Top Tips for Betting on The NBA This Christmas Day

Top Tips for Betting on The NBA This Christmas Day

Ah, Christmas Day. A time to relax with family and friends, eat copious amounts of food, drink like a fish, get presents and enjoy quality time together. If watching sporting events (with some money on the games to make them interesting) is your idea of quality time with your family, you’ll notice that there are fewer options these days than there used to be.

Most leagues have stopped scheduling games over the holidays, probably to let players and their families enjoy the day together while avoiding weather conditions that could lead to game cancellations anyway.

But not all leagues have ruled out Christmas Day games. The NFL still allows them if they fall during normal game days, but that isn’t the case in 2018. While there are plenty of sporting events on December 23 or 26, if you’re looking for professional sports on Christmas Day itself, you’ll have to rely on the NBA.

Basketball’s Christmas Day match ups have become quite the tradition. The league works hard to schedule matches that are filled with drama and controversy, making for prime viewing on a day when most people have the day off to watch the games. Tune in to the five games on Christmas to get all the sporting thrills you’re looking for, and maybe even win back what you spend on presents this year.


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Teams: Bucks v Knicks
Tip to win: Bucks
Probably the least interesting game of the day, the Bucks are playing the Knicks as the first game of the day. The Knicks just haven’t been playing well this season, so this might be the better time to do your cooking prep, spend time helping the kids with their presents or sleeping in if you don’t have little ones to wake you up.

Teams: Blazers v Jazz
Tip to win: Blazers
Both of these teams did well last season, but it’s hard to know how they will start out this new season. The Jazz was on fire in the playoffs, but it’s been a long summer. Minimal personal drama to follow in this game, instead it’s all about the regular buckets that will be scored. But with both teams boasting strong defenses, it’s doubtful we’ll see triple-digit scores from either side.


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Teams: Lakers v Warriors
Tip to win: Bet your gut
The Warriors are without a doubt the best team in the NBA. At least, they were last season. But with LeBron fully settled into his role at the LA Lakers, plus focusing on 3-point shots now, we might see a decent performance. It’s hard to know just how much energy the Warriors will put into this match up, probably saving their energy until the second half depending on how the Lakers play.


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Teams: Rockets v Thunder
Tip to win: Thunder
Melo will be facing his old Thunder teammates, which could lead to some interesting moments. But more importantly, there are some big names showing off their skills against powerful opponents. Can James Harden pull off his offensive magic against Paul George? Whether you’re in it for the on-court or off-court rivalries, this matchup is sure to be entertaining. The Thunder are ranked higher in the Western Conference, but anything can happen when these teams go head to head.


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Teams: 76ers v Celtics
Tip to win: 76ers
During the conference Semifinals, the Celtics were the winners, and this rematch could be more of the same. But considering just how close the games were, and how hungry the 76ers are for lasting success this season, we could see an invigorated team on the court. Prepare the Boston vs Philly rivalry! This one just might be the most entertaining basketball game to watch on Christmas Day.

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