The 7 Best Arcades in Las Vegas, Ranked

The 7 Best Arcades in Las Vegas, Ranked

Las Vegas does everything bigger and better, including arcades. Whether you are looking for the best arcades in Las Vegas for kids, or maybe just a great place for you and some friends to have a couple of drinks while battling it out on Skeeball and Galactica, we’ve reviewed some of the best options in Sin City.

1. The Big Apple Coaster and Arcade (New York New York Hotel and Casino)

The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Image credit: New York-New York Hotel & Casino

For us, The Big Apple Coaster and Arcade is the best arcade in Las Vegas. But it’s not the vast 32,000 square feet of gaming space that puts it at the top of our list. And it’s not the 200+ games, including skeeball, old-time arcade games and NBA Game Time machines (which are a personal favorite – the best arcade games in Las Vegas if you ask me!).

Heck, it’s not even Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand or the cute little cocktail bar that opens up at night. It’s the giant friggin’ roller coaster with top speeds of almost 70 mph over a 200-foot drop.

The Big Apple Pack gets you four coaster tickets, four T-shirts, 400 arcade credits, 400 redemption points for some arcade swag, and four Nathan’s hot dogs. They even throw in a giant plushie, all for just $149.

Big Apple Coaster and Arcade is located inside the New York New York Casino, and there’s plenty of signage to get you there.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday | 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Friday – Sunday | 11:00 am – Midnight

2. Midway Arcade (Circus Circus)

The Midway Arcade at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
Image credit: Circus Circus Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Coming in at the number two spot is Midway Arcade.

First, for the sake of full disclosure, there are clowns here. Lots of clowns. We get it; it’s a Circus Midway theme, but still! Apart from that, this Las Vegas arcade has some great coasters and rides, some incredible circus acts like a trapeze show, and many circus-type games like balloon bust that you won’t find anywhere else.

There are 25 different rides here, primarily aimed at the tweens and under set, though you’ll need to be at least 33 inches tall to get on any of the rides. Personal favorites include Canyon Cars (bumper cars) and Slingshot (self-explanatory), though the El Loco coaster is also a blast. There are also 200+ arcade and video games, laser tag, VR rides, and a 3D theater.

Pro tips for parents, Circus Circus still has free parking, and there is a nice bar here with alcoholic drinks. The wrist passes are $60 for adults and $30 for kids all day, which can be a pretty reasonably priced day in Las Vegas.

Some rides and activities are separate from the pass, so walk around and see what everyone may be interested in riding before deciding if it’s the best value for you.  

There is mandatory picture-taking at the entry, which is just a way of separating gullible tourists from their hard-earned money. Take a pic with your phone and print it on photo paper when you return home and spend the $33 you saved on the claw machines. You can thank us later.

The Adventure Dome, as Circus Circus has taken to calling it, is open daily.

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday | 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Friday – Saturday | 11:00 am – Midnight

3. Fun Dungeon (Excalibur Hotel & Casino)

Fun Dungeon at Las Vegas Excalibur Hotel & Casino
Image credit: Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself, how can I take the kids to one of the best arcades in Las Vegas while also seeing some medieval jousting and magic? We’ve all been there, and Fun Dungeon is your answer.

Situated right next to the world-famous Excalibur Tournament of Kings venue, this fun arcade has many options for kids of all ages. Like our two previous arcade picks, Fun Dungeon has over 200+ coin-op games, ranging from centipede to the carousel.

There’s a 3D theater, and a Dairy Queen or an Orange Julius should you work up an appetite. While there are no gravity-defying roller coasters or carnival rides here, what does set the Fun Dungeon apart is that at 6:00 and 8:30 most nights, a portal opens to the Renaissance ages.

The Tournament of Kings dinner show features a three-course meal while watching Merlin and his pals put on a medieval-era jousting tournament. There are no animatronic horses or knights here; it’s all done with live animals and people inside a 900-seat theater.

It is a jaw-dropping spectacle for the kids and a long-time best of Las Vegas show winner. Dinner tickets start at just $49, and the show is closed on Tuesdays and the occasional Wednesday. Kids under three go for free.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday | 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

4. Las Vegas Pinball Hall OF Fame

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame, Pinball Museum
Image credit: Pinball Hall of Fame

Perhaps not a conventional choice for the best arcade in Las Vegas, but hear us out. The Las Vegas Pinball Museum has a lot of things going for it.

First off, because it’s a museum, it’s a nonprofit. That means they have set the prices on all the pinball machines as low as 25 or 50 cents. You can spend half the afternoon here for the cost of just one Orange Julius at the Fun Dungeon. Second, there’s 25,000 square feet of pretty much nothing but pinball machines. That’s hundreds of machines lined up, and all of them playable.

Got a favorite from the 80s? It’s going to be here. Did you have one from the 70s out back in the barn that you never saw working? It’s somewhere here, too, waiting for you to feed it quarters. And if that sense of nostalgia isn’t enough to rival even the best arcade in Vegas, then we don’t know what is.

