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Overview of Crown Aspinalls

Crown Aspinalls Casino

Crown Aspinalls is a private gaming club that was established in the 1960s. At this casino, which has recently undergone a total refurbishment, you will find a variety of dining options, a main gaming floor, poker tournaments, private gaming rooms, and a heated outdoor gaming terrace and smoking area. A membership is required to enter the casino. You can download the membership form and apply for membership here.

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Crown Aspinalls is located at:
27-28 Curzon Street,
London W1J 7TJ,
United Kingdom

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You can visit the casino’s website at They can be reached at: +44 20 7499 4599 |


When Crown Aspinalls was established in Mayfair in the 1960s by John Aspinall, it was named Aspinall’s and was largely occupied by aristocrats. Today, while Crown Aspinalls remains an exclusive members club, you don't have to be an aristocrat to join.

When Crown Resorts acquired 50% of this casino, the name changed to Crown Aspinalls. The other 50% is still owned by the Aspinall family and is currently managed by the founder’s son, Damian Aspinall.


Crown Aspinalls does not offer lodging on its premises. However, they do offer concierge services that will help you book a room at a hotel nearby.


Aspinalls - Features

The gaming rooms at this casino were designed by the British designer Tessa Kennedy. They have a classic, timeless look with ornate fixtures, art and mouldings.

In addition to the main gaming floor, there are several private gaming salons with their own themes and decor. Some of those private rooms come with their own dining facilities. If you feel like going for a smoke but you don’t want to stop gambling, you can head up to the Terrace, a covered and heated outdoor smoking area with champagne and gaming tables. If you want to watch live action sports, you can retreat to the “soft” gaming room, where there are large plasma screens featuring the games. Last, but not least, there is poker. Crown Aspinalls offers tournaments, where you can play poker on a regular basis.

The casino has a total of 16 gaming tables, seven of which you would find in the private gaming salons. The games at those tables are: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

Attractions & Entertainment

While there aren't specific attractions or entertainment at Crown Aspinalls, you can enjoy live action sports in their “soft” gaming room, as well as various cuisines in their dining room. You can also visit the concierge’s desk and inquire about local attractions and entertainment such as shopping, golfing, and shows in the area.

Why Crown Aspinalls Gets 4.5 Stars From Us

While a smaller venue, the exclusivity of Crown Aspinalls allows for a very sophisticated gaming experience in plush surroundings. Everything is all about the fine detail, from the games and dealers to the service and food. All in all the venue offers a unique, high quality casino experience to members.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Aspinalls

What table games does Crown Aspinalls offer?

You can play baccarat, roulette, three card poker, and blackjack at Crown Aspinalls. If you enjoy playing poker, Crown Aspinalls does host regular poker tournaments. If you are a member, the casino is more than happy to host games upon request or even on your behalf.

How many different types of slots will I find at Aspinalls?

Like many private gaming establishments, you won't find any slot machines at Crown Aspinalls. There's no denying that electronic games would detract from the splendor and sophistication of the casino. If you are a slot machine enthusiast, there are other gambling options in close proximity.

Is a membership required to play?

Although you ordinarily need a membership to enter the casino, members are allowed to bring guests. You can apply for membership by downloading, completing, and submitting an application. Please note that, upon approval, you will have to pay membership dues. The current fee is £1,000.

What is the required age to gamble at Crown Aspinalls?

You must be at least 18 to gamble at the casino. In fact, you'll need to be 18 to enter the club, even if you are merely dining. Membership is open to players who have reached the age of majority.

Is there a smoking section?

Although it is now illegal to smoke in enclosed public spaces throughout the United Kingdom, Crown Aspinalls does an excellent job of accommodating smokers. Patrons can visit the heated Crown Aspinalls terrace, which not only allows smoking but also has table games. The covered terrace is open all year for your enjoyment.

What are the minimum and maximum limits on the floor?

With the exception of roulette, Crown Aspinalls has higher minimums on most games than other British casinos. You can wager between £50 and £5,000 playing blackjack tables. Three card poker bets also start at £50, but are capped at £2,000. You can wager as little as £5 or as much as £1,000 playing roulette. As you might expect, the baccarat tables at Crown Aspinalls are targeted toward high rollers with £100 minimums and £75,000 maximums.

Does Crown Aspinalls have special promotions for VIPs or high rollers?

As an exclusive club, Crown Aspinalls caters exclusively to sophisticated players. If you are a casual player with a limited bankroll, the casino probably isn't a good fit for your lifestyle. Yet if you are a member, you'll have access to the gaming and dining facilities, including the private salon. All members are treated like VIPs with concierge service.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

Crown Aspinalls is equally renowned for its rich gaming tradition, splendid setting, and fantastic dining. Thanks to the mastery of chef Nicola Ducceschi, you'll be able to delight in culinary creations from across the globe. Whether you crave Italian, Asian, or Mediterranean dishes, an epicurean adventure awaits. If you're hoping for something more casual, visit your concierge for excellent recommendations in the area.

What kind of accommodations does Crown Aspinalls offer?

While you won't find lodging at Crown Aspinalls, there are great hotels in walking distance from the casino. The London Hilton on Park Lane is a British icon with fantastic rooms and luxurious suites. The Intercontinental London Park Lane isn't just close to Buckingham Palace, you'll also feel like a king at this elegant property. The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, which is home to 303 suites and rooms, offers plenty of modern style. The concierge at Crown Aspinalls will be more than happy to recommend a suitable hotel for your stay in London that best meets your needs.

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