The Wonders of Craigslist Las Vegas

The Wonders of Craigslist Las Vegas

Craigslist has everything from missed connections to help you find that intriguing stranger you met the other day, to bizarre jobs or lessons. Some people are trying to sell outrageous items online while others are looking to get you to share your darkest secrets. Here are just some of the most eye-brow-raising or jaw-dropping items on Craigslist Las Vegas right now.

Random Cars

Pushpin and Car on Map, Las Vegas, NV.
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There are numerous listing for Las Vegas Craigslist cars for sale. Most of them are your typical car sales. But of course, when you browse the Las Vegas Craigslist for sale listings, some things do stand out as a bit out of the ordinary.

So vintage is the hottest thing right now ‘cos it gives you an effortless style and everyone loves a bit of nostalgia. Take us back to the days when we’d never heard of COVID-19 please?

This fabulously fully restored 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible is your ticket to the good ol’ days. Just like the ad boasts, don’t wait around getting your long lost uncle’s heap of junk found in the garage spruced up, that could take two years. Splash out on this bad boy, it may just be the best thing your spare 50K can buy.

Whilst 2007 wasn’t a great year for everything – but hey, we learnt that human resilience is REAL strong thanks to Britney – it did bring us this next gem.

That’s right, this Pontiac Solstice GXP Convertible takes us right back to the era of Paris Hilton and her crop top low-ride flared jeans combo. With leather seats and cruise control this is a one-way ride to heaven.

It really did do well in the car department that year because check out this other beaut we’ve picked out for you.

A ‘like new’ Ford Mustang. With low mileage and a three-month/3000 mile warranty on it you can buy knowing you’re not being conned. With a plush, beige leather interior and fancy front lights, it seems mad that you wouldn’t part with a mere $7,250.

With the climate in a state of crisis, droughts are becoming more and more common. This could be a real investment then…have you considered getting your hands on an international water truck?

Dating back 16 years it’s in pretty good nick. Maybe you’ve already got the truck but you need the tanks? Also not a problem. Kitted out with a 4,000 gallon capacity and brand new accessories all round, it’s a set of wheels you don’t want to miss.

Picture yourself sitting behind the steering wheel of this bad boy: Nissan’s Hot Wheels-inspired GTR Premium Coupe. With a sleek white body and electric purple wheels, you’re sure to dazzle. And the wheels change color! There’s also an epic sound system installed so you’ll be bringing the club up every day of the week.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum we have a white (less shine, more grime) 15-passenger Cargo Van. It’s literally perfect for that road trip you’ve been threatening your college pals and their significant others with for the past five years. Now they have no excuse, you can drive round and pick them all up for a jolly vacay.

Or maybe you have a lot of kids. Or dogs. Either way, this is great for the bigger-than-the-norm group outing.

Unusual Gigs

Drum Kit, Microphones and Loudspeakers in a Studio.
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One of the real advantages of Craigslist is putting people in touch with others in their line of work to create working relationships that might never have been possible otherwise. Las Vegas Craigslist gigs listings go beyond the usual “we need a drummer for this event” post.

Instead, you’ll find all kinds of unique gigs on Vegas Craigslist.

Good at deciphering Morse code? Great, those skills will be handy for this gig boasting too much concrete. Sounds wacky enough, enticing even. When reading the small print, however, he’s talking about marketing strategies and calls. If you’re in the biz, check it out.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have heart disease I send my apologies. But today you can cash in on your health issue. Well, maybe.

This study is looking to pay certain individuals with heart disease so long as they meet the unspecified criteria. Insert all your medical history via the link provided at your own risk. The same company is also looking for victims of eczema, schizophrenia, and asthma. Well, it might cover some of the medical bills.

Ladies, stop decorating yourself with jewelry and instead be the decoration on this man’s bare chest. This newly single singleton is in search of a ‘gorgeous woman’ to match his beauty and elegance at networking events.

His nine-year relationship really only helped boost his business and he’s looking for a female specimen to take over the role with immediate effect.

“Maybe more.” 😉

Do you have some clogged pipes? Seems you’re in need of some rough plumbing. Not the usual kind of course, this is all about getting down and dirty like the daddy boss you know you crave/want to be on that older house of yours.