There’s also free parking and no expensive food or drink options. Well, not really any food or drink options at all other than some vending machines. In fact, the interior, which some have described as quirky, and others as a “disarming thrift store feeling,” may not be for everyone.

The carpet had a prior home before being repurposed here, and the change machines were allegedly picked up from the trash bins of a local casino only minutes ahead of the garbage men. But their dedication to the machines is unswerving, and that’s all that really matters.

There is no ATM, so make sure you have some smaller bills available before arriving. It’s a walk from most strip hotels, so a cab may be required if you don’t have a vehicle.

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday | 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Friday – Saturday | 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

5. Hyper X (Luxor)

Hyper X at Luxor Las Vegas
Image credit: Luxor Las Vegas

The Game of the Gods Arcade at Luxor had a great run and was one of the best Vegas arcades for many years, but it’s 2024, and it’s time to look at the future. And the future is the Hyper X Esports complex.

There’s not a single kid in the country with an Xbox or PlayStation that this state-of-the-art esports facility won’t wow. Heck, adults, too. Catch global tournaments broadcast on the 50-foot wall screen, or stream your own content to your friends and fans in the Streamer room. This is where video games and video gamers come to strut their stuff.

If you’re looking to play, they’ve got dozens of gaming computers and devices you can rent by the hour, or if you feel a binge coming on, you can rent them for the whole day. They also have lounges and 21 and up spots, but kids are welcome to try their luck during the day.

The little ones might even get an autograph from some of the top names in the esports world at the monthly Fortnite tourneys, or they can try their luck in the Mario Cart tournament.

Surprisingly, the food here is also excellent, and there are some reasonably priced drinks for the adults.

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday | 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Friday – Saturday | 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

6. Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

Go-kart racer at Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix
Image credit: Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

The Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix has a great arcade with tons of new and older games. And while the arcade itself isn’t as large as some of the others we’ve discussed, they also have ticket games available, as well as a decent little restaurant.

There are some outdoor rides and tiny rollercoasters for the smaller ones; we will judiciously overlook the possible trademark infringement in the Piff the Magic Dragon rollercoaster and just say that kids under eight will love it.

But obviously, the real appeal here is the go-carts. There are four twisty-turney tracks to choose from, where you can race head to head for the finish line at over 45 mph, and cars that can be driven alone by those 36 inches or taller. Those smaller than that can zoom around the tracks with the adults.

They are a good fifteen minutes from the Strip hotels, but your family will thank you on the drive back.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday | 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Friday | 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday | 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Sunday | 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

7. Player One

We know, we know. It is unfair to sneak a 21+ arcade on the list. But hear me out: 50 beers on tap, more than 150 beers by the bottle and 40+ ciders as well, some of the best bar food we tried in Las Vegas, and then tons of old-school arcade games like Street Fighter 2, Stargate and Tekken. And my all-time favorite, Guitar Hero Arcade. I mean, come on! But wait, that isn’t even the best part; there are almost a dozen pinball games, all kinds of console games you can play from PS4 or Xbox One, going all the way back to Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis or the seminal Atari 2600.

All of that for an $8 cover. That’s right, unlimited play for just eight bucks. Only $5 if you are a Nevada resident. So, tell the little ones we’re sorry but we couldn’t not put Player 1 on our list of best arcades in Vegas.

Located a few miles off the strip on Maryland Parkway.

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday – Thursday | 1:00 pm – 2:00 am
  • Friday – Saturday | 1:00 pm – 5:00 am

Game Over

One thing to please remember is that these are places for you to hang out WITH your kids. Pretty much all arcades in Las Vegas require parents to be with children under the age of 18. These are NOT places where you can drop off your child while you go and play the slots. Thankfully, all of these arcades are as much fun for adults as they are for kids. Well, except for number 7…

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Have your hotel booked already and worried about entertaining the kids? Hopefully you’ll find the below FAQs helpful. Some of these can rival the best arcades in Las Vegas, anyway!

Does MGM have an arcade?

Yes, MGM Grand has two arcades. Level Up is marketed as a modern day lounge and “ultimate adult playground”. It features nightly entertainment, TVs showing live sports and, you guessed it, arcade games. There is also a game center for kids complete with virtual reality games.

Does Aria have an arcade?

Yes, there is an arcade within the Aria Hotel which is suitable for kids. It features modern video games and more classic entertainment like a dance machine and claw machines.

Does the Strat have an arcade?

Yes, the Strat Hotel features arcades such as Amusement World, or X World 360 Virtual Reality Experience.

Does Resorts World Las Vegas have an arcade?

Yes, Resorts World Las Vegas has a social lounge called RedTail. Here you’ll find an arcade, oversized interactive games, TVs, and live entertainment.

Does The Venetian have an arcade?

Entertainment at The Venetian Las Vegas comes in the form of an escape room experience, a virtual reality experience, and world-famous Madam Tussauds.

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Lead image: Prompart/Pixexid, CC BY 4.0