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There is no denying that poker pros and professional gamblers lead colorful lives. Here we cover their triumphs, failures, highs and lows. If you want to learn about the latest gossip, scandal, or tournament conquests, then look no further.

Most Famous Vegas Mob Murders

Las Vegas is the gambling and showbiz centre of the universe these days but that wasn’t always the case. Sin City used to really live up to its name, thanks to it being a hive for criminal activity. Here’s a look at some of the most famous mob murders that have taken place in the…Read More

10 Women Who Rock, Fact

Women have long faced a battle for equality in western civilization and we are finally coming to an age when they are widely considered to be on a par with the men. Well, almost. This graph shows that women in business are still massively outnumbered by men: In honour of the Women’s Cricket World Cup,…Read More

1967’s Casino Royale Comedy Is An Under-Appreciated Gem

poster from 1967 movie Casino Royale

The James Bond franchise is one of the most famous in movie history. The 2006 release of Casino Royale introduced Daniel Craig as 007 in ground-breaking style but it is not widely known that the book which the movie was based on had already been transferred to film back in 1967. Why Did It Happen?…Read More

President Trump’s Odds: War, Impeachment & Assassination

black and white gun showing odds of trump being assassinated

It’s now two months on from one of the most shocking moments in US political history when Republican candidate Donald Trump won the election. In just a matter of hours, the business magnate will be inaugurated and his tenure in the White House will officially begin. But what can we anticipate will happen over the…Read More

Meet The Men Who Gambled Away Up To $200 Million

Kerry Packer playing blackjack at a casino

The casino industry’s got a special name for the people who gamble so much money that they keep the business going. They’re called whales. The average casino will earn 80% of its yearly profits from whales, even though they only make up 20% of customers. To qualify as a whale you’ll have to part with…Read More

CS:GO Betting: An Interview With Alasdair Lamb


CS:GO Insights: An Exclusive Interview with’s Alasdair Lamb If you’re not a part of the online generation then you might not know what eSports are, but the chances are that you’ll have heard the term. A contraction of the words “electronic sports,” eSports have become a global phenomenon over the last decade and, more…Read More

Archie Karas: The Rise and Fall Of The Ultimate High-Roller

Archie Karas

In 1951, on the small island of Kefalonia, Greece, one of its most famous, and soon to be notorious, sons was born. Anargyros Karabourniotis was born into a life of poverty, his father, Nickolas, was a talented builder who struggled financially, while his mother, Mariana, stayed at home to look after the young boy’s two…Read More

Going Pro Against the Flow: An Interview with an eSports Athlete


The world of eSports is currently blowing up and a lot of people are enjoying the success that it has seen over the last few years. More often than not though, there will be people who don’t really know a lot about the subject, or are too confused to ask, being unwilling to show they…Read More

The Top 5 Most Unusual and Ridiculous Bets Ever

John Travolta

The Top 5 Craziest Novelty Bets When soccer team Leicester City won the English Premier League in May, it marked the end of a remarkable transformation from relegation certainties to all-conquering champions. What was also amazing about Leicester’s win was that they were 5,000/1 chances at the start of the season. The British tabloids were…Read More

Interview with Dusty Summers: Las Vegas’ First Nude Magician

A member of the burlesque Hall of Fame, author of three books, casino pit boss, dancer and nude magician, we speak to Dusty Summers about her life on stage and at the casino tables. We warn you though, you are going to wish you’d done half this much in your lifetime. Dusty also takes the…Read More