What’s With All The Deaths at The Luxor Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that is full of incredible stories of legend. This is certainly the case when it comes to the Luxor Resort and Casino, where it is believed that an eerily high number of deaths that have taken place at the venue have resulted in the common occurrences of paranormal activity.

Ghostly Goings On

The Luxor hotel and casino resort in Las Vegas
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The iconic pyramid-shaped casino resort has long held a notorious reputation for being linked with a plethora of untimely deaths in suspicious circumstances. Guests that choose to stay at the 4,407 room Egyptian-themed resort have frequently shared their experiences of a ghostly nature.

If you take a look at the history of the venue then it is not surprising there are so many claims of haunted sightings within the property.

Even in the construction of the resort, it is alleged that up to seven workers died. Conspiracy theorists feel that the management kept these deaths under wraps to save the reputation of the resort.

So Many Deaths

In 1996, a prostitute fell to her death from the 26th floor of the hotel landing where the old buffet was situated. Some say that her spirit still walks the halls of that ill-fated floor and the room where she stayed on that tragic night.

Another guest is also believed to have fallen to his death from the 10th floor. The circumstances around his death remain a mystery but there was no evidence to suggest his fall was voluntary.

The Food Court inside the Luxor
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The food court now stands where the woman fell to her death.

One casino worker also met a gruesome end in 2007 when they were killed by a home-made explosive device. The device was set under a plastic cup that had been left turned upside down. When the worker turned the cup over to clear it up off the floor, the explosion was triggered.

Three years later, a high-profile death took place at the resort. UNLV football player Demario Reynolds attempted to intervene in a physical altercation between another guest, Jason Simon Sindelar, and his own female partner.

The other guest was an expert in MMA and struck a devastating blow to Reynolds in response to his intervention. Reynolds fell unconscious after hitting the floor and never woke again.

A court eventually ruled that Reynolds had died from an overdose and not from the physical altercation.

Demario Reynolds, former UNLV Football player who died at the Luxor
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2012 saw the next death – a casino employee was murdered by their boyfriend in the lobby. It was believed to be a form of suicide by the killer. Unfortunately, it was very grizzly and public so it has left a scar on the mood of that area of the casino.

The same year, a case of Legionnaires disease took another victim at the hotel. Two cases had been diagnosed previously but this third case was not picked up quickly enough because tests on the water came back negative until after the death, when the tests finally came back positive. Spooky.

A third bizarre death took place that year when an airman visiting from Nellis Air Force Base mysteriously fell 25 feet down a lift shaft. Once again, no evidence suggested that the victim’s fall was intentional.


There are a number of theories surrounding the reason behind why so many suspicious deaths have been recorded at the Luxor over the years. The fact that the resort has endured such trauma even though its construction was only completed in 1993, is quite frightening.

The most popular theory relates to the actual design of the resort. The Luxor takes its name from the renowned Egyptian city of the same name. The whole premise behind its design was to build a venue that truly encapsulated the heart and spirit of Ancient Egypt.

The Luxor temple in Egypt
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Unfortunately, plans did not quite accurately portray how the Ancient Egyptians built their pyramids. For example, it was believed that pyramids in the Ancient Egypt required a Sphinx to be facing both directions so that the pyramid was protected on both sides. However, the Luxor pyramid only has one Sphinx facing East.

Another urban legend suggests that after a string of coincidental deaths took place at the resort, it gave the local mobsters a prime opportunity to use the venue as an ideal location to bump off their victims. After all, who would suspect a thing when people are more willing to believe the existence of a curse?

Finally, it could simply be a sinister run of bad luck for the resort. Las Vegas is all about those hot and cold streaks. Maybe the Luxor is just experiencing a prolonged run of people being killed on the property grounds. Sooner or later their luck has got to turn around, right?