Les Ambassadeurs Club Casino Casino Review (for 2024) – Mayfair, London

Overview of Les Ambassadeurs Club

Les Ambassadeurs Casino

You can visit Les Ambassadeurs’s website at www.lesambassadeurs.com.

They can be reached at: +44 20 7495 5555 | enquiries@lesaclub.com

Nicknamed “Les A”, Les Ambassadeurs Club is one of the most exclusive casinos in London with one of the most sought-after memberships in the world. Throughout history, this casino has been visited by royals, millionaires, playboys, politicians, and celebrities.

At Les A, you will find a luxurious gaming floor with a 19th century feel to it, private gambling suites, an overly intricate exclusive library, a restaurant (or “dining room”, as they would call it) with an international menu, and private jets on offer.

Les Ambassadeurs Club has an interesting history.

Considered one of the most elegant casinos in London, Les Ambassadeurs Club has been around since the 19th century. It was established exclusively for the “cream of society”: diplomats, aristocracy, heads of state, chiefs of commerce, and famous people.

It was once owned by the Conyngham family, along with Leopold de Rothschild. Les A was constantly opened and closed, as well as relocated. In 1981, a casino group called London Clubs International (which is part of Caesars Entertainment Corporation) purchased Les Ambassadeurs Club and reinvented it into one of the most exclusive casinos with one of the most sought-after memberships in the world. The Sampoerna family acquired Les A and continue to run it to this day.

Les Ambassadeurs Club offers exclusive room rates for luxurious lodging at nearby hotels.

Les A does not own a hotel. Rather, it offers its members exclusive room rates. Here is a list of the hotels nearby that offer Les A’s guests exclusive rates.

Les Ambassadeurs Club has one of the most elegant gaming floors in London.

Here, you will find 16 gaming tables with traditional games like American RouletteBaccarat, Three Card Poker, and Blackjack . There is also a bar and a garden smoking area right by the casino.

Near Les Ambassadeurs Club are attractions and entertainment for all kinds of guests.

We admit that Les A caters to a specific group of people who enjoy the finer things in life, and children are definitely not part of that group. Les A is not a family-friendly place, but there are plenty of family-friendly activities in the area.

However, if you wish to stay in the Les A building, you can head over to their Les Ambassadeurs Club Dining Room and enjoy a meal and/or drinks there.

Les Ambassadeurs Club gets 1.5 stars, and here is why.

While Les A is located in one of the best areas in London, it is not exactly a destination. It is just a casino that happens to be surrounded by hotels, attractions, and entertainment options. Even the casino itself is small with only 16 gaming tables.

You can also opt to rent one of Les A’s three private gambling rooms and hang out there. Each private room comes with five private playing tables and a dining table where you can order food from the restaurant on the premises and enjoy a private meal away from the crowd.

It is quite clear that this casino is less of a casino and more of a social club for the “cream of the crop”. We are pretty sure that the service there is top notch, but we are only rating this casino based on the number of hotel rooms they offer (none), the variety of the games in the gambling facilities (low variety), the location (prime), attractions (none), and entertainment (none).

Frequently Asked Questions About Les Ambassadeurs Club

What table games does Les Ambassadeurs Club offer?

You can enjoy baccarat, blackjack, three card poker, Texas hold'em, and American roulette at Les Ambassadeurs Club. You'll find 16 tables on the main floor and an additional six tables outside under the canopy.

How many different types of slots will I find at Les Ambassadeurs Club?

As one of the world's elite clubs, Les Ambassadeurs Club isn't particularly keen on slot machines, which generally detract from the atmosphere. You can now find electronic roulette in the outdoor gaming area.

Is a membership required to play?

Although the Les Ambassadeurs Club casino is exclusively for members, it is possible to apply for a week trial membership in person, which may be granted immediately. Permanent memberships must be approved by a committee. The club now offers a premium membership with annual dues of £25,000.

What is the required age to gamble at Les Ambassadeurs Club?

You must be at least 18 to gambling at Les Ambassadeurs Club. Visitors should note that the casino is exclusively for members, which means entrance depends on more than meeting the minimum age requirements. Keep in mind that a dress code applies. Men are expected to wear a jacket and women must wear dresses or equivalent attire.

Is there a smoking section?

While UK laws prohibit patrons from smoking in enclosed public spaces, not all is lost at Les Ambassadeurs Club. The casino has created a garden extension to the gaming floor that accommodates smokers. The property is also home to what is arguably one of London's best terraces. Members can enjoy a cigar or cigarette surrounded by greenery and gorgeous Park Lane vistas. With full meal and beverage service available on the rooftop terrace, it's the perfect place to take a break from your game.

What are the minimum and maximum limits on the floor?

Although minimum and maximum bets are subject to change, you can typically find blackjack tables starting at £10 with £10,000 maximum bets. Roulette betting begins at £5 with a £1,000 cap. Baccarat bets tend to be in line with blackjack, while three card poker players face lower caps.

Does Les Ambassadeurs Club have special promotions for VIPs or high rollers?

There's no denying that Les Ambassadeurs Club is the playground of high rollers to begin with. You can count on personal attention and extraordinary service whenever you visit what is ultimately your exclusive club. Members can also get access to special perks including private suites at various sporting events and even private jet transfers. As an elite club, many of the potential benefits will only be revealed to serious applicants.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

Les Ambassadeurs Club does offer fantastic fine dining at its signature restaurant. Although members of the public are welcome for lunch, tables are exclusively for club members in the evening. With award-winning Chinese, Indian, European, and Arabic chefs on staff, it's not hard to take your taste buds on an invigorating world tour. Although the menus reflect the seasons, we recommend the steak tartare, Asian black pepper beef, and tournedos Rossini if you consider yourself to be a carnivore.

What kind of accommodations does Les Ambassadeurs Club offer?

Although you won't find any hotel rooms or suites on site, Les Ambassadeurs Club has forged arrangements with nearby luxury hotels. You'll be able to take advantage of preferred rates at several spectacular hotels in and around Mayfair, including The Metropolitan, Four Seasons, InterContinental, Shangri-La, Chesterfield, 45 Park Lane, and several others. Les Ambassadeur will not only book rooms on your behalf, but they can arrange for transportation between the casino and your hotel.