2020's Best Sports Betting Sites in Canada

Get up-to-the minute odds for every big game and fixture on the best Canadian sports betting sites. Our shortlisted sites offer sports fans fantastic odds and free bets on hundreds of sports including hockey, NFL and soccer. Here we'll show you how these sites compare, including their parlay bets and props. If you'd like to start betting now, our expert reviewers' overall top site for online sports betting in Canada is . Every Canadian betting site reviewed here offers:

  • In-play betting and live odds on top Canadian sports
  • Great lines for soccer, NFL & NHL, including free bet top-ups
  • Mobile betting options for iPhone & Android devices

Our Top Rated Sports Betting Sites

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Popular Sports in Canada

Canadian betting fans enjoy gambling on a huge variety of sports in 2020, but there are four that always prove really popular online.

NHL Hockey CFL Football NBA Basketball NFL Football
NHL Hockey

Canadians love hockey - that's a universal truth! To be more specific, Canadians love the NHL, which is the only major Canadian-facing sport to get widespread exposure across the sportsbook industry and most Canadian sports betting sites.

CFL Football

CFL is another national favourite. It's a fun pastime as it gives Canadian players many ways to win serious coin every season. Nine teams compete annually with usually only four of those nine coming out as victorious, so nothing too difficult there.

NBA Basketball

The NBA franchise is a power to be reckoned with and Canadian players quickly discovered the huge opportunities of betting on the hometown Raptors.

NFL Football

Other sports popular in Canada are those that are often associated with the United States. The NFL wins out in this category, with Super Bowl betting being very popular. Most Canadians also enjoy following games all season in the National Football League.

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Online vs Offline Betting

With almost 40% of Canadian sports bets made online, a significant minority of bettors have already fully embraced the digital age. However, that means the majority are still betting offline and could be missing out on some of the advantages from the global trend. Why are more and more people betting online? We’ve listed the pros and cons of both forms of gambling in this handy table.

  • Online
  • Offline

Receive welcome bonuses when you sign up for a casino

Placing an offline bet often suits a casual bettor more than going online

Gain access to other promotions that may boost winnings or give additional bonuses

No need to register with a sportsbook, just find a betting shop or booth and place your bet

Option to cashout certain bets may be available

No Internet connection required to get a bet on

Some parts of Canada are remote and getting online may be difficult

No option to cashout offline bets

Rollover or wagering requirements may be attached to bonuses before they become real money

Fewer promotions available offline

How We Rate the Best Betting Sites in Canada

More and more Canadian sports betting sites are popping up on the internet in 2020 as sites are hoping to grab your business. However, not all sites that enter the scene are worthy of your time and money. That’s where we step in. We are here to help guide you towards the sites that can deliver on what they promise.

For transparency we have listed below exactly how we rate betting sites. Specifically what it is we look out for when we put a Canadian sports betting platform through its paces.

Market Range

Any sports betting site that we give a stamp of approval needs to come loaded with markets for the biggest sports, in North America and beyond. The CFL, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, EPL, UCL, and much more is required if a Canadian brand is looking to make our shortlist.


Bet Types

No sports betting sites we recommend will fall short in the range of sports available and the types of bets available. Fixed odds, in-play/live, over/under, outright, futures, point spread, prop, parlay, straight, and more. If you want a vast range of bet types, the sites we recommend certainly have the power to deliver just that.


Bonus & Promotions

With increased competition among sports betting sites has come some serious wagering incentives and so called ’risk-free’ bets. Any and every leading site offering online betting in Canada needs to come loaded with free bets, bonuses and promotions if they want to really compete amongst the top-tier.


Bankroll Management

During this part of the review process we explore the deposit and withdrawal methods made available. We believe that Visa, MasterCard, Interac Online, and bank transfer options should appear as standard. Through such means we also address cashout times, as so player should ever be left waiting to withdraw winnings.


Security, Safety & Customer Support

We only recommend sites that carry the highest standards when it comes to security, safety, and customer support. In every review we carry out an extensive background check, covering licensing, certification, and auditing practices. This is to ensure that the brand is operating legally and is above board. We will also put the customer support options through a series of tests. Ensuring that the methods offered are responsive, with those behind them having the power to help bettors.

Rating the Site

When a site scores highly for all of the above, it is ranked amongst the shortlist of the best betting sites in Canada. The team regularly reviews all the recommended sites to check their performance and update information in the reviews.

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The Main Betting Types

Online betting in Canada provides thrills, spills, and then some, with this largely coming about through the sheer number of bet types out there. If you are looking to lay your money on the line at the major Canadian sports betting sites, these are the types of bets that you’re going to have to become accustomed to.

