Best USA online live casino Texas hold’em in 2024

  • High-quality HD streams
  • The best odds online and tables to suit every bankroll and skill level
  • Top poker bonuses
Rank Casino Bonus Offer Payout Speed Win Rate Play Online
#1 Top Rated Casino
us flag
Payout 2-5 days
Win Rate 97.63%
Deposit options include
  • Tons of bonuses and promotions
  • More than 1,000 games
  • Excellent mobile app
  • Low wagering requirements on bonus cash
us flag
Payout 2-5 days
Win Rate 96.96%
Deposit options include
  • Just 1x wagering requirements on all bonus cash
  • Four separate deposit bonuses
  • Instant cashouts
us flag
Payout 1-3 days
Win Rate 96.98%
Deposit options include
    us flag
    Payout 1-5 days
    Win Rate 96.71%
    us flag
    Payout 1-7 days
    Win Rate 96.56%
    us flag
    Payout 1-3 days
    Win Rate 97.57%
    us flag
    Payout 2-4 days
    Win Rate 97.63%
    us flag
    Payout 1-5 days
    Win Rate 97.05%
    us flag
    Payout 1-3 days
    Win Rate 97.56%
    us flag
    Payout 1-2 days
    Win Rate 96.12%

    Live Casino Hold'em casinos to avoid

    For us to recommend a casino, it must pass our 25-step review process. Each step is a different hurdle - including licensing, player security, gaming software, bonuses, and banking terms and conditions. Here are the latest sites that haven't met our standards.

    What is live Casino Hold'em?

    Live Casino Hold'em is a classic five-card poker game played at a live table against a real dealer. You will be dealt two cards face down, as will the live dealer, and you must make the best poker hand you can with the five-card flop. After each round, the dealer will either shuffle the pack or pick up a new deck completely. It differs from online poker casinos and virtual tables as you play against the dealer and there are often more opportunities for side bets.

    Difference between live Texas Hold'em and Casino Hold'em

    Live dealer Texas Hold'em poker is a version where everyone competes against each other employing strategic tactics and bluffing. Conversely, live Casino Hold'em adopts a distinctive approach, positioning players in a game against the dealer under slightly modified rules. Both stem from the Texas Hold'em roots, but in a live casino, the game turns into a one-on-one showdown. Therefore, you may see both terms used, as Casino Hold'em is basically the live casino version of the classic poker game.

    How to play live Texas Hold'em online

    In live Casino Hold'em poker, your competition is the dealer's hand. This setup allows multiple players to win in each round. The amount you win depends on how strong your hand is when revealed, with the possibility of getting a payout of up to 100 to 1.

    When playing online poker with live dealers, they will use a standard 52-card deck, and they can chat with you and others while you're at the table. If you're new to the game, the following steps will help you understand how to play live dealer Texas Hold'em poker.

    • 1
      Place a bet: Place your initial bet and any additional side bets
    • 2
      Get two cards face down: All players at the table will be dealt two cards face down
    • 3
      Three community cards are shown: The dealer will deal three cards from the top of the deck onto the table face up
    • 4
      Call or fold: Call if you want to see the next card and continue, or fold if you think you have a losing hand
    • 5
      Turn and River cards are shown: The dealer will reveal two further cards to the table known as the Turn and finally the River card
    • 6
      Dealer reveals hand: If players are still playing the dealer will reveal their initial two cards
    • 7
      Beat the dealer's card: To win, you must be able to make a better poker hand than the dealer with your two cards and the common cards that were dealt on the table

    Extra considerations

    The dealer must hold at least a pair of 4s to qualify for a winning hand. If this does not hold true you will receive your call bet back and be paid your ante bet according to the casinos’ paytable.

    If you and the dealer hold the same hand, the highest card available to you and the dealer will determine the winner (i.e. three kings will beat three queens).

    The ace can act as the highest value or lowest value in a straight.

    Advantages of live Texas Hold'em online

    So what are the benefits of playing live Casino Hold'em? Here I look at what I consider to be the main draws of this variation.

    1. Live video streaming

    Immerse yourself in the live Casino Hold’em excitement, where the action comes alive at your fingertips. Pick your table, and watch the vibrant HD video unfold on your screen, featuring a friendly dealer who you can chat with. You can also get creative with multiple camera angles, zoom in, or switch up your view.

