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When you are first starting out in a game you don’t want complex strategies and intricate plays. No, you want to grasp the basics that will put you ahead of most of the pack, while letting you get to grips with the game. Here you’ll find just that.

10 Blackjack Tips Every Newbie Needs To Know

black and white photo of playing cards spread out on blackjack table

Blackjack is one of the most played of the classic casino table games and for good reason. It’s a lot of fun. It can be a bit daunting to sit down at that table for the first time if you haven’t played before so let us offer 10 helpful tips for that moment when you…Read More

Online Casino Bonus Guide – How Casino Bonuses Work

Online casino bonus

When was the last time you got something for nothing at a poker table in a Las Vegas casino? Probably never. When was the last time a poker room manager handed you a bunch of free poker chips as a thank you for choosing them? Again, we’re guessing never. Maybe even more than never. It…Read More

Hedging Your Bets: How to Stretch Your Casino Bankroll to the Max

Stretchng your bankroll controlling gambling losses best bets in a casino

Every gambler wants to win big, but most also know that there’s no real thrill without the possibility of loss, too. At the same time, most of us don’t want to endure too much risk: maybe you’re on a tight gambling budget, or perhaps you just get nervous every time you lose a couple bets…Read More

Risky Business: Taking Your Gambling Skills into the Real World

Risk gambling

It’s been noted before in the history of man that the near universal appeal of gambling from culture to culture and throughout history can be largely attributed to the fact that gambling lies at the very root of existence itself. We take a gamble coming out of the womb into this harsh, cold world, and…Read More

How Much is Too Much Gambling? A Guide to Help You Decide

“Drink responsibly”. “Only bet what you can afford to lose.” “Eat sensibly to lose weight.” We are bombarded with messages daily that sometimes seem to be oxymoronic; “have fun, but not too much”…”let your hair down, but don’t let it get tangled in anything”…or “be wild and crazy, except when it’s time to pay the…Read More

Gambling: Pure Luck or Total Skill?


Here are three different scenarios; see if you can spot the difference. It’s the final of the World Series of Poker. Player A has bet all his chips with a made straight. He is all-in and is waiting for his opponent, Player B, to make a decision. Player B, meanwhile, is sitting with a nut…Read More

How Your Gambling Brain Directs You to Bet, Keep Betting or Cash Out

Most of us know that our brains are a complex morass of neurons and lobes, pathways and connections; but perhaps not as many of us are aware how much these cerebral roadways direct our gambling decisions. An international best-selling book by a Nobel Prize winner in Economics may give us more insight, however, so let’s…Read More

Traits of Healthy Gamblers: An Unscientific Study


Problem gambling. Addictive gambling. Pathological gambling. Seems we are bombarded incessantly with the issues of the less than 3 percent of gamblers whose activities are totally and unabashedly out of control. And not to make light of that – because those issues can most certainly destroy lives and leave finances in a shambles – but…Read More

Setting Betting Limits: Should You, the Casino, or the Government?

We know you love gambling, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now; and chances are, you are able to enjoy gambling for what it should be: an entertaining pastime played with bankroll that is not designated for your rent, mortgage, car payment or groceries. But, as we are all sadly aware, not everyone is…Read More

Augmented Reality Online Casinos: Will You Ever Leave Home Again?

Online gamblers love the ease and convenience of playing wherever and whenever, but sometimes that has meant sacrificing some of the pizzazz found in an actual land casino. But a new technology – coming to you from a company called Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc. in partnership with Google and other developers (you’ve heard of Google Glass…Read More