Moneyline Head-to-Head Bet Point Spread Betting Straight Bet Parlay/Accumulator Teasers and Pleasers System Bet In-Play Betting

Placing a moneyline bet is sometimes listed as an outright bet. It’s one of the easiest kind of bets and simply requires you to select the outcome of a match, race, event, game, fight, or contest. Moneyline bets stand as the most popular type of bet that’s both promoted and opted on at Canadian sports betting sites.

Types of Sports Betting Odds

As the sports betting scene in Canada diversifies, what bettors will find is that different sites make use of different odd types. Some may even give you a choice of options to work with. These options will take the form of decimal, fractional, and moneyline/American.

Decimal Odds

Sometimes referred to as continental odds or European odds, decimal odds take the form of straight numbers and decimals. You’ll find that decimal odds are favoured by betting exchanges, largely as they are easier to navigate for trading purposes. Decimal odds differ from fractional odds, as they detail the total payout instead of overall profit. For example, you’ll see evens listed as 2 or 2.00.

image description
Fractional Odds

Commonly called traditional odds, this odds format is most prominent in the UK, but seems to a hold a place within the Canadian sports betting market as well.

For example, you’ll find fractional odds listed as 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, and so forth.

image description
Moneyline Odds (or American Odds)

In the US, moneyline odds are the favoured format for all major bookmakers. Listed as either a positive or negative number, usually with a currency symbol attached. The favourite will have the negative sign, indicating the amount you will need to bet in order to win 100.

These odds are very similar to fractional odds, except it deals in units. What moneyline odds will show you is the profit associated with the wager, so you’ll have to manually add your original stake to see your total payout.

image description

Canadian Sports Betting Facts

Online sports betting in Canada is thriving these days, as people can’t seem to get enough of the action that sites are bringing to the table. Before you start making bets left, right, and centre, here are a few facts that will help you understand what all the fuss is about.

6.3 million

Canadians are betting on sports

Ontario is home to

over 1/2

of Canada's sports betting audience

1 in 5

Canadians made a sports bet within the last year



of Canada’s sports bets are made online

How to Calculate Your Winnings from a Wager

When you place a bet, the goal is always to turn the wager into pure profit. For this reason, you will need to work out exactly how much you can expect to win from any bet on the fly. Getting your head around the numbers is actually much easier than you think, as you will see below.

Single Wager

Should you bet C$10 on a team and win at odds of 3.00, here is how things break down. Every C$1 you are betting in this case would make C$3. This means that your return would be 3 multiplied by 10, equalling to C$30 – meaning C$20 profit. C$10 of the total being the return of your original stake.

Your bet


Step 1 2/1=2
Step 2 2+1=3
Step 3 3x
your bet

This would mean that your return would be 3 times 10, thus equaling C$30.

C$20 profit, C$10 as the return of your original stake..

Double Wager

Doubles and accumulator wagers are slightly different to singles, as there is more to the equation. Start by looking at the first leg of your bet and work it out as a single, and then do the same with the second wager. Say you've backed two teams at 3.00 and 4.00 with a C$10 total bet. From there, with C$30 predicted returns from the first bet, you then work out the second part using the returns from the first as the stake. In this instance it would be 4.00 multiplied by C$30, equalling a C$120 total return.

Team 1
Predicted C$30
Team 2
Predicted C$30
Your Bet


Step 1 3/1=3
Step 2 3+1=4
Step 3 4x
your return

In this instance it would be 3 divided by 1, plus 1, times 30, equalling a C$120 return.

Free Bets, Bonuses & Promotions

The online sports betting scene is exploding in Canada, with more brands in the mix than ever before. As the number of sites around has increased, the way that platforms compete for customers has changed. Bonuses, promotions, and playing with incentives are now everywhere. While they are likely to entice you and possible even give you a change to undo a losing wager, it pays to know a little more about how the promotions may look from the best sports betting sites.

Samantha Beckett
Head of Bonus and Promo Evaluation

If a sportsbook isn’t offering you a welcome bonus upon registration with the site, then it is not worth signing up! Shop around until you find some worthwhile freebies.

Bonus Description
Sign-Up Bonus

These are usually awarded with your first deposit. For example, if you make an initial deposit of $100, the sports betting site will match that figure by 50% for a bonus of $50.

Spin Sports - Best site for Sign-Up Bonus 100% up to C$200
Free Bets

After the sign-up bonus, a free bet is the most common type of online bonus. These can take on multiple forms, being issued under both deposit-based and no deposit-based means.

