Kevin Lentz

Kevin Lentz

Kevin began his career as an Advantage and Blackjack tournament player but has spent the past 30+ years on the other side of the tables. First working in and then managing Table Games, Slots, Poker and Sportsbook departments from Reno to Las Vegas, and now the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He spends his free time writing about all things casino related.

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Casino chip

How Casinos Spot Fake Chips (And Why You Should Never Use Them)

About a decade ago, I was tasked with the unique job of going through all the floats (the racks that hold the chips) at a casino I worked for with a UV light. The cage had discovered that someone had been passing off counterfeit $100 black...

March 25, 2022 4 min read

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Why Taking Insurance In Blackjack Is Never A Good Bet

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Tax on casino winnings

Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Casino Winnings?

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