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Played at the same familiar table with the same deck of casino cards, live dealer baccarat online is very popular. Mingle with the real dealer and make wagers using the live baccarat interface.

If you want to get as close as you can to all the baccarat action, but don’t want to leave home, you’ll want to know everything about live dealer baccarat. Discover everything you need to get started and then head to our #1 choice

  • Enjoy promotions specific to baccarat games
  • Wager on the most popular variations and online exclusives
  • Play live games with low wagers and no lines

Our Top Rated Live Dealer Baccarat

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$1000 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 1-3 days
  • Win Rate: 98.11%
  • Support:

  • Attractive design and layout on live dealer interface
  • No specialist software needed for real dealer play
  • All popular table games available for video streaming

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$2500 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 2-4 days
  • Win Rate: 98.10%
  • Support:

  • Top software for fast video streaming
  • Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat live dealer games
  • Good social atmosphere when players video link

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$5000 Bonus

  • Payout Speed: 1-3 days
  • Win Rate: 97.88%
  • Support:

  • Great selection of games
  • Multiple platiform play
  • Amazing customer service
  • Instant play available

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  • $2000 Bonus
  • 97.64% Win Rate
  • 8 days Average Payout Time
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  • $1200 Bonus
  • 96.49% Win Rate
  • 8 days Average Payout Time
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Live dealer baccarat rogue casinos we recommend you avoid

Live dealer baccarat is one of the most popular live online casino games and is widely available on the Internet. The quality of the game, the overall quality of the site and your safety will depend on where you choose to play. So, ditch these Blacklisted Casinos and play somewhere secure.

Balzac Casino

Balzac Casino

2.1 / 10
  • Hard to pin down customer care
  • Games crash mid-session
CoolCat Casino

CoolCat Casino

2.0 / 10
  • Sluggish withdrawals
  • Private data shared with third parties
Planet Kings

Planet Kings

1.8 / 10
  • Rip off copies of famous games
  • Cashouts delayed

Our Top Recommended Casinos

Top 5 Rated Casinos

Why Play At Recommended Sites

Whether you happen to want to play some live baccarat online or just play some slot machines online, always go with a recommended casino. It is safer, you know your personal data is safe and secure, and the games you are playing are independently audited to be fair.

One of the most important advantages of playing through one of our top-rated real dealer baccarat establishments is the bonus that we secure for you. Many of the casinos that offer live baccarat online offer ridiculous four-figure bonuses as a welcome to new players. Plenty of players just leave that money on the table instead of boosting their bankroll while enjoying the fun of live baccarat. Don't throw away free cash and take advantage of these lucrative welcome bonuses.

Learn More About Live Dealer Games

How to Review Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos

In this day and age it's never been more important to take precautions to protect yourself online - especially when you're sharing your bank account details and dealing with real money. We stringently test each and every online live dealer baccarat casino so you can be confident of your online security when you play in one of our recommended sites. We do this against a number of key criteria:

  • Security - Paramount to online safety is having security encryption in place. All of our top rated sites pass the test when it comes to cutting edge encryption software.

  • Game Selection - Variety is the spice of life, and we think it's the benchmark of a great online casino experience. Our top rated sites offer several variations on the most popular live dealer baccarat games.

  • Bonus Scheme - A great bonus incentive is easy to redeem and free from tricky T&C's. All of the casinos we recommend have fair bonus schemes with transparent redemption terms, plus you’ll enjoy promotions geared specifically to baccarat.

  • Pay Out Timescales - When you're playing baccarat with real money, you want to be able to withdraw it in good time. Our favorite online live dealer baccarat casinos all offer fast pay outs in multiple withdrawal methods.

  • Mobile Compatible - The best live baccarat casinos also support mobile and tablet gaming. We've put these to the test to make sure that the hand held device experience measures up and delivers.

  • Customer Service - If you have a complaint, you want someone to take you seriously and respond quickly. Our best-rated live dealer baccarat casinos all have multiple ways to contact their customer service departments.

Live baccarat has quickly became one of the most popular games at online casinos, so get playing, master it early, and be ready to take advantage when the less experienced players turn up!

Enjoy the Thrill of Online Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is bigger than ever in part due to the massive advantages offered by the game. If you are seeking an optimal experience, live dealer baccarat casinos can deliver.


