Ugga Bugga Slot Review

Expert rating
Return to player
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Key game features

Reels 3
Jackpot amount N/A
Paylines 10
Max. wager $50
Payout % 99.07%
Bonus round No
Software Playtech
Max. payout $5,000
Theme Tribes and lost civilizations
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) N/A

Ugga Bugga slot game overview

Slot developer Playtech is known for its cutting-edge, innovative approach. So we were excited to test the Ugga Bugga slot. The game takes you into the heart of the jungle to hunt for treasures hidden across its 10 3x1 reels. 

With 10 games running simultaneously on the screen, Ugga Bugga certainly pushes the boundaries of conventional slot gameplay. Did we enjoy our Ugga Bugga journey, or did we get lost in this jungle of reels? Keep reading our expert review to find out.

Bowl of Diamonds

Unique reel structure

Ugga Bugga is played on 10 game reels simultaneously


Paying wild and Warrior symbol

Even if you land just one wild or Tribal Warrior symbol, you’ll get a payout


Hold symbol option

You can Hold symbols from your first spin, including wilds and scatters


10 chances to win

Each of your 10 reels can provide you with a win

Pros and cons


  • Huge 99.07% RTP
  • Hold option lets you control your game
  • Wide betting range
  • Frequent wins from low volatility


  • No free spins
  • No bonus rounds
  • Only 10 paylines

Top 5 reasons why we rated Ugga Bugga: Good

  • 1
    Up to 10 wins on every spin
  • 2
    Hold symbols between reels
  • 3
    Hold feature works with wilds
  • 4
    Payouts from just one wild symbol
  • 5
    99.7% RTP & low volatility produce frequent wins

Review of Ugga Bugga's key features

How to play Ugga Bugga

Ugga Bugga may sound like yet-another African-tribe slot. But as soon as the game loaded, we found something very unique. Rather than standard 5x3 or 3x3 reels, the Ugga Bugga gameplay expands across 10 separate single payline reels. In other words, you’re getting 10 chances to trigger a winning combination with every spin. 

While the gameplay of Ugga Bugga is a unique take on the tribe theme, unfortunately, the graphics and sound design are nothing to write home about. The symbols are exactly what you’d expect, with tribal huts, tiki masks, and drums, which you’ll find on dozens of other tribal slot games.

Moving past the symbol design, the graphics of Ugga Bugga are fine, but the cartoon style could have been done with more finesse. Likewise, the sound is generic. There is no music to enjoy; just jungle sounds with an occasional flute if you hit a winning payline.

Before spinning the Ugga Bugga slot for real money, you get to spin a single reel. Then, you can choose symbols you land on this spin. For the actual 10 spins, all grids will respin with your chosen symbols sticking to the reels, boosting your chances of landing winning combinations. 

The Ugga Bugga slot features two special symbols that can boost your payouts. The Tribal Warrior symbol will award wins even if shown only once during a spin. The Tiki Head Wild will align with other symbols to create winning combinations. If you land either of these symbols in the first round, you can use the Hold feature to spread them across all 10 reels for a potentially large prize.

While the looks of Ugga Bugga may not blow you away, what’s under the hood will win over plenty of players. The slot has a super high RTP of 99.07% and low volatility, allowing you to hit plenty of moderate wins to extend your playtime. If you’re a budget player looking to make the most of your money, Ugga Bugga is the slot for you.

For more tips, check out our page on how to win at slots.

Ugga Bugga jackpot and bonuses

We were slightly disappointed to find there are no bonus rounds on the Ugga Bugga slot. However, some players may find this to be a worthy trade-off for the unique gameplay, sky-high RTP, and conservative variance. So you can win smaller amounts frequently and play for longer. But if you’re looking for big wins, Ugga Bugga may not be the slot for you.

Ugga Bugga doesn’t feature a jackpot prize. The maximum win of 1000x your wager (which tops out at $5,000) is moderate compared to other slots. So it may not be the first choice for high rollers, but it’s still a great slot for players that are looking to manage their budget closely. 

Ugga Bugga mobile options

There are a lot of different buttons and options with Ugga Bugga on a desktop, and we were worried about how this would translate to a mobile slot. However, Ugga Bugga works very well through mobile browsers and mobile apps, with everything clearly displayed and buttons fitting nicely under your fingers.


Although the Ugga Bugga visuals and sounds aren’t immersive, there’s still plenty to get excited about when playing this slot. Its rocket-high RTP of 99.07% is one of the best in the industry. Together with moderate betting limits and volatility, it’s a great slot for players on a budget wanting to make the most of their bankroll. The realization of the tribal theme is pretty generic, but its 10 3x1 reels give you a unique way to play. 

The maximum win is capped at $5000, and the lack of bonus features may make savvy slot players turn away, but upon our return from our African adventure, we conclude that there is still plenty to enjoy about Ugga Bugga.


Where can I play Ugga Bugga for free?

You can play Ugga Bugga for free right here on our page! We have a demo version of the slot, allowing you to play with no risk. And beyond Ugga Bugga, visit our free slots page to see all of the slot demos we have available.

How can I get free spins in Ugga Bugga?

Ugga Bugga does not offer free spins. However, the slot’s Hold feature, 10 separate reels, high RTP, and low volatility will allow you to win plenty of prizes even without free spins!

How can I win Ugga Bugga?

You can win on Ugga Bugga by hitting a matching combination of symbols on one of your 10 3x1 reels. If you land a Tribal Warrior or wild symbol, you only need one of these symbols to win cash.

Is there a bonus round in Ugga Bugga?

The Ugga Bugga slot does not feature any bonus rounds. However, with a record-high 99.07% Return to Player (RTP) and low volatility, you are expected to hit many frequent wins during the base game.

Is Ugga Bugga a good slot game?

Yes, it certainly is. Ugga Bugga was developed by Playtech, one of the world’s leading game providers. So the slot’s innovative mechanics and design make it a very good choice.

What is Ugga Bugga’s RTP?

Ugga Bugga has a Return to Player (RTP) of 99.07%, one of the highest available. A slot’s RTP is the statistical return of the total bets made by all players, paid back in prizes over time. However, as every spin is random, an RTP is never a guarantee of a win. 

Does Ugga Bugga offer the chance of winning a jackpot?

No, Ugga Bugga does not offer a standard or progressive jackpot. The maximum you can win on one spin is 1000x your line bet. The maximum line bet on Ugga Bugga is $5.00, so you can earn a top prize of $5,000 on every spin.

Can I play Ugga Bugga on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can play Ugga Bugga on your mobile phone. The slot’s technology allows you to play the game seamlessly through your mobile browser or via an online casino app on iOS or Android.