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On the scene since 2014, but with forerunners around for more than a decade before that, Huuuge Casino is a seasoned name in the social gaming space. With their many gaming innovations arriving in 2020 it’s clear they are here to stay.

Huuuge Casino is available as an app in all the major mobile gaming stores so whatever your device, there’s probably an app for you. As a casino it has a reputation for prioritising the players’ community and enabling them to interact. You can even play via Facebook, so you can make new friends to swap tips with. Huuuge Casino has a lot going for it and we’ve covered why in this review.



Huuuge Casino regularly references the fact that it is, in their words, the best social gaming site for players. Each player has access to Clubs where you can meet up with your friends or make new ones by using your unique Club code. You could see players trying their luck at the same game as you and send them messages in chat. When generosity strikes, you can send and receive chip gifts with your friends too.

The site is pretty active on social media, promoting chip giveaways and other competitions to their fairly substantial Facebook following (in excess of 650,000 at the time of writing) and more modest Twitter following of 20,000. The Huuuge Casino YouTube channel has more and more videos being uploaded each month, so try and watch their videos here too.

Security and creating an account


As the app is available via Facebook and through app stores (Google Play Store, Amazon, Apple App Store), Huuuge Casino doesn’t need to handle player information. This also means players don’t need to create usernames and passwords to play.

Purchases of extra credits are made through app stores or Facebook rather than with Huuuge Casino. This effectively means the site boasts all the same security strengths that those services do. It’s a smart move by Huuuge Casino because it means that they can capitalize on all the trust that people already have for the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google for example.



Time and time again, Huuuge Casino has demonstrated its commitment to evolving with the times, from developing new features to frequently adding new games. Their rapidly-growing following on social media is no coincidence. Its emphasis on playing alongside friends and other players will undoubtedly appeal to those who are particularly interested in the social aspect of social gaming. If you’re careful with your credits, it’s possible to do very well at Huuuge Casino without spending any cash whatsoever. We’d like to see a few more slots being added into the mix but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that these are on the way. All in all, it’s a very strong offering for anyone looking for fresh social gaming opportunities.

Samantha Beckett

Review Written By: Samantha Beckett

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