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Find out what’s going down at the planet’s biggest poker tournaments and pick up a few skills of your own. With our tips, strategy guides and jargon busters you’ll be bluffing whilst wearing a pair of sunglasses indoors before you know it.

PKR’s Own T&C’s State Poker Player Funds Are ‘Not Protected’

pkr site closed logo

The online poker site PKR has officially gone into administration. There are now two big questions on poker players’ minds. Number one, is the money in customer accounts safe? And number two, what actually went wrong at PKR? On the money front, players have got a lot to be worried about. Before we examine what…Read More

Poker Bots: Are They Cleverer Than You?

robots sit around playing poker

Poker is a game of skill with a healthy dose of luck thrown in. That’s if you’re pretty good. For most casual online players it’s a game with plenty of upswings and downswings and a long-term Return On Investment (ROI) that will do nicely for a few extra Christmas presents. But just as tracking software…Read More

How To Throw The Perfect Casino Themed Party

Get ready to put on an epic casino night round at your house with our perfect Casino Party guide. You’ll find everything you need to create a night to remember, from DIY craft decorations to tips on how to manage the money at your event.        Games Game wise, feel free to pick whatever games…Read More

Archie Karas: The Rise and Fall Of The Ultimate High-Roller

Archie Karas

In 1951, on the small island of Kefalonia, Greece, one of its most famous, and soon to be notorious, sons was born. Anargyros Karabourniotis was born into a life of poverty, his father, Nickolas, was a talented builder who struggled financially, while his mother, Mariana, stayed at home to look after the young boy’s two…Read More

Working as a Casino Security Guard: A behind the scenes look

Casino security interview

Many people tend to forget that behind the glitz and glamor of the neon lights and ringing of slot jackpots there are a team of people designed not only to protect the casino and its investments but the people too. We managed to catch up with a seasoned veteran of casino security, someone who has been…Read More

How Long Till Robots Take Over The Gaming World?

Are robots taking over gambling?

Robots have already famously conquered humankind at chess. In 1997, Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer developed by IBM, beat the very best planet earth had to offer, world champion Gary Kasparov, over six games: two games to one and six draws. Poker, unlike chess, is a game of imperfect information, and that makes it much…Read More

eSports Vs. Poker: Let’s Fight!

eSports and poker might occupy similar positions on the virtual gaming spectrum, but which one is best? With both sports challenging a player’s skill, timing, logic, and luck, there’s very little to choose between the two on paper, so the only way to settle the score is to square them off in the ring. Naturally,…Read More

Why Are Casino Card Tables Green?

Casinos have become such a large part of modern day culture and in order for casinos to fulfil their potential, every little detail is thought through. One of those details is the color of the card tables so why are they colored green? Casinos are No Accident From the moment you step into a casino…Read More

What Tricks Are Used By Casinos To Make People Gamble More?

“The house always wins” is one of the most notorious sayings in the gambling industry. One of the reasons for that being such a commonly used phrase is that casinos know how to get people to gamble more, but what are the techniques used by casinos to make that happen? Stop the Clocks One of…Read More

Biggest Online Casino Jackpots of 2015 Uncovered

Biggest Online Casino Jackpots of 2015 2015 was as big a year as any for big online gamblers. Not only are online casinos now better than ever before, so are the massive jackpots players are cashing out. Based on available data, we have highlighted 20 of the biggest online casino jackpots of 2015, several of…Read More