Best crypto casinos in March 2024 ⭐️

  • The best crypto gambling sites
  • Top digital coins to use at online casinos
  • How to gamble using a cryptocurrency
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Top crypto gambling sites

Rank Casino Bonus Offer Main points Play Online
#1 Top Rated Casino
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  • Extensive library of slot games
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Widely available in the US
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  • Accepting US players
  • Over 300 slot games
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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  • Offers a range of sweeps games
  • Great variety of slots from Pragmatic Play, Evoplay and more
  • Daily bonuses, rewards and promos for coins

How our ratings are calculated

The sites we recommend on our featured list all pass our strict rating criteria. You can check out the factors we consider when calculating our ratings from the image below.

How we rate crypto casinos at

The latest crypto casinos to avoid

Some crypto casinos are unsafe, and we’ve identified them so you can avoid the sites. Mainly, these operators lack reliability in terms of regulations, privacy, security, and games. Hence, registering with them puts your personal and financial data at risk. Here are some unsafe gambling sites that make the list of the latest crypto casinos to avoid.

Pros and cons of crypto casinos

As you join crypto gambling sites, you're set to enjoy many exciting benefits. But that doesn’t mean these platforms are without some drawbacks. On the contrary, there are pros and cons associated with the best crypto casinos, as detailed in the table below:


  • You can make payments without revealing your personal information. In other words, using cryptocurrency casinos allows anonymous payments.
  • Transactions made using crypto are generally fast. So, you’ll enjoy fast deposits and withdrawals while gaming.
  • Since cryptocurrencies are global, you can register and use gaming platforms that accept them anywhere you are. For instance, you can buy and use BTC anywhere.
  • Fees associated with cryptocurrencies are minimal. In fact, some digital coins don’t demand any charge.
  • You’ll enjoy high security with payments at crypto casino sites since they use blockchain technology. The technology is said to be “unhackable.”


  • The top cryptocurrencies in the market — like BTC, ETH, and DOGE — are volatile. As a result, their values are unstable, which can affect your casino balance.
  • There are still debates about crypto adoption in many jurisdictions. Due to this, crypto gambling sites have limited regulatory frameworks.

Crypto gambling vs. Fiat currency gambling

When it comes to casino payments, if you’re not using crypto, it means you’re using fiat. The question is, “Which has the upper hand?” Well, let’s look at crypto casinos vs fiat currency casinos to see how they compare against each other.

Anonymity and privacy

In this aspect, crypto gambling takes the upper hand. That’s because transactions are more or less anonymous and carried out on the blockchain. On the contrary, when using fiat currency gambling sites, you’ll have to provide personal information. If you’re using a debit card, for instance, you’ll provide your name and bank information.

Security lock

Transaction speed and cost

Fiat gambling doesn’t compare to crypto in terms of transaction speed and cost. Blockchain casinos are some of the fastest payout casinos you can find with almost instant payouts and minimal fees. Meanwhile, banks and other fiat payment processors may delay payments and deduct substantial charges. In the iGaming space, it’s commonplace for bank withdrawals to take multiple business days.

Fast payouts

Licensing and regulatory

Here’s a criterion where fiat gambling comes out on top. The top regulatory bodies in the iGaming industry include names like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and Curacao eGaming. These organizations regulate more fiat than crypto gaming sites. Generally, the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies is limited and inconsistent.


Volatility and stability

It's easy to say fiat wins here since currencies like the USD and EUR are stable and less volatile than ETH and BTC. However, the true winner is crypto. That’s because some digital coins are stablecoins — like USDT, USDC, and BUSD. These stablecoins work just as fiat, but they still maintain the anonymous nature of crypto.

Live dealer person man user human logo blue


There’s no clear winner here, as crypto gambling and fiat gambling both have significant drawbacks in accessibility. For fiat, you’re usually limited to using currencies supported in your locality. Using a different currency will result in conversions, which may attract substantial fees.

