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Best Top 10 Lists News

10 is a magic number. If you are going to make a list, it should be comprised of 10 items. It is a clearly written rule and it’s bad luck to break rules. It is. Here you’ll find our top 10 lists that look at everything from the world’s most massive casinos, to the best games to play.

The Five Best Esports News Sites

Esports continues to be “the biggest thing no one has ever heard of” and, despite being a multi-million dollar industry, finding out what is happening in the world of esports and who’s doing what can be a tricky business for the untrained. This is partly due to the fact that there is just so much…Read More

The Best Ice Creams in Vegas

Las Vegas is renowned for a number of things. Gambling, partying, gangsters, and Elvis. However, it’s unlikely you will have heard ice cream being mentioned in that sort of list. Well, that’s all about to change. Here is a look at the top 5 ice creams you can taste in the City of Sin. Prepare…Read More

10 Online Slots We Want To See

Online slots are big business and a lot of creative thought is put into the majority of releases. However, despite all the ideas that float around the slot development teams, there are still some that have yet to come to fruition. Here’s a look at 10 online slots we want to see launched. Donald Trump…Read More

10 Women Who Rock, Fact

Women have long faced a battle for equality in western civilization and we are finally coming to an age when they are widely considered to be on a par with the men. Well, almost. This graph shows that women in business are still massively outnumbered by men: In honour of the Women’s Cricket World Cup,…Read More

6 Essential Video Poker Strategy Tips You Need To Know

Close up of a video poker machine

Video poker is one of the most played casino games in the industry. It is based on five-card draw poker and has been a hit on the casino floor ever since its introduction back in the mid-1970s. Let’s take a look at some easy to understand tips that could help you to win more money,…Read More

The Smallest Casinos In The World

smallest casino with people playing games

It seems that the focus on casinos in this modern age is the bigger the better. The high-rise concrete behemoths covered in dazzling light displays have become synonymous with Las Vegas and Macau. Sometimes, it’s not the size that matters though. Come with us on a mini-tour and take a look at the smallest casinos…Read More

The 5 Best Super Hero Mobile Games

Super heroes have been popular with gamers ever since The Death and Return of Superman was released on the SNES and Mega-Drive back in 1994. Decades have passed and super hero games have now moved on to the mobile platform. Check out our list of the best super hero games available to play on mobile…Read More

Most Disappointing Sports Matches Of All Time

1972 USA basketball team looking sad

Sport is great. There is no denying that. Billions of people around the world do not participate in or follow sport for no reason. Unfortunately, sometimes the overall wonder of sport can be brought into disrepute by moments of madness by teams and individuals. Here is a look at some of those moments when the…Read More

Most Annoying Recent Video Games

man looking angry while holding game controller

The global video games market reached revenues worth $42.4 billion in 2016 ( proving that gaming has never been more popular. There are some awesome titles out there but there are also the hair-pullingly annoying minority of games that can enrage and frustrate players. Here`s  a list of recent releases that have sent players into a…Read More

5 Reasons Why Betting On eSports Is Exciting

two guys excited to win on esports

Betting on eSports is fast becoming a very popular form of sports betting across the globe. It is estimated that revenues for eSports betting will hit $23.5 billion by the year 2020, so there’s never been a better time to place a wager on eSports. Here are five reasons why betting on eSports can be…Read More