Betway Sports - Best site for Free Bets C$10 in Free Bets (when you bet C$25 on multiples)
Cashback/Money Back

Cashback-based promotions are simply cash back on any losing bets made. The percentage of cashback may vary, but this type of bonus can certainly soften the loss should a bet come up short.

Sports Interaction - Best site for Cashback/Money Back Acca Insurance (4+ Insurance)
Cashout Bonus

Allowing you to boost your winnings, when you opt into a cashout bonus you will be given the chance to win cash bonuses on top of your cashout value.

888 Sport - Best site for Cashout Bonus Cash Out Your Bet
Loyalty Bonus

If you consistently deposit at a Canadian sports betting site over the long term, you may find yourself rewarded with unique, one-off loyalty bonuses taking the form of free bets, odds boosts, cashback, and more.

Bet Online - Best site for Loyalty Bonus Exclusive bonuses and promotions

Sports Betting Tips

As the pace picks up within the world of Canadian sports betting sites, those looking to place a wager need to get up to speed quickly. Thankfully, we are here to help, as we have a few ready-to-go tips that are sure to have you fit and firing next time you step up to place a wager.

Claim a Bonus Promotion

There is no better 'try before you buy' option than an appropriately-sized bonus. Bursting onto the scene in recent years, these sign-up bonuses (with a decent set of terms and conditions) can give you some free cash to stake with. On top of this, you should also keep an eye out for free bets, cashback offers, and refer-a-friend bonuses.

Bet Within a Budget

The worst thing that any bettor can do is start acting like a bull in a china shop when it comes to placing bets. The key to long-term success is being calculated in your betting efforts, this also means working within a budget. Only ever bet what you can afford to lose, and always do your best to wager within a pre-determined budget.

Strike Early

If you really want to get ahead on the sportsbooks, it can often pay to place your bets early. The reason for this is that you can get your hands on online sports betting odds unaffected by form, injury, or potential unforeseen circumstances. Have a hunch for an upcoming match or market? Well, by moving quickly you may be able to beat the oddsmakers at their own game.

Shop Around

Canadian sports betting sites certainly don’t work in conjunction with one another, so you are not going to find the same gambling experience at every platform. The biggest differences come about through odds, bonuses, and promotions. If you don’t think that you’re getting the best possible deal at one site, don’t be afraid to shop around for another and/or register for multiple accounts.

Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting On The Go

Mobile Betting

If you place most of your bets via a mobile device, you are not alone. Today, most Canadians – and gamblers around the world, use their mobile to play on sports betting and odds games. Here at Casino.org we make sure to bring out players a large range of mobile betting guides. These include step-by-step walkthroughs, the best apps for sportsbooks and which online casino games are best suited for mobile play.

In 2020 you are better connected than ever. You can play for real cash at the click of a button from any mobile device, anywhere - just like the way you access live game streams on a laptop or home computer. Like when you play on a laptop, make sure you’re taking advantage of sign up bonuses and promotions when you download a new sports betting app to your phone.

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Canadian Sports Betting FAQ

Is online sports betting popular in Canada?

Yes. There are plenty of traditional Canadian sport to bet on, not least the NHL. Because of this, there are many popular sports betting sites Canadians players can access, catering for every kind of bettor and for whatever sport you choose.

Which sports can I bet on?

You can choose from a wide variety of provincial, national and international sports. Such as, ice and field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, American football, rugby, basketball and many more.

Which sports do Canadians like to bet on?

Worldwide sports such as basketball, rugby, soccer, tennis and golf are of course popular with Canadian fans. However, the most popular sport in the country by far is ice hockey. The National Hockey League (NHL) is a prime example of this. Other popular sports in Canada are curling and lacrosse.

How are the odds set?

Sports betting odds are set by a bookmaker. This can be the casino or any other place where you bet. First, a line is drawn based on the analysis of the outcome of an event (be it a match, race etc), then the line will move accordingly to how players place their bets.

Basically, the goal for the bookmaker is to attract action on both sides of the betting line which’ll make their risk as low as possible – not to give players an accurate picture of reality.

Can I get a bonus?

Yes. Canadians online betting sites offer a lot of exciting real money sign-up bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers.

Which are the best betting sites in Canada?

Our top picks for Canadian players in 2020 include the shortlisted gambling sites you can see on this page. They all promise you a high-quality sports betting experience and a full variety of events and tournaments to wager on.

How do I place bets into a bet slip?

When you’ve found a market and bet of interest, select it. This should add the bet to your bet slip, which will usually be displayed to either the right or bottom of your screen. Should you add further bets to your bet slip, you will be able to freely adjust the bet type using on-screen options: double, triple, accumulator, system, and so on.

Sports Betting: