The Top VIP Programs & High Roller Rewards of 2018

Casino VIP Programs

Here you’ll find the best online casinos rewarding loyal players with VIP and high roller status. As a VIP you can enjoy top benefits like faster withdrawals, bonuses and gifts, so if you are planning on dropping some serious money on games, make sure to do so at the most advantageous online casino for high rollers – . Read on to discover more about our recommendations and how you can become a VIP player at one of the best casinos online.

All of our recommended casino sites offer:

  • Big limit games, because you don't want to be stuck playing penny slots
  • Outstanding customer service to help you 24/7
  • Simple, safe, and secure banking accepting various currencies

Our Top Rated VIP Casinos

Number one rated Casino
Top Rated US Casino

$5000 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 1-2 days
  • Win Rate: 98.45%
  • Support:

  • Selection of over 400+ games
  • Best Choice for US players
  • Amazing first deposit bonus
  • Excellent game selection

Deposit Options

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$4500 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 1-3 days
  • Win Rate: 98.32%
  • Support:

  • Fast & Secure Payouts
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Mobile Compatible Gaming
  • US Players Accepted

Deposit Options

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$5000 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 8 days
  • Win Rate: 97.87%
  • Support:

  • Up to $5000 welcome bonus
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • New tournament events every day
  • Progressive slots up to thousands

Deposit Options

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  • $3000 Bonus
  • 97.88% Win Rate
  • 1-2 days Average Payout Time
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  • $2000 Bonus
  • 97.84% Win Rate
  • 8 days Average Payout Time
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Why Go VIP?

As a VIP player or high roller, you’re eligible for a lot of otherwise inaccessible perks. The rewards program structure varies by online casino, with some operating by a tiered structure, but all online casino VIP programs leverage some fantastic benefits. Our reviewers have put together an example structure for a typical rewards program here.

Level Deposit Typical Rewards
Bronze $500-1,000 per month Cash back on every bet, faster withdrawals, additional customer support
Silver $2,500-3,000 per month Above + increased deposit limits, higher bonuses
Gold $5,000-$7,500 per month Above + 100% exclusive promotions, no limit betting
Premium / High Roller $10,000+ or invitation All of the above + luxury gifts, events, prizes, personal account manager

The latest VIP casinos online to be placed on our blacklist

The Internet is packed full of opportunities for VIPs to make a profit, but if you play at a crooked online casino, you might not ever get a hold of your real money winnings. Take a look at our Blacklisted Casinos section below to keep away from untrustworthy, badly managed or plain fraudulent casinos.

Balzac Casino

Balzac Casino

2.1 / 10
  • Player assistance takes too long
  • Games freeze or quit randomly
CoolCat Casino

CoolCat Casino

2.0 / 10
  • Cashouts aren't speedy enough
  • Terms and Conditions are unclear
Planet Kings

Planet Kings

1.8 / 10
  • Game software is old and jittery
  • Known to deny withdrawals

Our Top Recommended Casinos

Top 5 Rated Casinos

Joining a Casino’s VIP Program: All You Need to Know

Almost all casinos online have some kind of casino rewards VIP program to give back to their biggest spenders. These programs work in the same way as any loyalty program - the more players spend gambling, the more the casino will want to keep them there. Therefore, the casino will begin to reward them with bonuses, free spins, free bets, and so on. High roller rewards programs are usually only open to really big spenders (we’re talking deposits of over $10,000). Read on for a breakdown of how to join:

Make a large deposit. It’s simple enough, since big players are easy to recognize at online casinos. Depositing and playing games is hands down the best thing you can do to become an acknowledged player at a high roller casino online. All VIP casino programs have their own standards to determine who is a high roller but, as a general rule of thumb, you typically need to deposit at least $10,000. If that's a little over budget, no worries. You can still claim many VIP perks depositing lower sums and playing regularly.

Play regularly and frequently. Wager on a regular basis to rack up player points and get noticed by casino officials. Remember, whether you win or lose, large bets will boost your point count quickly.

Escalate to the next tier. Some, but not all, online casinos have a tiered VIP system, so you’ll ascend higher on the list with every large deposit. If $5,000 got you into the first tier, for example, you might have to deposit $10,000 or more to break into the second. Of course, a higher tier means bigger perks, so there’s plenty of reason to make the investment.

Play the casino field. If you’re already a high roller, it’s pretty easy to switch casinos and be recognized immediately with VIP or high roller status. Why not try out one of the big casinos on our top recommended list?

Are High Roller Schemes Worth It?