On the other hand, you can use cryptocurrencies anywhere without converting from one coin to another. The problem, however, is that accessing digital coins requires some knowledge of how wallets and exchanges work. While it’s not the most challenging activity, it certainly isn’t easier than making online payments using a bank card.


Types of cryptocurrencies to gamble with

At the moment, there are over 10,500 crypto coins in the market. More keep launching by the day, and of course, one blockchain casino can’t feature them all. However, the best crypto gambling sites should support the top cryptocurrencies listed below:

BTC / Bitcoin

BTC / Bitcoin

Anyone getting introduced to crypto usually kicks off with Bitcoin, so Bitcoin casinos are top of our list. It was the first digital coin and, to date, remains the most valuable and famous. Hence, it’s present in every crypto online casino. So, if you want to play with the most widely accepted coin at cryptocurrency gaming sites, you should opt for BTC.

ETH / Ethereum

ETH / Ethereum

ETH always comes next after Bitcoin, as the coin is the second most valuable in the market. Many crypto users even prefer it to BTC due to its unique smart contracts and proof of stake consensus mechanism. Therefore, Ethereum casinos are just as widely available as BTC in the cryptocurrency gambling space.

XRP / Ripple

XRP / Ripple

Ripple attracts attention due to its fast transactions and low fees. In other words, at XRP casinos, you can get your money in record time while paying little to nothing for the payment. The coin is much faster and inexpensive compared to BTC and ETH. With this, it’s no surprise why Ripple is one of the top cryptocurrencies to gamble with.

LTC / Litecoin

LTC / Litecoin

Litecoin was launched as a “lite” alternative to BTC. Hence, if you see Bitcoin as gold, you can call LTC silver. The implication is that Litecoin casinos support faster transactions and lower fees than the king of the crypto market. However, it’s not as robust in terms of security. Nevertheless, it’s still a widely accepted digital coin at crypto casinos.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash

This coin emerged after a Bitcoin fork, so it’s another cryptocurrency that stems from the market leader. Notably, Bitcoin Cash has a lot of similar features to Bitcoin. However, it has a much lower value. That said, you’ll likely find BCH on the majority of crypto online casinos.

USDT / Tether

USDT / Tether

If you want to gamble with a stablecoin, Tether is the best to use. The coin differs from others like BTC and ETH as its price is fixed to the USD. Generally, 1 USDT is set to always equal 1 USD. Although it works like fiat, Tether casinos come with all the other benefits of gambling with cryptocurrencies. Since it’s the most popular stablecoin, USDT is widely accepted in the crypto iGaming industry.

DOGE / Dogecoin

DOGE / Dogecoin

DOGE started as an internet meme, but today, it’s one of the most valuable digital coins. The cryptocurrency’s main advantage is its strong online community and popularity — it was even purchased by the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. Dogecoin casinos may not be as fast as other top cryptocurrencies for online gambling, but you can enjoy low transaction fees if you use it.

BNB / Binance Coin

BNB / Binance Coin

You must know the Binance exchange platform if you’re familiar with the crypto world. BNB is the exchange’s native coin, so its popularity is not questioned. Many crypto gamblers own Binance wallets for transactions, meaning they quickly have access to Binance casinos. It’s worth noting that besides BNB, Binance also had BUSD — a stablecoin.

How to gamble with crypto

Now you know the top digital coins to use at online crypto casinos, let’s look at how you can gamble with them. You can follow the below steps:

Create your crypto wallet

The first thing to do is to register with an exchange and create your wallet. Notably, the wallet will depend on the coin you want to use. However, you can always create multiple wallets to use different cryptocurrencies.

    Online Casino Dealer

    Purchase cryptocurrency

    From your exchange wallet, you can easily place a Buy request and purchase digital coins. You’ll do this using fiat, and you may be able to buy directly from the exchange or other crypto users if it’s a P2P platform.

      Fast payouts online casino

      Register at a crypto casino

      This is perhaps the easiest step. You can check our top list and pick a reliable crypto gambling site. It’ll only take a few minutes.

