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When you play live dealer roulette online you’ll be betting on an actual spinning roulette wheel and silver ball that is run by a real dealer.'s reviewers have tested a host of live dealer roulette sites to rank the best available, and only recommend licensed, secure online casinos that are safe to play from any device. By signing up you will be privy to:

  • An exclusive bonus offer and further live roulette promotions
  • Fast withdrawals using multiple trusted payment options
  • State of the art safety protocols that protect you and your wagering

You can be certain of a great experience at any shortlisted casino when it comes to games range, good odds, and fast payouts. To get into the action now, head to our #1 site for top live roulette online, .

Our Top Rated Live Dealer Roulette

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  • Payout Speed: 1-3 days
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  • Attractive design and layout on live dealer interface
  • No specialist software needed for real dealer play
  • All popular table games available for video streaming

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$2500 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 2-4 days
  • Win Rate: 98.10%
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  • Top software for fast video streaming
  • Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat live dealer games
  • Good social atmosphere when players video link

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  • Payout Speed: 1-3 days
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  • Great selection of games
  • Multiple platiform play
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  • $2000 Bonus
  • 97.64% Win Rate
  • 8 days Average Payout Time
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  • $1200 Bonus
  • 96.49% Win Rate
  • 8 days Average Payout Time
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Live Dealer Roulette casinos recently placed on our blacklist

Part of the fun of playing roulette online is the element of chance but one thing you don't want to take any chances with is which online casino you play at. We've collected all the disreputable live dealer sites and put them in our Blacklisted Casino section, so you'll never be caught out.

Balzac Casino

Balzac Casino

2.1 / 10
  • Players report customer care abuses
  • Unreliable site and buggy games
CoolCat Casino

CoolCat Casino

2.0 / 10
  • Payouts denied or delayed
  • SPAM players
Planet Kings

Planet Kings

1.8 / 10
  • Not regulated or licensed by an official body
  • Withdrawals often fail

Our Top Recommended Casinos

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Reviewing the Best Live Roulette Casinos

Trusted Expert Reviews and Rankings

Finding an online casino that offers a safe, fair and enjoyable live dealer roulette gaming experience isn't always easy, but with our top rated list you can guarantee you're getting all of these things and much more. That's because every casino that we recommend has been tested by an independent panel of reviewers. This ensures it ticks all the boxes when it comes to best practice. Here's what we ask our testers to look out for:

  • Mobile Compatibility - Nowadays for a live roulette experience to measure up in our eyes it has to be available with a great mobile site or an app to support it.

  • Customer Support - If a casino is licensed and legitimate then it should have a responsive and helpful customer service department. We only recommended those casinos whose team responded quickly to our inquiries.

  • Fast Payout Times - There's nothing more frustrating than having to wait days, or even weeks to withdraw your winnings. This is unacceptable in our eyes, which is why the live roulette casinos we recommend all offer fast pay outs.

  • Secure & Safe - When it comes to keeping your personal data safe online you can never be too careful. Top of our list when it comes to reviewing a live online casino is ensuring the encryption software is up to date and up to the job.

  • Easy Deposits - Nothing will put us off a live roulette casino faster than a complicated deposit system. The best casinos, in our eyes, accept multiple payment methods and multiple currencies.

  • Game Variety - Believe it or not, there are a few variations of roulette, and as with a land-based casino - we expect a great live roulette casino to make these available as well.

Take a look at our guide and get spinning, because lady luck is an impatient mistress who cannot be tamed!

Experience the Thrill of Live Roulette

Online roulette live is one of the hottest and fastest growing segments of the gaming industry. So what are the benefits of playing live roulette?

Real Outcomes

Many players love the fact that at a live roulette online casino the action is live and there is no use of a random number generator, which fuels many of the table games at online casinos. Naturally, RNG-based games have proven time and again to be fair, but at the end of the day, most players enjoy the live experience better.

Mimics Land Based Casinos

If you can’t, or don’t want to, visit a land based casino, live dealer roulette online will give you the chance to feel as if you were really in one of these establishments. What might make this better is that you remain in control of your seating, background noise, lighting, food and beverage options, and more.