While many casino high roller programs do offer exceptional advantages for top spenders, they’re not always for everyone. To maintain your ‘high roller’ status, you’ll need to consistently deposit big sums of money in your online account. Not only that, you’ll need to play regularly, particularly if you’re hoping to maintain a top level membership of one of the most popular tiered loyalty programs.

So, we can see that this puts a lot of pressure on players. High roller schemes might not be worth the hassle if you’re someone who prefers to play with smaller amounts of money, or if you’re someone who uses casinos solely as sporadic entertainment. But, if you’re a big spender anyway, it’s well worth checking out the options for VIPs.

Taking Your Play to the Next Level

Of course, there are countless benefits to exclusive clubs like VIP and high roller programs. But even some experienced players aren’t aware that these programs can actually influence specific gameplay results, from blackjack and baccarat to roulette, slots, and video poker. Watch out for some of the following game perks:

Game-specific bonuses - VIPs know to play to their skills. If you’re a blackjack fanatic, for example, your online casino would be highly likely to reward your loyalty with tailor-made blackjack bonuses. Becoming a high roller allows you to focus on your skills and be rewarded as such, creating an awesome feedback loop for huge payouts. You’ll find similar rewards for all of the most popular games.

Exclusive games - Want to have a hand in testing out new games before they’re released to the general public? VIP players and high rollers have plenty of opportunities to reap the benefits of new and exclusive games, often with more advantageous winning conditions.

Betting & house edge strategy - As a higher roller or VIP, you’re eligible to place higher bets without bet limits to hold you back. All casino games have a house edge, but placing higher bets than your average gambler certainly helps your chances of winning big. Baccarat, blackjack, and roulette are especially good choices for casino whales because of their relatively low house edge factors.

If you’re thinking about becoming a VIP, it’s definitely worthwhile to take some time to learn about house rules, strategies, and your own personal strengths, so you can maximize your success on those first deposits.

The Advantages of Becoming a High Roller

High Roller

If you’re committed to your online gambling and you regularly deposit large sums of money into your online casino account, then you’ll likely benefit from joining a VIP program at your preferred casino online. Some of the main advantages of joining this type of scheme are:

Banking: Exclusive high roller and VIP programs offer members more flexible banking options. In particular, VIPs are often given access to faster deposit and payout times, so you can withdraw your winnings much quicker than regular players.

Bonuses: VIPs have access to a whole range of different real money bonuses that regular players never get to know about. If you’re spending the money, make sure you’re getting the perks - particularly the VIP bonuses and promotions, which could include anything from doubling your deposits (resulting in thousands of dollars in free cash) to free play on your favorite games.

Gifts: Online casinos often reward their high rollers with personalized, gambling-inspired gifts. Gifts differ from your standard bonuses in that they are tangible, luxury experiences that don’t necessarily influence your gambling successes, but are nevertheless awesome to receive. Some casinos have rewarded VIPs and high rollers with seats at sold-out sporting events, 5-star dinners, and cruise tickets.

Rewards: On top of the great casino bonuses and out-of-this-world gifts, high rollers and VIP players also receive additional rewards, which can include anything from extra cash back on your birthday to accelerated rewards that can double or triple your winnings.

Service: As a high roller or member of some VIP programs, you’ll have a dedicated host to answer your questions as well as a VIP team and access to the best promotions. This might come in the form of a newsletter or alerts on any hot new deals you should know about.

How We Rate the Best VIP & High Roller Programs

Expert Casino Reviews

A VIP casino is the holy grail of online gambling, but just because a casino is offering you the chance to roll with the big guns doesn’t necessarily make it a great choice. Our reviews team has compiled a list of the best casinos with VIP programs and high roller rewards, to help you separate the real McCoy’s from the too-good-to-be-trues.

Of course, your perfect online casino offers much more than just a rewards scheme. Especially for high rollers, it’s essential that casinos adhere to best practice standards and are fully licensed. Luckily for players, we only recommend online casinos operating at fully professional levels, and what’s more, every single one of the shortlisted casinos on this page adheres to the following gold standards. When you choose to play at one of our reviewers’ top casinos, you can be sure you’ll be steered clear of problems in any of the following areas:

  • Payout Speeds - It's bad enough having to wait weeks for low value payouts, but when you're talking about big wins, you want to be able to cash out quick. Our recommended list features only those casinos with fast pay outs. Note that many high rollers even receive expedited payouts.

