Camels, Dentures & Hula Hoops: 9 Unusual Las Vegas Laws

The old saying goes that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unfortunately, life isn’t a movie and even in Sin City you have to abide by the law of the land. Some of those laws are flat out weird, though.

Here are some of the most unusual Las Vegas laws to look out for.

No Camels Allowed on The Highway

Camels pulling a car along the highway
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If you plan on visiting Las Vegas and bringing your own camel as a mode of transport then you can forget about it.

The city has outlawed the use of camels on the highway. Quite a sensible decision. Not sure they would do very well alongside all the stretched limousines, fast cars, and motorbikes that blitz up and down the streets of Sin City.

The use of Camels as transport in Vegas is prohibited

You might be asking yourself why camels have been picked for persecution? Well, in the 1800s, camels were seen as an efficient method of transporting goods and materials across the Nevada desert as the region expanded during its infancy. Unfortunately, it soon became obvious that camels caused more problems than they did good.

Don’t Pawn Dentures

The hit TV show Pawn Stars has been a huge success for the History Channel ever since it started airing back in 2009. The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop that made Rick Harrison, Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison, Corey ‘Big Boss’ Harrison, and Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell household names has given a fascinating insight into the pawn stores of Las Vegas.

The stars from the hit TV show 'Pawn Stars'
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You can pawn almost anything at these places. Anything except dentures that is. Not really sure what kind of socio-path would be keen to pawn their dentures or who would look to buy them but it’s a law nonetheless.

You Cannot Own a Slave

It might seem like a given these days but Las Vegas law states that an individual cannot own a slave within the boundaries of the city.

In fact, this is a state-wide law so don’t go out in the desert, build a hut, and keep your band of slaves there.

Owning a slave in Vegas is illegal

Slavery is for despicable human beings and thankfully you will face jail if you keep a slave… it’s just a shame it still needs a law to remind people that it’s not the done thing these days and never should have been.

Throwing Items from a Chairlift Is Prohibited

Anybody who has visited a ski resort knows the amount of anti-social behaviour that can go down on the chair lifts transporting skiers from the bottom of a slope to the top.

It only takes a couple of drinks and suddenly one or two of the great unwashed can suddenly turn a bright day into a gloomy one.

Throwing items from a chairlift is prohibited in Vegas

Las Vegas has decided that prevention is better than cure. So, if you are on a chair lift in the city and you happen to think it’s a good idea to chuck something at the scenery below – you will get prosecuted. It has not been confirmed if this law also extends to stair lifts.

Do Not Shoot Animals from a Plane

It can only be presumed that the planes referred to in this law are small planes and not the massive transcontinental airliners.

You can't shoot animals from a plane in Las Vegas

It also begs the question, does the law mean passengers cannot shoot animals down below from a position inside the plane? Or does it mean they that animals cannot be used as a projectile from the plane itself?

This law needs clarification because it’s a hot topic in politics right now. Anyway, don’t do it. Not from a plane, a car, or anything.

Don’t Go Hiring a Commie!

Graduate who wore Che Guevara shirt under uniform
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The Cold War officially ended in 1991 with the collapse of the old Soviet Union. However, that hasn’t stopped the paranoia from remaining prevalent within US politics that those dastardly commies might still one day return and invade the country.

As part of the ongoing US defence against the threat of Communism, Las Vegas law dictates that no business is allowed to hire an active Communist.

Las Vegas businesses can't hire commies

This is not a law that is really taken too seriously but if you’re a Communist looking for a job in Vegas, better leave your Che Guevara t-shirt, red beret, and Jeremy Corbyn pin badge at home the day you have an interview.

Hula-Hoops are Banned on Fremont Street

Hula-hoops. Wow those things can be lethal. If you have ever tried to swing them around your hips like Shakira then you will fully appreciate how much devastation they can cause.

Why does Vegas hate hula hoops?

Well, this links to the street performers on the Fremont Street Experience. Hula-hoops were considered to take up too much space and had a negative effect on those that visited the area. So, the local government made them illegal.

No Hip-Hop Concerts

The scene from a drive-by shooting that killed rap artist Tupac Shakur
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Iconic rap artist Tupac Shakur was notoriously shot and later died in a drive-by shooting at the inter-section of East Flamingo Road and Koval Lane on 7th September, 1996. It brought the debate of rap and hip hop music’s links to violence into the public conscience.

Discussions raged on for years about how to deal with this alleged issue. Eventually, it was decided that a discrete ban on all hip hop concerts was the answer.

All hip hop concerts are banned in Las Vegas

The fact that alcohol was responsible for more violence did not matter. Something had to be blamed for the violence and hip hop was less lucrative in Vegas than booze.

It remains ambiguous as to whether the law officially names ‘hip hop concerts’ as being outlawed but venues no longer entertain the idea of hosting these gigs any more.

Avoid Feeding Pigeons

A group of pigeons congregating for food
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Everybody remembers the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2 – the initially scary-looking homeless woman who turns out to be the charming individual that saves Kevin from Harry and Marv. Well, Vegas clearly does not have such an affectionate relationship towards the rats with wings.

Avoiding feeding pigeons on the streets of Vegas

The pigeons have been blamed by government officials for destroying buildings and attacking pedestrians. So, to discourage the vermin away from the streets of Vegas a punishment of up to six months in jail can be dished out to anyone seen feeding pigeons. Ruthless.