Interact with the Dealer

As you watch the real live dealer spin the wheel you can type messages into the chat that he or she can read. Your dealer will also have a microphone to respond to your questions or concerns.

Learn the Game

By interacting with a real dealer you can truly immerse yourself into the roulette experience. This is a great opportunity to learn how to be a better player. Further down the road this can translate into optimal playing at a land based casino.

HD Video Streaming

An outstanding benefit of our recommended live dealer roulette casinos is the perfect HD video streaming. This lets you keep track of the ball and even zoom into the wheel once it has landed.

Varied Wagering Options

Live dealer roulette games are accessible to a wide audience thanks to different sized wagering options. Immediately after logging in you’ll find tables starting at $1 spins all the way to high limit sections with spins starting at $500 or more.

Topic Land Based Casino Online Casino Live Online Casino
High Limits
Low Limits
Payment Options

Learning the Live Dealer Ropes

Live dealer roulette is one of the easiest to learn and play online. The objective is to predict, and place one or more bets on, the number on which the roulette ball will land. There are two types of roulette wheels, the American wheel and the European wheel. The latter has numbered slots 1-36 plus a single zero. The American wheel has slots numbered 1-36, a zero slot, and a double zero slot. A round of live dealer roulette will go like this:

  • Place your bet or bets.
  • Watch the live dealer spin the roulette wheel
  • After a time the ball will come to a rest in one of the pockets
  • If you placed a bet that covers that particular pocket, you will paid according to the payout table.

Types of Bets

In live dealer roulette online, various bets can be made. Most new players stick to odd or evens, red or black, or single numbers. Every bet has its own payout rate and covers a certain range of numbers or slots. Bets made on the numbered slot or on the lines between them are known as Inside Bets. Any bets made on the special boxes below and left of the board are called Outside Bets. For the purpose of this live dealer roulette guide, we will keep this short, simple, and sweet.

Type of Bet Payout European Odds of Winning American Odds of Winning
Reds / Blacks 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Evens / Odds 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Lows / Highs (1-18 / 19-36) 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Dozens 2:1 32.43% 31.58%
Columns 2:1 32.43% 31.58%
Line Bet (6 numbers) 5:1 16.22% 15.79%
Top Line Bet (5 Numbers) 6:1 - 13.16%
Corner Bet (4 numbers) 8:1 10.81% 10.53%
Street Bet (3 numbers) 11:1 8.11% 7.89%
Split Bet (2 numbers) 17:1 5.41% 5.26%
Straight up (1 number) 35:1 2.70% 2.63%


Be a Better Player with These Roulette Tips

Many casinos offer special and neighbor bets. These are different from other bets and you should understand how to play the game before making these wagers.

The European roulette house edge is 2.7% and the American variation is 5.26%. You should always stick to the European version.

Look for exclusive live dealer roulette variations such as VIP roulette, Immersive roulette, Live Double Ball roulette, Mini Live Roulette, and also live dealer roulette games in languages other than English.

Live Games & Mobile Play

Live dealer roulette makes use of cutting edge technology and provides a seamless viewing experience on the most popular platforms

As if it were not enough that you can bring the casino into your home, live dealer roulette is compatible with multiple devices. If you’re looking to burn some time or add a little excitement to a dull journey, simply tap into the casino or native app and start to play. Live dealer roulette makes use of cutting edge technology and provides a seamless viewing experience on the most popular platforms such as an iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac. Blackberry and Windows players may be able to access the game via their browser.

The features available are very exciting. Players can get closer to the action with multi viewing immersion and zoom into the wheel to confirm the ball landed in the spot displayed on the screen. Graphics are sharp and crisp and compliment the live sound of the spinning wheel.

Considerations Before You Play

Before you get into the groove of live dealer roulette, there are a few things you should be aware of. Whether or not they will affect your experience will be dependent upon your player preferences and needs.