        Free spins deposit bonus

        Fund your account

        Here, you'll need to first get the casino’s wallet address. Then, switch to your exchange account and transfer coins from your wallet to your crypto wallet. The transaction should only take a few minutes to complete.


          Claim promotions

          Usually, you’ll be able to claim a first deposit bonus after creating your account. That’s if you meet the eligibility requirements — like paying up to a minimum amount. Receiving bonuses can help improve your gameplay as they boost your bankroll.

            VIP bonus

            Start playing

            At this point, you’re set to start playing your preferred crypto casino games. The best sites we recommend feature a wide variety you’ll enjoy.

              Blackjack Double After Split

              Crypto casino bonuses

              One of the main upsides of blockchain casino sites is the exciting promotions you can claim. Many sites will offer specific Bitcoin bonuses or other crypto coin offers. When you register with the recommended platforms on our shortlist, you'll find the following types of bonuses.

              • Welcome bonus

                As a new player, this is the first promotion that welcomes you to the site. You should expect a deposit match and some extras like free spins. For instance, a crypto casino may have a 100% welcome bonus of up to 0.05 BTC plus 50 free spins.

              • No deposit bonus

                For no deposit promos, you won’t need to fund your account. The crypto gambling site will simply award you a bonus for free, and it can be cash credits or free spins. Notably, both new and existing players can get no deposit bonus offers.

              • Free spins

                Without question, free spins bonuses are among the most popular in the iGaming space. This is thanks to the fame slot games carry. It’s common to find casinos that accept BTC, ETH, and others with promos that give players as much as 50 or 100 free spins. However, the bonuses are usually credited to a specific slot.

              • Reload bonus

                At the best crypto online casinos, you can expect reload bonuses when you fund your account as an existing player. These offers aren’t much different from the welcome package for new users, as they’re usually deposit match bonuses. However, they may also be free spins — or a combination of deposit match and free spins.

              • High roller bonuses

                High roller offers are exclusive to players who make large deposits and bets. For instance, making a deposit of 1,000 USDT at crypto gambling sites may qualify you for a high roller bonus. The offer may be similar to regular promotions, but they’ll usually have much larger monetary value.

              • Cashback

                With cashback bonuses, you get a portion of your lost bets back. The promo is typically offered as a percentage, and you can expect from 5 to 20%. Notably, crypto gambling operators will offer higher cashback percentages to high rollers and VIP players.

              Crypto casino games

              Without interesting games, there’ll be no point depositing at crypto gambling sites. Thankfully, the best sites on our top list deliver quality titles in different categories. You can check out the popular ones below:

              Crypto blackjack

              Many crypto gamblers are fans of table games, and in that category, blackjack ranks number one. The game is straightforward, as you aim to make a hand close to 21 without exceeding it. You’ll want to try out crypto blackjack if you like playing with strategy.


              Crypto roulette

              Roulette is another widely popular table game, but it doesn’t involve cards. Instead, you bet on the outcome of a spinning wheel. As a result, winning while playing crypto roulette has more to do with luck than strategy.

              Crypto slots

              No casino game category beats slots in terms of fame. The games are a favorite for many players because they’re available in thousands — if not millions — of varying themes, layouts, and in-play features. However, the primary target doesn’t change. When playing crypto slots, you win by landing matching combinations on the reels.

              Play games and cash out winnings

              Crypto poker

              Here’s another crypto casino game to check out if you love comparing cards. Crypto poker introduces a unique twist as you compete against other players to form the best hand. Skill comes in here, and you can even implement advanced strategies to win.

              Poker bonuses

              Crash gambling

              Crash gambling games are currently causing a rave in the crypto iGaming industry. They’re instant games where you bet on a flying object — like a plane — with an increasing multiplier. To win, cash out your bet before the object crashes. Popular titles to check out for this category include Aviator and SpaceXY.


