These 5 People Are Banned From Las Vegas Casinos

These 5 People Are Banned From Las Vegas Casinos

In our modern times, the idea of everyone in a city or state knowing which people to ban seems like common sense, but when it was initially founded, the Nevada Black Book was revolutionary.

Together, casinos across the state can keep track of which would-be scammers have previously been convicted for gambling theft or other offenses. This prevents thieves from ripping off one casino after the other.

The statutes actually go beyond simply telling casinos who to ban, though. In fact, if a casino admits or allows banned players to gamble, they can also get a citation, fine and more. As a result, these bans are stringently enforced. So, who is on the list, and how did they get on it? Each one has an intriguing story!

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1. Dominic Anthony Spinale
Date Added: January 26, 1994
Amount Scammed: Unknown
Scam Story: With two convictions for bookmaking and ties to the New England organized crime family, it was quick and easy to ban this mobster.

2. Ronald Dale Harris
Date Added: February 20, 1997
Amount Scammed: $100,000+
Scam Story: Harris was actually a 12-year employee of the State Gaming Control Board, assigned to evaluate gaming devices. Arrested in New Jersey for using a computer program to win $100,000 on a Keno game, he was later charged in Nevada for rigging slot machines.

3. Douglas Joseph Barr
Date Added: November 29, 1990
Amount Scammed: Unknown
Scam Story: Placed on the list at age 31, Barr had already been arrested about 30 times. Many of his arrests were for gambling related offenses, and his father was placed on the list four years later for slot cheating.

4. Joseph Whit Moody
Date Added: August 23, 2018
Amount Scammed: Unknown
Scam Story: One of the more recent additions to the list, Moody was known for running scams on tourists in Las Vegas. He would distract female or elderly visitors as they used redemption kiosks or ATMs. Blocking their view of the part of the machine where cash was dispensed, he’d ask for directions or a similar innocuous question. When his victims were distracted, he’d grab the funds and disappear in the crowds of the casino.

5. Sandra Kay Vaccaro
Date Added: October 2, 1986
Amount Scammed: Millions
Scam Story: Sandra Vaccaro is the only woman on the list, a dubious honor to say the least. She was actually added to the list along with her husband, who was part of the Los Angeles Organized Crime Family. Together, they collaborated with other criminals to rig slot machines to win progressive jackpots – stealing millions from Nevada casinos.