The Limits

When you play live dealer roulette online you will notice that the limits will be different from those found on standard casino games. This is because live roulette online costs more money to operate and it simply doesn't make sense to accept micro-stakes bets.

Software & Graphics

How your game appears and runs on your smartphone or computer may vary from another player. In general, the better your RAM and processor is, the better the game will run. This is not to say a 5 year old device cannot run the game, but that it could lag.

Your Internet Connection

You will certainly need a good internet connection to play live dealer roulette online. Cable or broadband should do the trick; anything else is a bonus. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you cannot access your Facebook page or a YouTube video, you will likely be unable to take a seat at the live roulette wheel.

The Site

Where you play roulette live will make all the difference. Before you think about wagering with real money it is vital to choose a site that is trusted, safe, fair, and recommended. This is where comes into play.

It’s Time to Play with a Live Dealer

You’ve just learned all you need to know about starting to play live roulette games online. Now it’s time to take action by signing up for an account at a recommended casino. All the sites you find on this page have passed our scrupulous testing that oversees an operators ethical practices, customer service, payments, game selection, software, and licensing to name a few.

Overall, online roulette live is one of the hottest and fastest growing segments of the gaming industry. The smart online casinos are placing smart, intelligent, funny, and attractive dealers at their tables, making the entire live roulette encounter a heck of a lot of fun. Many of the casinos offer 100%+ worth of bonuses so be sure to take advantage of the deals we've secured for you!

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What is live dealer roulette?

Live dealer roulette is a new online casino innovation that connects players to a real human dealer who spins a real wheel on a casino set that boasts lighting and sound. A number of cameras enable the player to view different angles of the HD video stream. The dealer is also equipped with a microphone to answer any questions or concerns a player might have. Everything else in the game is the same as the traditional European or American variation.

Are there different variations of live roulette available?

Most good online casinos will offer a range of roulette variations in their live casino portfolio, including American Roulette, European Roulette, Mini Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and more. As the demand continues to grow, many leading software companies like Playtech and Evolution Gaming are releasing exclusive variations. Some online-specific games, such as multiwheel roulette, are unlikely to be found at a live casino. This is largely due to the impracticality of creating real-life versions of games that even brick and mortar casinos are unable to offer.

Are the odds the same as for regular online roulette?

Yes, the odds are exactly the same on live roulette as online roulette, as nothing changes with regards to the wheel and the table. A bet on red or black will pay the same in live dealer games as in any other. It's always worth paying attention to roulette variants, however, to make sure you're not at an American Roulette table when you're used to European Roulette with its single zero.

Can I use regular roulette strategies to increase my odds?

While a live casino uses a physical dealer for roulette, the nuts and bolts of the game are the same so there is no reason why a strategy that works online in RNG-based games wouldn't work here as well. Nothing changes besides the live element. You still have the same amount of numbers on the table and the wheel, so the mathematics behind your chosen strategy will not be affected. A great way of trying out new strategies is via free online roulette, where you can play as much as you want without risking any money.

Is it played in real-time?

The best live dealer casinos casinos will offer games in real-time, so you can get all the benefits of the live dealer environment. Most importantly, this allows you to interact with the dealers themselves in real-time, adding the human element not seen in automated online games.

What are my mobile live dealer roulette options?

An increasing amount of online casinos are quickly developing their mobile offerings to incorporate live dealer games, so if you look hard enough, or even on this page, you'll be able to find live dealer roulette for your mobile and tablet device.

While many smartphones have small screens which are not ideal for making the most of the live dealer experience, many mobile casinos also have live dealer games optimized for tablet devices, to which they are better suited.

Do I need fast internet to enjoy live dealer roulette?

Unlike some standard online casino games, you will need a reasonably fast internet connection to get the most out of the experience. Fibre optic broadband should suffice. Without a reasonably fast connection you won't be able to enjoy the extra benefits of live dealer, namely the stream quality and the interaction with the dealers.

How will my winnings be paid?

Just as with any other online roulette game, players have chips credited to their balance after a winning hand. Payouts are the same as with any other version of the equivalent online roulette variant.

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