The Wonders Of Craigslist Las Vegas

The Wonders Of Craigslist Las Vegas

Craigslist has everything from missed connections to help you find that intriguing stranger you met the other day, to bizarre jobs or lessons.

Some people are trying to sell outrageous items online while others are looking to get you to share your darkest secrets.

Here are just some of the most eye-brow-raising or jaw-dropping items on Craigslist Las Vegas right now…

Questionable Cars

Las vegas map with a pin and toy car
Image: GETTY

There are numerous listing for Las Vegas Craigslist cars for sale. Most of them are your typical car sales.

But of course, when you browse the Las Vegas Craigslist for sale listings, some things do stand out as a bit out of the ordinary.

Let’s take a look at what’s available right now.

If you’ve got a bit of spare cash lying around, let me introduce you to the 2018 McLaren 570s Spider.

This is a beauty of a car which, according to the ad, is ‘the fastest and most unique Mclaren on the road’ which you’d hope for with the price tag of $164,975.

That includes delivery to your door but at that price, I’d expect no less.

Whilst we all love the glamour and style of a McLaren, you can’t beat a Ford when it comes to reliability.

And this old school Ford F100 from ’54 is no different. Looks a bit rusty here and there but who else is still as spruced up as they were in their younger days?

Perhaps you’ve recently come up with a new business idea in the food industry. Well, you’ll be needing a custom made food trailer then, won’t you?

For under $15,000 you can set up a shop in wheels and become everyone’s best friend.

And if you’re feeling called to a mechanical mission then this 1956 COE ca1956 COE ca1956 COE ca is what you’re looking for.

Having sat around for decades(?) it’s built up some rust ‘n’ dust but hey, you can get it to start up for a whole five seconds! There’s hope in this car hauler yet, so call up a group of your buddies and haul this beast onto your backyard.

Unusual Gigs

Drum Kit, Microphones and Loudspeakers in a Studio
Image: GETTY

One of the real advantages of Craigslist is putting people in touch with others in their line of work to create working relationships that might never have been possible otherwise.

Las Vegas Craigslist gigs listings go beyond the usual “we need a drummer for this event” post.

Instead, you’ll find all kinds of unique gigs on Vegas Craigslist…

Right now, a company seeking out participants for online marketing research purposes is promising you a potential of $500.

They claim that they cannot disclose the company but the title of the ad boasts it’s for Snapchat.

Hmm…did they just give the game away or is this a ploy to involve some Gen Zs?

No Scrooges for this next one please.

So, yes, it’s official: we’re entering the festive period and with festivities comes a need for an artistically inclined person.

If painting the Grinch dressed up in Santa Clause outfits onto windows floats your boat then look no further. Get out your paintbrush and start mixing those colors.

There’s something pretty creepy about this ad for a dog assistant.

If you think you’re helping the dog, think again.

This ‘older woman’ is seeking help with her YouTube channel and she’s made it very clear that she’ll know (as will her dog) if you don’t actually love her precious pooch.

So don’t even try and get in there for the ‘extra compensation along the way’ – whatever that is…

What’s that saying? If you can’t be famous, be infamous.

And what better place than Las Vegas to achieve such renown? Cue this awesome gig to feature on a brand new TV show about exes living in the same hood.

Sounds cheesy but could be great entertainment. If you still live near your ex then now’s the time to share all the horrors and excitement that that involves.

Funny Furniture

Old armchair outside in Salton City, California, United States.
Image: GETTY

This is one of the most amusing parts of Craigslist Las Vegas. Furniture might not seem entertaining, but these range from the sublime to the ridiculous…

We know that in Las Vegas the parties are a big deal. And parties need the right decorations. So it’s time to make sure you’re kitted out for all of the events.

Hang a wreath on your door for Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s, Thanksgiving and Harvest time. Now everyone will know that you’re the one with the best party spirit in town.

Speaking of Valentine’s, maybe your lover needs a reminder of how to treat you on the daily.

Perhaps they don’t kiss you enough and you just wish there was some way of reminding them without having to throw yourself into their arms every night.

You need this 2ft Always Kiss Me Goodnight sign. You can’t buy love but you can spend $8 on reminders about it.

With more of us working from home these days it might be a nice idea to jazz up the home office with these chic’ decorations. There’s a whole array of things here to do just that, from epic signs exclaiming that ‘Talk Is Chic’ to hotpot slow cookers.

Not really sure what the office vibe is with this seller though as there’s a drinking game thrown in for good measure and a very random looking tree-shaped, metallic object.

And to unwind at the end of a long day at the office it’s going to take something like a wonderful foot massager. This machine comes just ‘like new’… but I bet when it was new it didn’t have those marks on it.

If you love candles but you’re scared of fire, trick the psyche with this interesting garden patio candle-holder.

Whilst it may look strange to the outsider to see a decorative tap suspended above a candle, it will relax you into thinking that no fire will break out. How could it with a water supply so close to the flame?

Strange Jobs

So many odd jobs appear on Craigslist Las Vegas. Here are a few of the highlights at the moment.

This Lip Smacking foodie tour guide job is perfect for those who love food.

Walk a group of gastro lovers to four of the best eating joints along the Strip and Downtown and enjoy three to four of their signature dishes in each spot!

With historical facts to learn and share along the way this is a great way to earn your next meal.

For those who love slots (and it’s Vegas, so who doesn’t?) why not apply to be a slot route tech? This part time job at the shop that literally never stops could earn you great money with the right attitude.

If you’re new to the area why not do this job where you get free tea and coffee? It all sounds great. The only problem is, we can’t figure out what exactly the job is…

Other “Services

woman wearing French Maid costume holding duster in hand
Image: Shutterstock

You may think you’ve stumbled upon an ad for a cleaner or a masseuse, but the Las Vegas Craigslist services might be offering something a bit different…

It’s not entirely clear what Jessica’s offering with her relaxation sessions’, but we’re glad to hear she’ll be taking safety measures to keep you both safe.

Equally, Brielle’s massage therapy seems to focus on her as the ‘tender nurturing provider’ to suit all your needs. Free ‘massage’ when you refer three people, too.

Freaky Vegas Craigslist Stories

Vegas Craigslist still offers itself as proof that the marketplace is used by the some of the stranger folks in our society.

For example, the creep that posted ads in order to lure sex-trafficking victims into his web of deceit to perform disgusting ‘body rubs’.

Another individual was keen to create a YouTube video talking about her own personal experience on Las Vegas Craigslist when searching for a job.

While we may have picked out the wacky and wonderful on our list here, both these tales show just how dangerous online services can be and serve as reminders to always be extremely vigilant.