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Play video poker at the top 10 online casinos. We’ve hunted down casino bonuses to get every new player started, as well as finding the best sites for variants like Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. Learn strategies to help you win at video poker, and discover the top video poker games to play this month.

Our Top Rated Video Poker Casinos

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  • Exciting Bonus Games
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Use this tool to work out which casinos are currently offering the best bonuses and promotions:


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Get The Best Online Video Poker Bonuses

Video poker is one of the most popular games amongst players all over the world. Whether you’re at home on your handheld or living it up in the gambling capital of Las Vegas, not only is it great fun to play but it could also see you benefit from one massive additional perk: bonuses. The world’s best casinos all offer bountiful bonuses to players in search of landing a jackpot. It’s just a case of knowing what you’re entitled to and then going out and taking it!

guide icon

Tip: To make the most of your potential bonus funds, keep an eye out for the casinos offering big sums of money with low wagering requirements. Don’t be dazzled by a huge bonus offer if the playthrough requirements are extensive - you might never see that money for real!

Video Poker – Real Money vs. Free Games

  • Why Play for Real Money
  • Why Play Free Games

Real money players can choose from multiple video poker variations not available as free games

Free games are the perfect way to enjoy video poker just for fun, with no need to worry about spending money

Online casinos reward real money players with bonuses and promotions, such as welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards

Setting up free games couldn’t be easier, as there is no need to create an account, sign up or download any software

The thrill of playing for real money prizes and a tantalising progressive jackpot is incomparable, giving the game an increased sense of excitement

Free games offer a unique opportunity to practice different types of video poker and to try out new strategies. For beginners, get used to the hand ranking chart and gain an appreciation of the odds of hitting a royal flush or four aces

Real money players can try live dealer games, going head to head against a real dealer based at a land-based casino

Like real money games, free video poker can be enjoyed on the move, via apps and mobile casinos

How We Rate the Best Video Poker Games

Here at, we use a 25-step review process to rank a massive selection of online video poker games, to bring you a definitive collection of the very best. When rating these games, we take the following important factors into account:


Bonuses and Promotions

Every casino we recommend offers video poker players a great range of bonuses. You can expect bonus money for making a deposit, as well as free spins to extend your time gaming.


Fairness and Security

We only recommend games that are completely fair, random and secure. So relax and enjoy the experience of our top-rated video poker games.


Real Money and Free Options

When it comes to deciding whether to play a free or real money video poker game, there are clear advantages for both options. Our top-rated casinos all offer both real money and free variations of video poker, leaving it up to you to choose how you play.


Mobile Gaming Options

When you find your favourite video poker game, you might want to play it while you’re on the move. Mobile video poker gaming options are perfect for this. Our top-rated video poker games are all on offer to players who want to try them on tablets or smartphones via apps or mobile casinos.


Quick Cashouts

No one wants to wait around for their cash when they win a big prize, which is why all our recommended casinos for video poker games offer quick cashouts to their lucky winners. The money will be in your account within a maximum of three days.

Game Variety

Video poker is a classic game, yet there are so many variations that we bet you’ll want to try. Our recommended list includes a whole host of different variations for you to sample.

View our recommended casinos



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  • Results

Types of Video Poker

The variants of video poker are extensive, but we’ve narrowed down the options to six main variations of the classic game. If you’re wondering what sets Jokers Wild apart from Deuces Wild, you get into trouble with Double Bonus poker, or you’re flummoxed by multi-play video poker, take a look at the table below for all the information you need.

Deuces Wild Double Bonus Triple Play Jokers Wild Double Double Bonus Multi Play
Deuces Wild

This is the most commonly played type of video poker. Deuces Wild uses a typical pack of 52 cards, however players can choose what the four “two point” cards and “deuces” represent. This makes the game slightly easier for the player, but payout rates reflect this.

Double Bonus

Double Bonus Poker is a popular variation where players unlock two bonuses, which are both four of a kinds. This game can be found at many top online casinos and online gambling sites.

Triple Play

Triple play is great for multi-taskers, as you can play three hands of cards at one time. This is the most popular video poker variant from IGT, and comes in different types such as Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus and Draw Poker.

Jokers Wild

In the Jokers Wild variation of the game, players can use the Joker card to represent any card they choose, helping them to reach a winning hand. There are 53 cards played in this game - a typical deck and one joker card.

Double Double Bonus

Based on the widely played ‘double bonus poker’ variation, this game takes bonus payouts to the next level, paying more for four or a kind wins with the addition of 'kickers'. Look out for the ‘triple double bonus’ version which rewards players in a very similar way.

Multi Play

Multi play poker allows players to play as many hands of cards as they please, with some games offering up to 50. The game comes in free and real money variations, so you can test it out for free before splashing the cash.

Top 5 Video Poker Games in November

Every month, we pick out our top five video poker games that we recommend you try. Whether you're looking to play a new game for real money or for free, the titles in the following list are an excellent place to start. You'll also find more details in the table below.

  1. 1. Jacks or Better
  2. 2. Deuces Wild
  3. 3. Aces and Faces
  4. 4. Joker Poker
  5. 5. Bonus Poker
Free Games
Real Money
Jacks or Better
Jacks or Better
5 /5
Free Games
Real Money
Deuces Wild
Deuces Wild
4.7 /5
Free Games
Real Money
Aces and Faces
Aces and Faces
4.5 /5
Free Games
Real Money
Joker Poker
Joker Poker
4.1 /5
Free Games
Real Money
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker
4 /5
Free Games
Real Money

Video Poker Strategy Guides: Everything You Need to Know

Quick Tips for Video Poker Success

If you’re thinking about playing video poker, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the best chance of success. The game isn’t entirely based on luck, so you can use different tips and strategies to improve your chances. Target full pay games as they offer the highest payout, and read on for four more essential tips.

