than not though, there will be people who don’t really know a lot about the subject, or are too confused to ask, being unwilling to show they…Read More

A Recent History of Gambling Advertising


Since gambling pre-dates even the most ancient of advertisements, it’s safe to say that the two have been inseparable since ads became a permanent fixture in most societies. In more modern times, as the legal status and public perception of gambling constantly ebbs and flows, the same rings true for gambling advertising. What Are Some…Read More

Who Are The 10 Richest Olympians Ever?

Olympics Rio 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio have just come to a close and the world will reflect on historic sporting moments that have captured the hearts and minds of the people of the participating nations over the last two weeks. Some of the biggest names in sports were present in Brazil for the Games…Read More

Pokémon GO, Augmented Reality and the Future of Gambling

Pokémon Go gambling

Three weeks ago, in New York City, a Vaporeon appeared in Central Park, causing a stampede. A Vaporeon, as we’re sure you know only too well, is a small, blue, semi-aquatic Pokémon, with a fetching white ruff at the base of its neck, three fins on its head and a swishy, mermaid-like tale. It is…Read More

The Rise of Gambling at the Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics Sports Betting Could Break Records

With the Rio Olympics just weeks away, there are still many anxious questions to be answered. A political and economic crisis has engulfed Brazil. The country’s president has been suspended on charges of corruption. The police are on strike. The mosquito-born Zika virus is scaring off the athletes. Will the city be ready? Will the…Read More

5 of the Worst (and Funniest) Doping Excuses In History

Beer and sex apparently makes you too manly to compete in athletics

As athletes like Maria Sharapova and Jon Jones know, we are entering a new “no-nonsense” era in regards to doping in sport. While this global crackdown is of course great for sports, fading away as a result is the classic art of the doping excuse. So we have something to look back on of what…Read More

The Top 10 Horse Jockeys Of All Time

Eddie Arcaro is the only jockey to have won the Triple Crown twice

Top 10 Jockeys of All-Time Measuring the success of jockeys is extremely subjective. To some, it’s all about the amount of money you rake in. For others, more important is winning the big races, or just winning races on any level. Horse racing’s long and evolved history makes it especially difficult to compare jockeys from…Read More

Euro 2016 Betting Diary: The Winning Results

Portugal beat France Euro 2016

So, in the end, Cristiano Ronaldo finally got his hands on the international trophy he’s craved for so long (and the attention of a rather persistent moth). We toyed with the idea of cashing out our ante-post bet on France lifting the Euro 2016. And as it turned out, it would have been the smart…Read More