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Most Famous Vegas Mob Murders

Las Vegas is the gambling and showbiz centre of the universe these days but that wasn’t always the case. Sin City used to really live up to its name, thanks to it being a hive for criminal activity. Here’s a look at some of the most famous mob murders that have taken place in the…Read More

11 Insane GTA Mods To Try Out Now

hulk on runway with plane in GTA mod

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most commercially successful games ever released having generated $1 billion in its first three days of release. The game has been shrouded in controversy over recent months though. GTA’s publisher, Take Two Interactive, has clashed with creators of the game’s renowned mods. These modifications let players add…Read More

The Five Best Esports News Sites

Esports continues to be “the biggest thing no one has ever heard of” and, despite being a multi-million dollar industry, finding out what is happening in the world of esports and who’s doing what can be a tricky business for the untrained. This is partly due to the fact that there is just so much…Read More

How Hard Is The Tour De France Really?

cyclists race past mountains in france

As far as endurance competitions go, the Tour de France is in a league of its own. Cycling’s most prestigious race has been held annually (except during the World Wars) since 1903, and even with advancements in bike technology and fitness knowledge, it hasn’t gotten much easier. For any endurance discipline, it remains one the…Read More

Golf: Boring Sport, Great Controversies

close up photo of golf balls

Golf is often associated with being played by older men and women who are looking to take up a recreation in their golden years. Yes, younger people do thrive in the sport but it has been tagged with this reputation for being boring. However, for such a boring sport it sure does produce some seriously…Read More

The Best Ice Creams in Vegas

Las Vegas is renowned for a number of things. Gambling, partying, gangsters, and Elvis. However, it’s unlikely you will have heard ice cream being mentioned in that sort of list. Well, that’s all about to change. Here is a look at the top 5 ice creams you can taste in the City of Sin. Prepare…Read More

10 Online Slots We Want To See

Online slots are big business and a lot of creative thought is put into the majority of releases. However, despite all the ideas that float around the slot development teams, there are still some that have yet to come to fruition. Here’s a look at 10 online slots we want to see launched. Donald Trump…Read More

10 Women Who Rock, Fact

Women have long faced a battle for equality in western civilization and we are finally coming to an age when they are widely considered to be on a par with the men. Well, almost. This graph shows that women in business are still massively outnumbered by men: In honour of the Women’s Cricket World Cup,…Read More

How And Why Are Swimmers Getting Faster?

The World Aquatic Championships start today and records are almost guaranteed to be broken. Just take a look at the swimming from the last Olympic games. In the first four days of the Rio 2016 Olympics’ swimming events, six world records were broken. By the time the closing ceremony rolled around a few weeks later,…Read More

How PC Games Have Changed In The Last 10 Years

The PC gaming market was valued at $36 billion at the end of 2016 showing how millions of players across the world still love their PC games. In celebration of this popular sector, let’s take a look at how the games have changed over the past decade. 2007 – Bioshock (Irrational Games) First person shooters…Read More