The Wonders of Craigslist Las Vegas

The Wonders of Craigslist Las Vegas

Craigslist is often on the receiving end of a number of inappropriate jokes but the online marketplace still offers up some fantastic treats for people browsing for a bargain or something a little different. Here are just some of the most outrageous items you can buy on Craigslist Las Vegas right now.

Random Cars

Pushpin and Car on Map, Las Vegas, NV.
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There are plenty of reasons to visit Las Vegas Craigslist, cars for sale being one of them. And there are some seriously wild rides available here.

Like this incredible Military M817 for $6 700. Because who doesn’t want to drive a military dump truck? At least now no one will dare to cut you off in traffic.

Want a classic Chevy truck? You can get one for only $490. Okay, this is actually just a steering column, seat, tank, GMC dash chrome, front fenders and cab, but surely you’ll be able to source your own engine, wheels and everything else.

Or, just buy this Stagecoach. For only $6,000, you could go back in time to the origin of the Wells Fargo logo, enjoying the stagecoach life like the real wild west. You probably won’t want to take it out on the road, but maybe you could, provided people dressed up for the experience.


Misfit Musicians

Drum Kit, Microphones and Loudspeakers in a Studio.
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One of the real advantages of Craigslist is putting people in touch with others in their line of work to create working relationships that might never have been possible otherwise.

Looking for a drummer? While there are many ads on Craigslist Las Vegas for various drummers available, this one could be ideal.

He speaks English, French and Spanish, and can play all kinds of drums in all manner of ways. Sure, he can play a classic drum set to create Latin rhythms, but he can also play bongos, dengue and other percussion instruments.

He even seems to have the outfits to match.

Funny Furniture

Old armchair outside in Salton City, California, United States.
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There are all kinds of unusual things available on Craigslist Las Vegas. Furniture is of course one of the most popular areas of the site.

Feel most at home in your car? Why not bring that car vibe into your house with this leather seat from the back of a Chevy Tahoe. It’s advertised as “perfect for a man cave”, but we’re sure that Craigslist Vegas fans will find even weirder uses for it.

If you’re looking for super rare (or just plain weird?) furniture on Craigslist, why not pick up this $350 rare rocking hippo. Your kid might not appreciate the value of this FAO Schwartz classic, but you’ll know just how much it’s worth.

Strange Jobs

Man with brain testing equipment.
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Speaking of getting a job, Craigslist Las Vegas jobs are known for their adult-oriented nature. There are tons of listing to become an attractive cam girl or guy.

But that’s not the only adult kind of work available. You could have a future in gay porn… editing.

That’s right, you don’t need to be a performer, just know how to use Final Cut to make an enjoyable viewing experience. Hours are flexible and you can work from home, which is probably best as I’m not sure what kind of office environment you’d expect from a place like this.

The jobs on Las Vegas Craigslist don’t require much to read between the lines. How about this one looking for mature Asian women who are “comfortable with their bodies” and will send pictures and measurements.

Want something a little more family friendly? How about you become a face painter? You’ll get training and earn $10 an hour plus commission. I guess you just need to make sure you aren’t afraid of clowns, as the job is based in Circus Circus.

Or, if your artistic streak runs a bit differently, you could become a caricature artist. You’ll get training, so it’s more about personality and interest for this position. I wonder if the job will make you a caricature of yourself.

Learn New Skills

Neon comedy show sign with retro microphone on a brick wall background.
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Sure, you could get a math tutor or guitar lessons when you check out Vegas Craigslist. But you could also learn how to clean and operate your firearm, if that’s more your speed. A Las Vegas gun range manager with 14 years of active duty will teach you how to clean, disassemble and reassemble your specific rifle, pistol or other firearm.

Alternatively, you could enjoy free MMA & Submission Grappling training. You won’t want to tap out of this opportunity.

Or, simply learn some comedy improvisation. That’s right you might get some gigs in the future thanks to Las Vegas Craigslist, assuming that they can also teach you how to get a job for being funny.

Get Paid to Air Your Dirty Laundry

Everyone has a story, but if your story includes being in love with your Ex’s relative, you could make some cash.

That’s right, a casting call on Craigslist Vegas invites those who are dating any relatives of their Ex to come be on TV. You could make money and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

Freaky Vegas Craigslist Stories

Finally, Vegas Craigslist still offers itself as proof that the marketplace is used by the stranger folks in our society. For example, the user that posted ads in order to lure sex-trafficking victims into his web of deceit.

Another individual was keen to create a YouTube video talking about her own personal experience on Las Vegas Craigslist when searching for a job. It is certainly one that everyone should watch to become more aware of the potential creeps out there.


There was also the thread on an internet forum that discussed whether people use Vegas Craigslist to purchase hookers. Among the replies in the thread was one user by the name of Dmark, who claimed that most people active in the Gay Listings in Vegas Craigslist are just “people in town for conventions”. As they say, when in Vegas…