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Editorial Guidelines

It’s our mission to be the number 1 news site in gaming. We are committed to serving readers with quality news that matters to them. We believe in news that is accessible to everyone and, therefore, never behind a paywall.

We provide readers with impartial, informative reporting about the casino and gambling industry. Our news is driven by accuracy, relevance and timely information to fuel civil discourse and meaningful engagement among an informed community.

The following principles, standards, and guidelines shape how we practice journalism at


We value factual and contextual news. Our reporting is cemented in truthfulness and transparency. Our facts are accurate and fairly presented. Our analysis will represent our best independent judgment.

Sources utilizes a wide variety of sources for our news. This includes press releases, social media activity, industry trade publications, mainstream news, and direct contacts with gambling operations that, at different times, provide information, perspective, and confirmation of facts.

Attribution produces original content and will always properly credit the original source of material obtained from other websites. This includes but is not limited to images, quotes and data.


Any article errors will be issued with a correction at the top or bottom of the article. If you see an error, please contact the article’s writer or


All links on direct readers to relevant pages within our site or elsewhere on the internet. No internal or external links will misdirect readers to a destination different than implied.


We believe in open discussion and public discourse and invite comments on our articles and social media channels. All comments must meet’s community standards for approval. We will not approve anything that includes hate speech, racism or other offensive language. We will not publish comments that include the commentators’ phone number, email or address. All comments are moderated for spam.

Conflicts of Interest

Our writers have no financial relationships with the subjects of their stories. When our journalists seek secondary employment or freelance work, they are expected to inform their editor(s) to ensure no conflicts could cloud their coverage or impartiality.

Business Partners

Our news is not influenced by’s business operations. Our news is objective and impartial to commercial content and does not promote companies or specific businesses.

Contributors employs independent contractors around the world to provide the best news coverage of gaming across the planet. We maintain a roster of talented writers who professionally deliver the news.

Social Media

Our writers maintain independence on social media and observe professional practices in their online activity. They agree not to violate the terms of service of any social media outlet. Behavior that reflects poorly on or misrepresents the company can be grounds for dismissal.

Special Submissions welcomes submissions from outside contributors and writers. This includes op-eds and columns. To be considered for publication, articles must serve our readers first and not be promotional. We reserve the right to edit for length and style and will work with writers to address any concerns before a story goes live.

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