      Live Video Streaming

      2. Play wherever you want

      Tables at the best live casinos are available to play around the clock, 7 days a week meaning you can play live dealer Texas Hold'em poker when suits you best. Of course, that also means you can play wherever you are and there's no need to make the journey to a land-based casino.

        Play Wherever You Want

        3. Better odds

        What really sets live Casino Hold'em apart from Texas Hold'em in a brick and mortar casino is the improved odds. You'll find a wide range of table limits and bonuses too, giving you more chances to win cash.

          Better Odds

          4. Security

          Online live casinos must meet strict measures to operate. This includes regular testing, encryption, and licenses. By playing live Texas Hold'em online at a legit site, you can be sure of a safe gaming experience.

            Secure and Safe

            Comparing land, online and live dealer poker casinos

            Topic Land Based Casino Online Casino Live Online Casino
            High limits
            Low limits
            Payment options
            Online verus live online Casino Hold’em

            Playing live Texas Hold'em online offers benefits that surpass both traditional online casinos and in-person casinos. The inclusion of live dealers provides an immersive and thrilling experience, all within the convenience of your home. Regardless of your preference, there is something to be said about the unique charm of this casino game variant.

            How we rate our live Texas Hold'em casinos

            Before we recommend any online casino to our readers, we first subject it to a lengthy 25-step review process. This ensures each site measures up to the strict operating standards we expect of the best, who all offer a selection of live casino games.

            The live casinos that feature in our recommended list have all exceeded our reviewers' expectations on a strict set of criteria that includes:


            Security should be your number one priority when playing live dealer poker, and it is ours. If a live Hold'em site does not have security in place, we won't even review it as it has already failed.

            Secure SSL
            Secure badge


            Playing at an online casino that offers bonuses is a plus. We check these bonuses for fairness and value to make sure they're as good as they seem. The best Texas Hold'em casino will offer a variety of promotions.

            Bowl of Diamonds

            Fast payout times

            Getting your winnings out quickly is another of our top priorities. If you win on a US live dealer Texas Hold'em poker table you shouldn't need to wait long to receive your winnings. We highlight withdrawal times in all of our casino reviews.

            No deposit bonus

            Mobile site or app

            You'll probably come across mobile live Casino Hold'em. The best live online casinos usually have a separate app as well. We make sure to test these environments to ensure you can enjoy your live dealer poker experience wherever you are.



            We look for quantity and quality when assessing online casino games. For US live dealer Texas poker sites, we look for multiple variations and table limits. However, we also look at other game types for when you fancy something a bit different.

            Live dealer person man user human logo blue

            24/7 support

            We have personally contacted every live Casino Hold'em casino site we've recommended on this page. It's important to know that help is on hand should you have any questions, and we're happy to say that our suggested sites were all friendly and informative.

            4.1 /5

            Types of live dealer Casino Hold'em poker

            • Live Casino Hold'em: This popular variety known as Texas Hold'em is a standard version of the game featuring a deck of 52 cards.
            • Live Ultimate Hold'em: Similar to the standard version but you can raise only once. The earlier you raise your bet, the bigger it can be.
            • Live Hold'em Pro: This is a social gaming app. It is completely free and attracts thousands of players every day.

            Winning Casino Hold'em hands, payouts, and odds

            Live casino Hold’em follows the same hand ranking as Texas Hold’em but it also has a payout structure of its own and in my experience, it can vary. Typically it ranges from 1:1 right up to 100:1 if you hit that dream royal flush. Here is a breakdown of what you can roughly expect.

            Name of hand Description of hand Strength of hand Example of hand Live Casino Hold’Em payouts
            High Card
            No hand made, so highest card counts
            JD 9S 7D 3C 2D
            Two cards of same rank
            10C 10D KS 8C 7D
            Two Pair
            Two different pairs
            KS KH 8S 8C JH
            Three of a Kind
            Three cards of same rank
            JD JS JH 5C 8D
            Five cards in a sequence
            Very good
            JS 10H 9D 8S 7H
            Five cards of same suit
            Very good
            QC 10C 7C 6C 3C
            Full House
            Three of a kind, plus a pair
            JC JH JD 8C 8H
            Four of a Kind
            Four cards of same rank
            9S 9C 9H 9D 5H
            Straight Flush
            Five cards in sequence with same suit
            Very strong
            9H 8H 7H 6H 5H
            Royal Flush
            AKQJ10, all with same suit
            AC KC QC JC 10C

            Deck of cards for live dealer online poker explained

            A standard deck consists of 52 playing cards, each having a suit and a value. There are four suits: diamonds (D), hearts (H), spades (S), and clubs (C). The card values can be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), or Ace (A). In the table below, the numerical values keep their names, while the last four are abbreviated as J, Q, K, and A. For instance, 6H represents the six of hearts.

