Double Diamond
Double Diamond Screenshot
  • Just one payline to hit
  • Retro graphics and theming
  • No free spins or bonus features
  • Acceptable jackpot
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Double Diamond Game Overview

If you’re looking for a game to capture the experience of playing a vintage fruit machine or one-armed bandit then you need look no further than the Double Diamond online slot, with its neon visuals and 16 bit sound effects.

Fans of flashy 3D slots and seemingly endless bonus rounds should look away now, as there’s nothing like that to impress here, but the game isn’t without its charm. Check out our full Double Diamond slot review below to get the skinny on the game.

  • Uncover whether the game offers enough added value for you
  • Check out some of the pros and cons of playing vintage 3-reel games
  • Grab a casino bonus and start playing for that Double Diamond jackpot
image description
Single payline

Seriously?! This might not be enough for most players in 2019

image description
RTP in excess of 95%

In theory, you shouldn’t lose much playing this slot

image description
Wild Double Diamond symbols

A 3-reel slot with a wild symbol isn’t something you see very often

image description
Classic fruit machine visuals

One thing’s for sure, the game is very evocative

Hits and misses
  • Captures the spirit of old school machines
  • Solid RTP %
  • Wilds and mismatched bars
  • Cheap to play
  • Not enough paylines
  • No bonus features
Key Game Features
Reels 3
Jackpot amount 1000x
Paylines 1
Date of last win N/A
Max. Wager 5
Payout % 95.44%
Bonus Round No
Software IGT
Max. Payout £12,500
Theme Fruit machine
Jackpot type (progressive normal) Fixed
Top 5 reasons why we rated Double Diamond: Excellent
6 of 10
  • Evocative sounds and visuals
  • Features a wild symbol
  • Just a single payline
  • Decent RTP %
  • Acceptable jackpot
  • Play for real money
Review of Double Diamond's Key Features
A 3-reel slot that’s a little wild at heart

Clearly looking to cash in on the nostalgia factor, this IGT attempt at capturing the magic of old school one arm bandits sits alongside similar titles like Mega Joker, Sunset/Sunrise Reels and Money Matrix.

Borrowing so much from classic fruit machines of days gone by, you couldn’t exactly call a Double Diamond slot machine original. One unique feature that the game does have, however, is that its distinctive Double Diamond symbol functions as a wild.

We don’t need to tell fans of 3-reel games or fruit machines how uncommon wilds are in such games, so this lends the title an interesting quality. And, to be honest, it needs it – trying to make do with a single payline can be really frustrating…particularly when you line up 3 winning symbols but they don’t fall on the payline.

Fruit machine graphics that will take you waaay back

Many of us fondly remember feeding coins into fruit machines down at the local pub or amusements as our first forays into the world of gambling. This game does a nice job of capturing that, right down to the authentic (and just a little frenetic) arpeggiated sound effects.

You’ll find cherries, 7s, single, double and triple BARs here, along with the distinctive Double Diamond slot symbol while playing.

What, no bonus round?!

We’re sad to say, for the sake of our Double Diamond review, that it doesn’t offer any sort of bonus features, free spins or otherwise. The closest you’ll get to that sort of added value is the Double Diamond symbol acting as a wild and Any Bar Wins, which pay out even when BAR symbols are mismatched.

While the absence of a bonus round does make the game easier to drop in and out of, you may find yourself missing that chance to make back some of the money you’ve lost or rack up a nice win before calling it a day.

A jackpot that’s decent enough, but little more than that

We could forgive some of Double Diamond’s faults more easily if the game had a huge jackpot to play for, or an RTP % that’s truly out of this world, but neither of those are the case here. The game’s jackpot falls in the “nice to have” bracket, but certainly isn’t going to change one’s life forever.

With a progressive jackpot around twice that of the Double Diamond casino game and a theoretical RTP ranking as high as 99%, it’s hard not to recommend Mega Joker over Double Diamond. That said, Mega Joker is a bit more complex with its supermeter and the odds of taking home a progressive jackpot are always stacked against the average player.

Actually a very good choice for playing on the go

Here’s one area that Double Diamond tips the scale, or attempts to at least, back in its favor – its simplistic graphics, sound effects and playing style mean that it’s well-suited for use on mobile devices, and smartphones in particular.

Because there’s no bonus round to play for you won’t feel any hesitation about logging off when time constraints are a concern, which you might if you’ve spent a long session chasing a round of free spins or some other bonus feature.

If you’re looking for something bright and breezy to squeeze in a few spins on then you could do worse.

Perfect for anyone looking to take a trip back to yesteryear

There are folks out there who will absolutely love Double Diamond. Online slot reviews are our game though, so we’re very much used to checking out the latest and greatest slots for the site, and we can’t say that we count ourselves among them.

Despite having a high RTP %, we never seem to do well when we feed our own cash into this slot. That may just be bad luck but, with no bonus round to recoup big losses, it’s way too easy to lose money playing Double Diamond. And without a big jackpot to make up for that, it’s tough for us to recommend.

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