Brooke Keaton

Brooke is the newest addition to our writers' roster, having only started at in early 2019. At eight years old, she dreamed of being a dolphin trainer in her native Florida. However, she got the travel bug after her first backpacking trip and soon realized staying in one place wasn't for her! After training as a croupier in 2003, Brooke had a 10-year stint at various international casinos before finally settling down in London with her partner Mason. In her free time she likes to host cocktail parties. Trust us when we tell you she makes a mean margarita.

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spooky vegas skyline
Gambling Destinations

The 10 Worst Hotels In Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas is often seen as the pinnacle of the gambling experience. With the famous strip and countless mega casinos with tons of people from all over the world and the best gaming facilities. It’s a like a dream world. And the hotels are...

October 1, 2019 6 min read

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Gambling Destinations

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The Hollywood Walk Of Shame

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The Most Expensive NBA Top Shot Moments (So Far)

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7 Reasons Why Everyone Is Obsessed With NFTs

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6 Famous Brands Get A Paddy’s Day Redesign – Just For The Craic

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The Price Of A Guinness In Every State, Ranked From Cheapest To Most Expensive

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Earn Your Stripes: Which Reality Dating Shows Produce The Highest Insta Earners?

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Patricia Demauro - longest craps roll record
Celebrities & Poker Pros

The Amazing Story Of The Grandma And The Longest Craps Roll In History

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Gambling Destinations Top 10s

Top 10 Casino Restaurants In The World

Casinos and top-class restaurants go hand-in-hand. The reasoning is simple — when you’re having a great night, or day out,...
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Investing vs Gambling – Two Sides Of The Same Chip?

Is trading with stocks and shares a form of gambling? It’s a question that stirs up plenty of heated debate....
February 23, 2021 6 min read