            52 cards deck

            2C 3C 4C 5C 6C 7C 8C 9C TC JC QC KC AC

            Tips for live Casino Hold’em

            If you're not sure when you should call or fold, check out these handy tips that can help you decide.

            • 1
              Call when you have any Ace or King.
            • 2
              Call when you have a pair or better.
            • 3
              Call when you need just one card to hit a flush or straight draw.
            • 4
              Call when your two cards are higher than all three community cards.
            • 5
              Fold if neither of your cards is over 10 unless you have a flush or straight draw.
            • 6
              Fold if someone raises the bet and your hand looks weak

            Live Texas Hold'em games and mobile play

            Experience the thrill of live casino Hold'em right in the palm of your hand, all thanks to advanced live-streaming webcam technology and mobile development. Accessing the real money action is just a few taps or swipes away for mobile and tablet players. Put your poker skills to the test on your Android or iPhone device with the best mobile casinos.

            Poker Mobile

            With a house edge of around 2.5%, live dealer casino Hold'em will enthrall you wherever you are at.

            • Play live dealer Hold'em on the move
            • Enjoy privacy with your own personal screen
            • Deposit and withdraw from your smartphone
            • Play games that are built specifically for your device

            Best bonuses for live dealer Texas Hold'em poker USA

            When you play at one of our recommended top live dealer poker sites, you can also take advantage of the lucrative casino bonus offers. Many of the bonuses we’ve secured are exclusive to so you wont get this value anywhere else.

            No doubt, playing Hold'em with a live dealer online brings the game to a whole new level. Add in the attractive welcome bonuses, sometimes reaching four figures, and you've got a winning combination.

            Live Casino Hold'em providers

            Start playing US live Texas Hold'em poker

            Live dealer casino Hold'em delivers hours of entertainment and a chance to connect with people worldwide. Security is a top priority, with robust measures like encryption and regular security checks in place so you can play with peace of mind.

            To get started, choose a site that appeals to you, review the bonuses, sign up, and deposit. Soon, you'll be on the live casino table, ready to enjoy the thrills of live Casino Hold'em.

            Live Texas Hold'em FAQs

            What is live dealer Hold'em?

            It is an exciting variation of live dealer poker that takes place in a live online casino. Take your seat at the table and play against the dealer. HD live streams and the opportunity to chat with other players means you get as close to the action as possible.

            Where can I find the best live dealer Texas Hold'em games?

            We have listed our top live dealer poker sites above. Each of these has been fully vetted for security and fun.

            Is Live Dealer Texas Hold'em legal in the US?

            Yes, it is. Of course, this varies by state but it is legal where online gambling is allowed.

            Can I try live Hold'em for free before wagering real money?

            No. All live casinos we've come across do not offer free play options at tables. This is because they are paying a live dealer to interact with players. On the other hand, you can play virtual games for free, including poker, at most online casinos.

            Are there any live Hold'em tournaments online?

            Generally speaking, no. Tournaments require large numbers of dealers, tables, and players which isn't feasible at online live casinos. However, you can play poker tournaments online but on poker sites and not live casinos.

            How do I know live dealer games are safe & secure?

            Online live casinos are subject to strict rules. A site must be licensed to start with, and independent testers ensure that all games are fair and results are not manipulated. You can be sure that we have tested each site we recommend so we suggest playing with one of those for peace of mind.

            Are there live Hold'em apps for mobile & tablet users?

            Yes, an increasing number of sites are offering live dealer poker for mobile. Check out our reviews section to find the best sites for mobile and tablet live dealer casino Hold’em games.

            What are the live casino Hold’em payouts?

            You be paid out at the standard 1:1 for basic winning hands, but this increases to 2:1 for a flush, 3:1 for a full house, 10:1 if you hit four of a kind, 20:1 in the case of a straight flush, and an attractive 100:1 for a royal flush.

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