  • Security - For anyone depositing large sums, airtight security is essential. If a VIP casino doesn't have the most sophisticated and up-to-date security encryption software in place, that's a huge red flag to the reviewers here - one that will ultimately cost the online casino a place in the highly rated list.

  • Game Variation - A varied selection of games, including several versions of the most popular table and slot games makes for a top rated high roller casino. VIPs deserve excellent gaming options, which might even include unlocking exclusive games.

  • Rewards - While our reviewers rate the rewards and bonus incentive schemes of every online casino listed here, we particularly focus on these types of programs for high roller casinos. We believe that big spenders should only choose a casino that truly values their loyalty.

  • Mobile Apps - In 2018, it's not enough to only offer a desktop online casino. For a casino to make it onto the top rated list, it needs to have a reliable and safe mobile casino experience. VIPs are typically tech-savvy players and often like to play on-the-go, so it only makes sense that they'd choose a top mobile casino.

  • Customer Service - You'd expect all of the best recommended casinos online to offer around-the-clock customer service but, of course, high rollers should expect more. Many VIP players are eligible for their own personal account manager to help them track their winnings, as well as a team of hosts to answer any questions and update them on new promotions.

If you’ve always dreamt of being a big dog, high rolling and notorious player, make sure you read our guide to the top rated casinos. With a little knowledge, you’ll be within reach of making those dreams a reality.

Casino Whale Tales of Success

Curious about what some high rollers have won, or how exactly they’ve achieved those amazing results? Read on for a few notable case studies in high rolling glory.

Phil Ivey - Let’s start by saying that Phil Ivey just might be the best poker player in the world. He’s a true whale, too, known for going on worldwide tours. He spends a huge amount of money at the most exclusive casinos in the world, often wagering more than $100,000 per roll on the craps table. He plays baccarat with as much as a whopping $200,000 per hand, and is known to spend his winnings on travel as well as litigation, because, well, it’s not always easy to take so many risks.

Kamel Nacif Borge - Nacif Borge is a respected and successful businessman from Mexico who originally made his earnings in the textile business. After he built up his initial funds, he began visiting Las Vegas multiple times per year, increasing his bets each time. Like many casino whales, he is partial to baccarat, and consistently wagers up to $200,000 per hand, though friends say he has a bit of a temper when things go south.

Tynan - The guy doesn't use his last name online, ever, and he’s not a billionaire, but he managed to create a few successful online businesses and live nomadically off his earnings, starting with a semi-professional gambling career. He dropped out of college and started making a solid salary as a VIP casino player, and actually made it to the 2011 World Series of Poker. His story goes to show that you don’t need to inherit fortunes to make a professional gambling lifestyle work for you.

Start Winning Big Today!

Now, you’ve read all about VIP programs and high roller rewards and you’re ready to get in on the Las Vegas-style action. Play today at one of our top recommended casinos offering excellent rewards for VIPs and top spenders, and then do your thing!

The casinos recommended by our team offer fantastic flexibility, because they all have faster withdrawal and exclusive promotions such as free events and cashback. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to feel like a winner.


What is a VIP or high roller program?

A VIP or high roller program is a type of casino loyalty program whereby casinos reward their top spenders by offering specific bonuses, free spins, gifts, and much more. Many casino rewards sites operate a tiered VIP system. Only the players depositing the largest sums are considered true high rollers, though.

How do I join a casino rewards VIP program?

To join, you simply need to consistently deposit and spend large amounts of money at your casino of choice. The casino will then recognize your commitment by inviting you to join their VIP program. To find out how to join the program at your casino, contact the customer services team.

What are the benefits of becoming a high roller player?

The top casino high roller perks include faster payout speeds, specific bonuses, free spins, gifts, rewards, a personal account manager, and much more. Not to mention the pride of your high roller status!

Which online casinos offer the best VIP programs?

The top casinos offering these programs are all listed here on To find them, make sure you check out our list of top rated casinos with VIP programs. Remember, the sites we recommend aren’t just perfect for VIPs, they also offer everything you’d want in a casino, from game variety and flexible banking to top-notch security.

Is there a minimum spend requirement?

There’s no minimum spend to sign up at any of our recommended casinos, but if you want to join the ranks of the high rollers at the best casino loyalty programs then you’ll typically need to be depositing upwards of $10,000.

How does it differ from regular play?

The rules of the game for high rollers don’t differ from the standard rules of regular play. However, a few specific VIP perks make all the difference. These include higher table limits, which translates to high winnings as well as faster payout speeds, bigger bonuses, cash back rewards and other gifts.

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