The Wonders of Craigslist Las Vegas

The Wonders of Craigslist Las Vegas

Craigslist has everything from missed connections to help you find that intriguing stranger you met the other day, to bizarre jobs or lessons. Some people are trying to sell outrageous items online while others are looking to get you to share your darkest secrets. Here are just some of the most eye-brow-raising or jaw-dropping items on Craigslist Las Vegas right now.

Random Cars

Pushpin and Car on Map, Las Vegas, NV.
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It’s a lot of fun to browse the Las Vegas Craigslist cars for sale, if only because of the random things you find there. Sure, you could take to Craigslist Las Vegas to buy a regular car if you wanted, or you could pick up this 1962 Corvair Monza 900 convertible. It will need a bit of love, but at least the wheels are new, right?

You’re in the army now when you buy this 1987 Freightliner Unimog military truck from Craigslist. Las Vegas is filled with fun trails to explore, or you could just pull some Area 51 pranks on tourists if you prefer. Either way, who doesn’t want a military vehicle complete with trailer?

If you’re truly ready to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to hit Craigslist Vegas and buy this 1941 Chevy COE hot rod right now. Flames on the exterior with pink leather seats? Top of our want list.


Gigs Galore

Drum Kit, Microphones and Loudspeakers in a Studio.
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You’ll find some unusual things on the Las Vegas Craigslist gigs options. From musical to domestic gig work, there something for everyone. Maybe too many somethings for too many types of people.

If you’re looking to become a recording star, Craigslist Las Vegas might be able to help. Well, that’s if you’ve got the perfect ASMR voice. Whisper your way to the big time.

Or how about accompanying a man in town who needs some arm candy for the night? The applicant must be up for having fun and ‘looking for the life of the party type’. Being a flirt and drinking is ‘OK as long as it’s in good taste’. There’s a specific dress code and height requirement, and you’ll need to send over photos before you even get to be considered for the $400 compensation.

You can get even more money with “unique modeling opportunities” that pay up to $3,000 for a single day’s work. Somehow, it’s hard to imagine it’s just modeling that they are looking for.

The guys can also get in on some action with Las Vegas Craigslist. This person is looking for a fit guy with strong hands for a legit rub down. They will even reciprocate. Seeing as the poster wants clean, athletic and young guys aged 18-35, it seems this might not just be about the massage.

Funny Furniture

Old armchair outside in Salton City, California, United States.
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It was a different time in the 70s. You know, people needed tables so they made them out of surf boards. At least, that’s what this strange Craigslist Las Vegas furniture posting would have you think.

Everyone has their own sense of style, and fashion is a way to express yourself in your home. So, if part of fueling your creative flair is by having gas pumps in your house, you’re in luck! Unique Las Vegas Craigslist for sale items include this set of 50s and 60s gas pumps for $1,300.

If you are in Las Vegas, chances are you’re familiar with casino games and culture. So why not integrate them into your home, too? When you buy this casino baccarat table, you can host games in your own backyard. At least then, when the house always wins, you’ll come out ahead, right?

Strange Jobs

Man with brain testing equipment.
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When you start looking at Craigslist Las Vegas jobs, it can seem like almost everyone just wants you to take your clothes off. It’s not just the ladies, either – there are casting calls for all male reviews as well, if you want to join Black Magic Live.

But there’s actually some intriguing work behind the camera as well. Just check out this job that pays $30 per hour as a videographer for adult fetish shoots.

If video games are more your thing, you could sign up to compete and take part in a paid esports league. There are tryouts and everything, although it’s slightly suspect that this league doesn’t list the actual game you’ll be playing. Most esports professionals get really good at one kind of game or another, so it’s hard to know what this bunch are really paying you to play.

Learn New Skills

Neon comedy show sign with retro microphone on a brick wall background.
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Freaky Vegas Craigslist Stories

Finally, Vegas Craigslist still offers itself as proof that the marketplace is used by the stranger folks in our society. For example, the user that posted ads in order to lure sex-trafficking victims into his web of deceit.

Another individual was keen to create a YouTube video talking about her own personal experience on Las Vegas Craigslist when searching for a job. It is certainly one that everyone should watch to become more aware of the potential creeps out there.


There was also the thread on an internet forum that discussed whether people use Vegas Craigslist to purchase hookers. Among the replies in the thread was one user by the name of Dmark, who claimed that most people active in the Gay Listings in Vegas Craigslist are just “people in town for conventions”. As they say, when in Vegas…