              Why trust our reviews panel

              Before placing any crypto gambling site on our top list, we ensured it was well analyzed to offer quality. Our reviews are detailed and unbiased, which is why you can trust them. To illustrate, here are some key considerations we look at while reviewing:

              • Security measures

                The primary focus here is on how the blockchain casino protects players’ data. So, we confirm security measures like SSL encryption and also rate the robustness of the site’s payment channels.

              • Game variety

                When reviewing the game lobby, we consider it essential that the crypto casino features a good number of titles in different categories. Also, the games must come from top providers in the iGaming industry to ensure quality.

              • Mobile experience

                You’ll likely play at casinos that accept crypto using your smartphone from time to time — if not always. As a result, it’s important to us that the platforms we shortlist are mobile-compatible. A site with a good mobile experience will allow you to access your favorite games on the go.

              • Bonus terms and conditions

                Importantly, the crypto online casino should have a range of promotions. That said, it’s more crucial that the T&Cs accompanying the offers are fair and transparent. Many players don’t like reading the terms and conditions, as they can be lengthy and technical. Hence, we do the hard work and review the details that matter the most.

              • Customer service

                While reviewing, we test the available channels for customer support. The sites we recommend are those with fast and professional help teams. That way, if you run into any issues, you can rest assured of prompt resolutions.

              A brief history of crypto gambling

              Bitcoin launched in 2009, and it only took three years to hit the iGaming space. Some online casinos began accepting Bitcoin in 2012, with SatoshiDice being among the first. As more altcoins launched, they also found use in the iGaming industry. Currently, there are more than 200 crypto casino sites online with many new BTC casinos opening regularly.

              Features of the best crypto casinos 2024

              💸 Best casino for fast withdrawals
              🏆 Best casino for high payout percentages
              Fortune Coins
              🥇 Best casino for bonuses
              Gambino Slots
              ⭐ Best casino overall
              🎰 Best crypto casino games
              Slots, table games, crash gambling games, live dealer tables
              ⬆️ Top benefit of crypto casinos
              Fast and anonymous transactions
              💰 Top for payout methods
              Tobi Amure

              Tobi Opeyemi Amure

              Crypto casino expert

              Since 2017, Tobi has been helping players better understand crypto casinos through his educational content. Formerly a crypto trader, he is passionate about blockchain and wants to help others understand the joys of merging crypto with iGaming. Read his guides on how to gamble with cryptocurrencies and more for the inside scoop.


              What is the best crypto casino in 2024?

              The best crypto casino in 2024 is McLuck as they offer many impressive iGaming features. These range from top-notch security to quality games, promotions, and customer service. You can check our shortlist to find more recommended options too.

              What types of coins can you play with at crypto casinos?

              You can play at crypto casinos with different types of digital coins. The most popular ones are BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, USDT, DOGE, and BNB.

              Can you trust crypto casinos?

              Yes, you can trust crypto gambling sites if you choose a reputable casino. We’ve reviewed the best ones according to our strict evaluation criteria, and you can find them in the featured list on this page.

              Can you win real money playing at a crypto casino?

              Yes, you can win real money playing at a crypto casino. These sites feature games like slots, blackjack, and roulette. When you place bets and win, you can withdraw your real money as crypto within minutes.

              Is crypto gambling legal?

              Yes, crypto gambling is legal if you use safe and regulated sites like those on our recommended casinos list. However, you should first check with your local gambling laws if using online casinos is permitted.

              Why are crypto casinos so popular?

              Crypto casinos are so popular because they allow players to deposit, withdraw, and play anonymously. Additionally, payments are fast and secure with coins like BTC, ETH, and USDT.

              What is the best crypto casino app?

              The best crypto casino app will depend on your iGaming preferences and device type. However, you can check out the mobile app of the sites we recommend on our top list if you want to use the best.

              Are there legit crypto casinos?

              Yes, there are legit crypto casinos. These sites are safe and have transparent terms and conditions for players. We’ve outlined the legit crypto casinos you can use on the list on this page.