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The 5 Best Cocktails in Las Vegas

When visiting the desert oasis of Vegas you want to live it up a little! It’s perfectly normal to want to let your hair down when checking out a destination that’s as borderline crazy as this. And we all know a little alcohol fuel never hurt anyone (in moderation)… There are some amazing bars on…Read More

Popularity of Blackjack Down 25% Over The Past 30 Years

ace of hearts card with cash behind it

Classic casino table games have been iconic in the evolution of the gambling industry. In recent years, the rise of slot machines and online gambling has changed the way people gamble. Does that also mean the trends in the popularity of these table games has also changed? According to the Centre for Gaming Research at…Read More

Why Do Casino Buses Keep Killing People?

burnt out casino bus after crash

The past 20 years has seen a huge increase in the number of fatal accidents involving buses that are transporting people to and from casinos. It is a worrying trend but why exactly does it seem to keep happening? All Aboard The Death Bus An old adage goes that there are lies, damn lies, and…Read More

Virtual Reality Is Curing Gambling Addiction

old woman with VR headset

Virtual reality is experiencing a period of rejuvenation as advances in technology have allowed developers to maximise its potential. This has seen it being used in a number of different areas and not just in the gaming world. Therapy is one of those areas to identify VR as a tool for future use. One research…Read More

Is Muay Thai The Most Controversial Sport Ever?

muay thai fighter on his knees looking through ropes

The combat sport of Muay Thai has long been a popular form of martial arts but it also endures its fair share of controversy. It is often labelled as “the art of eight limbs” due to the required combination use of hands, elbows, shins and knees but it is also considered the most dangerous sport…Read More

Saudi Arabia To Build Its Own Version Of Vegas

Saudi kingdom tower at sunset

It was not all that long ago that the world would have laughed at the prospect of a Las Vegas-sized entertainment hub being built in the middle of the Saudi Arabian landscape. However, as we stand here in 2017 it now appears that is exactly what is about to happen. An innovative entertainment complex is…Read More

Unsolved Vegas Crimes That’ll Give You Nightmares

unsolved crimes with newspapers in background

It is widely regarded as the most brutal revenge killings in the history of US crime. Even though the guilty party seems fairly obvious there has never been an arrest linked to the murder of taxi driver Marvin Shumate. This case all starts when Shumate comes up with a plan to kidnap and eventually kill…Read More

How To Get a Job in a Top Vegas Show

abstract representation of the best candidate for a job

Las Vegas is all about the razzle, dazzle and showmanship so it isn’t surprising that thousands of performers make a pilgrimage to Sin City every year to try and get their big break in the entertainment industry. It’s a cut throat world out there, so how exactly do people make it to the big time…Read More

Gamblers Are Obsessed With The Trump Impeachment Saga

close up Trump's face

When it all began nearly two years ago, we all knew it would be entertaining. What we didn’t realize was that entertainment would ultimately trump politics, and the daily business of the leader of the free world would become the first global soap opera. Real Life House of Cards The plot-lines are better than anything…Read More

Want To Bet On Homemade Rockets?

kid picking up rocket in field

We are all aware that gambling is prevalent the world over and whilst most of us have no issue with putting a little cash on a horse race or a sporting event, we don’t really give much thought to the murkier, more dangerous forms of gambling. Whilst betting is illegal in much of the Far…Read More