Big Fish Casino Review

Big Fish is one of the largest social casinos in the world. It was launched in 2009 and uses proprietary software created by Big Fish Games. As a result, the collection of available games is quite impressive and new options are added from time to time. Being a social casino does mean that it has a big following on Facebook, with more than 800,000 likes on the official page. However, it is also possible to play on the site, download an app for desktop and go mobile on different devices with Big Fish Mobile Casino.

The sleek website will present players with the different category of games. New users will receive a large starting bankroll that will allow them to check out the selection without any hassle. Also, there are various bonuses that add more chips to the account for free every day. Players can also opt to buy chips at Big Fish Casino through secure online payments. As bets are placed, the level will increase and this in turn unlocks more games and features.

Big Fish Casino makes it very easy to play with friends and enjoy the thrill of betting online. It is however intended for an adult audience even if it does not provide real money gambling opportunities. An extra level of security can be added to the account by linking it to Facebook and this will also make it easier to access it from anywhere and at any time.

Mobile Casino

It is no surprise to see that Big Fish Mobile Casino is a big hit. Players can enjoy all of the games on their mobile devices through different ways. Connecting through Facebook from a smartphone or tablet is arguably the simplest way to play. It is also possible to go to the Big Fish Games website and play on the casino from there. In addition, free apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iOS devices, from Google Play for Android and from Amazon.

Mobile games include blackjack, poker, roulette and many slots. They look nice and the layout makes sure that everything fits on the screen, no matter the device. The bonuses can also be claimed on mobile devices with ease and all bets will contribute to the account level. Furthermore, clients can opt to make real money payments while on the move to add chips or gold to the balance at any time.

Security and Fair Play

The online security is very good when playing the games on Big Fish Casino. The website is secured when making online payments and the Facebook platform does make sure that everything is covered when connecting from here. Also, users can choose what to share and what to show on their Facebook timelines.

When it comes to deposits, the cashier doesn’t offer a variety of options and the fact that web wallets are missing from the list does make things less than ideal. However, choosing from the many brands of debit and credit cards can make it easy for most customers to buy chips and gold. Big Fish Casino accepts more than a dozen currencies for payments and offers set packages that cover different bankrolls. It is not possible to turn gold or chips back into real money and withdraw from the account since this is not a gambling casino but a social one.

Promotions and Customer Support

Welcome Bonus

Just by registering an account, each new player can start with 100,000 chips without having to use a Big Fish bonus code. The sum will be available in the account from the very start and it can be increased straight away with a few extra bonuses. Not only can each new user spin the wheel to collection a random amount of bonuses, but there is also a bonus offer that generates 2,000 chips every 31 minutes.

The initial amount is more than enough to try out the games without having to worry about running out of funds anytime soon.

Level Up System

Getting a higher level does mean getting more and bigger bonuses. It also helps unlock games and betting limits. In order to increase your level when playing on Big Fish Casino, you will just have to bet on the games. Each wager adds experience and this fills the bar in the account. Once the bar is full, the level increases and the bar resets.


There are many bonuses that can be earned when playing the different games. The waiter can appear and offer free chips on the house. There is also a Reward Center where clients can use tickets to buy games and add them to the exciting collection. This can also be done with special Big Fish Casino bonus codes that are sent by email and can lower the price for any game.

Customer Support

Trying to contact the support team for the Big Fish Casino review was a bit of a hassle. The Facebook page doesn’t have a support section ready at this time and the one on the site was under maintenance for quite a while. However, users can access the help section on the official website and there are various FAQs available here along with a contact option via email. The lack of live chat and phone support can be an issue but there is always the option to get help by making a post on the Big Fish Facebook page.


Big Fish Casino provides a fun way to enjoy some of the most popular casino games in the world. With slots of different themes, realistic blackjack and roulette games, multiplayer poker and other games, the social casino has something that every player can enjoy. And it is all free without ever having to spend any money in order to play. Of course, users who want to have some extra chips can always purchase them through different online banking methods with the secure cashier. Plus, the Big Fish Casino bonus codes can make offers much cheaper.

The large amounts of chips that can be claimed every day should keep users happy and make sure they always have funds to bet with. Since the collection is available on Facebook and by downloadable apps, it can always be close by. In this regard, the Big Fish Mobile Casino is perfect for enjoying some games on an iPhone or on an Android smartphone. All things considered, if you like casino games and you want to experience the full social aspect of online gaming, Big Fish is a great option.

Samantha Beckett

Written By: Samantha Beckett

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