Hard to know whether the service is being requested or offered…

Funny Furniture

Old armchair outside in Salton City, California, United States.
Image: GETTY

This is one of the most amusing parts of Craigslist Las Vegas. Furniture might not seem entertaining, but these range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

If you need somewhere comfy and cosy, yet roomy and reminiscent of a 90s Ford Sierra then you’ll be keen to know about this beautiful couch. The description is brief but the photos offer all the info you need.

It looks like a snug velour type fabric, perfect to curl up on with a loved one. And if you’re not on great terms with said loved one the little compartment and drinks holder in the middle acts as a great barrier. Also great for storing all snacks so no more fights over who grabs the next bag of chips.

If you’re feeling pretty flush and in need of a centerpiece for your new games room then your search ends here. Drum roll, please.

You can be the proud owner of a seven and/or eight feet Xena pool table. With solid wood and slate features it’s like a home within a home. You’ll get a felt cover – your color choice – thrown in with delivery and installation included free in the $2,450 price tag.

Bring the Vegas experience to you with this college frat party-style poker table. Yes it looks like it’s been hiding in the basement like an embarrassing relic from your ugly past but doesn’t everything and everyone deserve a second chance? Plus, the seller will deliver.

I’ve always been of the opinion that horses’ hooves and light bulbs should never be in close proximity of one another but this spectacular horse lamp may just have convinced me otherwise.

Although there are no photos displaying the light bulb turned on, I think we can imagine its heavenly glow offset fabulously by the horse’s sleek and dark design. And for the super horse-mad out there you can have some bookends thrown in as well.

Strange Jobs

Man with brain testing equipment.
Image: GETTY

So many strange jobs appear on Craigslist Las Vegas. Sure, plenty of “models” and other positions that you’d expect in Sin City, but maybe you just want a slice of normal and to get out the countryside?

Find the beast within and get paid like one too. You can earn at least $130 in just six hours when you seal a beast of a deal. Not super obvious what it is you beasts will do but it seems that you’re repping a mini-break agency.

Looks like you’ll need the mini break yourself judging by the excessive use of caps lock in the ad…!

Are you a team player? If so, this ad for a crazy horse truck driver is perfect for you. No worries if you’ve got no experience, if you LOVE teams (the word’s mentioned thrice in the ad title) then you’re a perfect fit. Pet friendly and weekly pay makes this a firm fave.

For the herbal and horticultural-leaning of you have we found you a jackpot juicy job? Yes indeed, this firm is looking for cannabis trimmers and packers. You’ll need some ‘experience in the industry’ although they don’t really divulge on that, so interpret as you will.

Or if you’re feeling really gracious, give the gift of a child using your body. Be a surrogate! There are a quite a few strict criteria in place to ensure you’re the right one to play incubator in this whole situation, so read up to find out if you can get a year’s good salary by growing a baby.

Clear Out The Dust Bunnies

It can be hard to keep a home clean, so it’s no surprise that Las Vegas has plenty of cleaning services. Of course, the Las Vegas Craigslist services might be offering something a bit different…

Snip things off your to-do list with the help of the Valley’s hottest to-do list guys. There are no photos of the guys themselves so I can’t comment on how hot they are, but they’ll do just about anything for you task-wise.

Build a shed, install a hot tub, clean out your cellar. All long and time consuming, they’re happy to oblige.

This guy, however, does include a few selfies in his bid to show his skills as a drywall, texture expert. Pictured next to a couple of big punch marks on an otherwise clean wall, let’s hope it’s the ‘before’ he’s showing us…

Freaky Vegas Craigslist Stories

Finally, Vegas Craigslist still offers itself as proof that the marketplace is used by the stranger folks in our society. For example, the user that posted ads in order to lure sex-trafficking victims into his web of deceit.

Another individual was keen to create a YouTube video talking about her own personal experience on Las Vegas Craigslist when searching for a job. It is certainly one that everyone should watch to become more aware of the potential creeps out there.

There was also the thread on an internet forum that discussed whether people use Vegas Craigslist to purchase hookers. Among the replies in the thread was one user by the name of Dmark, who claimed that most people active in the Gay Listings in Vegas Craigslist are just “people in town for conventions”.

As they say, when in Vegas…