Know Your Variants:

Video poker is a game with many different variants, all of which differ slightly in their rules. It’s essential that you understand the game you’re playing.

Play Maximum Coin Bets:

To win as much as possible in video poker, we highly recommend playing maximum coin bets to get the full value from your wagers. High limit slots will also generally pay out more regularly than regular ones, so play these if your bankroll allows.

Understand Pay Structures:

To make the best decisions about risk in video poker, you really need to understand the pay structures of the variation you’re playing.

Manage Your Bankroll:

As with all real money gambling games, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on your bankroll. Never bet money you can’t afford to lose, and never use poker to chase losses.

A Brief History of Video Poker

Video poker has a colorful history and can be traced back to the late 1800s. It all began when Charles Fey created the first ever Liberty Bell slot machine in his garage in 1898.


Dale Electronics released the first electronic video poker machine called Poker Matic. Poker Matic laid the foundation for a bright future that was to come.


Finally people started to notice Si Reed’s SIRCOMA slot machines and by 1981 they were some of the most popular games behind slots.

1980s - 1990s

Video poker machines were a big deal on the casino floor. Over time the size of the machine was scaled down and different themes were added. A casino house edge was also introduced.

2000s and beyond

Video poker continues to thrive and is one of the most popular games online and offline. As technology has flourished so too has video poker. Now the games can be accessed on every device imaginable.

Ready to win at video poker?

Is it time to try your luck at video poker online? Why not check out our collection of top rated free and real money video poker games right now! We’ve got some of the games right here at, handpicked from the world’s leading games makers. Let’s play!


Where can I find a good video poker game?

Well, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel - the first place you should look is our selection of online video poker casinos. This is the best way for new players and experienced players alike to find games that have the best graphics, payouts, and bonuses. We test all new game releases as soon as they come on the scene. We make sure the video poker casinos we recommend are safe and secure, and provide you with easy to use platforms so you can just enjoy the experience.

Do I need special software to play?

Not necessarily. The majority of casinos will offer a free downloadable client which you then play through. However, there are some sites offering web-based applications that allow you to enjoy all the games you love right from your usual browser. These type of instant play casinos are largely available for players on Mac & iPhone devices.

How do I place bets with my money, and get winnings?

In order to play for money you'll have to be able to transfer funds using a credit card or bank account. Many online casinos for video poker also work with e-wallet payments such as Neteller, EcoCard, or Skrill, making it even more secure for you in that you never have to give the casino your private financial information. When you want to access your winnings, you can deposit them directly to your bank account, or in many cases onto major credit cards. You can also deposit winnings into an e-wallet account for instant access.

What types of games are available?

The two most common video poker variations are Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. However, at each casino online you'll find a variety of games that will certainly keep you busy. These include games with mind blowing progressive jackpots that accumulate over time, offering the chance to cash in on a very big payout.

Do you play video poker the same way you play real life poker?

Basically, yes. There are a few differences, such as two of a kind not paying out even if it's the high hand. You'll find a list of hands on the board of each game, most start at three of a kind. The biggest difference in video poker vs. land-based games is that you aren't playing against anyone - just the house.

What is a cycle?

This is a statistical approximation of the number of hands that must be played in order for a specific winning hand combination to be displayed. For example, a Royal Flush is said to occur once every 30,000 hands played. This doesn't mean that, after 29,999 hands, you will get a Royal Flush for certain though!

What are quads?

This slang term refers to a winning hand is also known as four-of-a-kind, a combination comprising four cards all having the same rank. Use this word to show your friends how much you know about video poker, but have the strategy ready to back it up!

What is hold?

This refers to keeping, or holding, specific cards and not exchanging them when given the opportunity.

What is a pat hand?

A "pat hand" is a hand that has been dealt to you and cannot be improved in any way, such as being dealt four aces.

Doesn't the house have the advantage in video poker?

Poker is still the strategy game it always was, and that also applies to video poker. Players who have a good strategy can potentially win against the house more often than not, in certain types of games.

Do poker strategies work in video poker?

Absolutely! Strategy can make or break a poker player and that's true in video poker as well.

What does 10/7 Double Bonus and 9/6 Jacks+ mean?

These names are derived from pay schedules of two specific games: 10/7 Double Bonus and 9/6 Jacks+. A 10/7 Bonus video poker game would pay 10 coins for a full house and seven coins for a flush on a single coin bet, while a 9/6 Jacks or Better refers to payout of nine coins for a full house and six coins for a flush.

What is a full pay video poker machine?

A full-pay video poker casino offers the best payouts, as near as possible to 100%.

Are hands ranked in the same order as video poker?

Yes, and you will find a hand ranking chart on each video poker game as well so that you can keep track of the hierarchy as well as the payout for each hand. Just as in real life, poker hand rankings vary between games, so make sure you know what you are dealing with before you start betting, rather than after.

Can I play for free?

Yes, and it's a great way to get to know the game before you test your skills with real money. You can try out free video poker right here on this site.

How do I know that the cards being dealt in video poker are not fixed?

Casinos are audited by independent firms, who verify that the software being used is completely random, as well as certifying the claimed payouts. Online casinos are highly regulated and monitored. As a result, they can be trusted to provide a fair gaming experience.

How do you win at video poker?

Like so many casino games, luck means that there’s no concrete way to win video poker. To increase your chances of winning more in video poker, you might want to try using a strategy related to the variant you’re playing. Despite this, video poker is still a top choice of game to play for its house edge.