Double Down Review

If you love gambling online, then you’ve got to check out Double Down Casino. It is the largest social gaming site, which is completely free and does not offer real money play or real money prizes.

Double Down Casino mimics a real casino experience in that it provides you with a large variety of slots and table games. You don’t have to jump through hoops to unlock games you want to play like many other social gaming sites make you do. The second you create an account, you are given one million dollars of play money to gamble with and every game is available!

If you’re looking for a huge variety of high-quality online casino games, Double Down Casino is the place for you. Keep reading our in-depth Double Down casino review to get the full scoop on the social gaming site!

Security and Fair Play

Verified Casino

You have the choice to either sign up with the Double Down Casino social gaming platform through Facebook or by signing up with an e-mail address. Either option is perfectly secure since Double Down Casino will never sell your personal information.

If you do not wish to give the app any personal information, they also have a guest feature so you can play anonymously. If you choose this option, you cannot receive any of the member bonuses or benefits and any progress you make will not be saved.

Customer Support

Double Down Casino offers you a very helpful support section if you find yourself having questions or problems while playing any of the games on the social gaming site. Another feature that Double Down Casino has included are detailed user guides on how to play each type of game that the casino offers. If you need further assistance with any issues or technical problems that you experience while playing the game, you can contact customer support by sending an email and they will get back to you promptly.


If you are a true gambler, then you need to join the seven million other players around the world and sign up for Double Down Casino. No other site has such a selection and accessibility of games. Double Down Casino does not make you spend tons of money to level up or make you unlock games. In this social gaming casino, you get to play your way. After our Double Down Casino review, we see no reason why you should hesitate to join and have fun!

User Reviews


Donald reviewed Double Down Casino

5 / 5

March 28, 2020

My first time on and I love it


Golden reviewed Double Down Casino

5 / 5

March 11, 2020

My review on the online casino is that I am mainly excited and very interested on playing this game. I want to play the casino, so I can win real money and I can also have a lot of money to spend on the daily necessities that I need for life. I want to be able to win many gift cards with money, so I can be able to shop online or in store.