Live dealer baccarat online is as close to a real casino as you can get without ever having to leave your home. The convenience of being able to bring the table to you cannot go unnoticed. You get to choose the dress code, lighting, music, and vibes because this is your personal experience. You can forget about driving, paying for parking, or having to wait in long lines just to play the game.

Real Human Dealer

The virtual baccarat software misses the core element of the game and that is a real dealer, but this is no longer the case. Live baccarat online will feature a real human banker, making deals and moves in real time via a video stream. Your dealer will have a headset and microphone so they can make casual conversation with you or answer any questions you might have.

Discover casinos that have gone the extra mile to simulate a real live dealer baccarat environment.

Choice of Dealers

Live dealer baccarat gets even better because you will get to hand pick the dealer. Choose from attractive men and women who are dressed to impress and eager to deal your cards.


Live dealer games are ideal for any gambler who is skeptical about rigging at online casinos. By playing baccarat with a live dealer you see what is happening in real time. This is not to say an online sites’ software is rigged, but any such predicament will be null and void with live games. Couple in playing at a recommended site and you can put your mind at ease.

The interface for is typically very similar to the one seen at the computer-powered tables. The only difference at a live dealer baccarat game is that players are presented with the additional user interface to chat. These messages come up for the dealer to read and even respond to you via a microphone that all players would hear. This is one of the major advantages of live baccarat, as players get a fully interactive and personalized experience while interacting with an actual human being. This makes live baccarat online a far superior experience than playing at a normal computer table. Coupled with the welcome bonuses and it makes it a better experience than playing it in Vegas!

Your Ultimate Live Baccarat Gameplay Guide

When you play the best online live dealer baccarat games you get to interact with the dealer and other players at the table. The interface is typically very similar to the one seen at the computer-powered tables. The only difference at a live dealer baccarat game is that players are presented with the additional user interface to chat. These messages come up for the dealer to read and even respond to you via a microphone that all players would hear.

Whether you are playing the standard live game of baccarat, mini baccarat, multi-player baccarat, or punto banco you will find similar terms and rules which can be found on the casinos’ website. In general live baccarat will be played with six to eight decks held in a shoe.

The house rules of the game can be slightly complex and vary from site to site. Newcomers can follow these simplified steps to get started:

  • Find and sign up to a live dealer baccarat casino
  • Make a deposit and choose your live baccarat variation
  • Once in the live environment the dealer will deal two hands. One to the player and one to the banker.
  • You will bet on the deal outcome which is either the banker wins, the player wins, or there will be a tie.
  • After bets are placed two cards will be dealt to you and the banker
  • The winning hand is that which is closest to nine

Extra Notes

  • Card values are: Aces = 1, 10s and Face Cards - 0, all other cards = face value
  • The best hand is a two card total of nine followed by a two card total of eight.
  • Any count equal to a double digit will require you to drop the left digit; I.e. 25 is counted as 5.
  • Every hand can have no more than three cards.
  • Under any circumstances no fourth card can be dealt.

Tips for Live Dealer Baccarat Playing

  • Confirm whether or not the Banker bet carries a 5% commission fee
  • The banker bet has the lowest house edge at 1.06% with the player bet having 1.24%
  • Avoid the tie bet in live baccarat as it has a 14.36% house edge
  • Try playing at live dealer baccarat tables with fewer decks
  • Make sure your internet connection is fast

Take Live Gameplay on the Go

Live baccarat games streams in HD video to all of your favorite devices. You’ll get close up shots of the cards and wide angled shots of the entire table layout, dealer, and room. The best casinos have truly gone the extra mile to simulate a real casino environment for players at home.

You get to choose the device you want to play on. Live baccarat casinos can be accessed with a PC or Mac desktop and laptop as well as mobile and tablet devices powered by iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry platforms. Forget about configuring your settings because our recommended live baccarat casinos online automatically optimize the stream on any device. This lets you focus on the game.

Points You'll Want to Consider

Every gambler has different motives for playing live dealer baccarat, and some might find that this specific style of playing is not suited to their preferences. Before you dive into the live action, there are few things you will want to consider:

Higher Limits

You will likely see higher-than-normal limits at the table. Keep in mind that all of the casinos we recommend offer great value and are rated as the best. Baccarat games that use real dealers, however, do have the added costs of streaming video and audio. Plus they also need to pay the live dealer, so the increased minimum betting limit is more than justified.

Speed of the Game

Live dealer baccarat is slower than the standard online software. This is due the real human having to actually deal out the cards. Let’s face it a human cannot compete with computer software that even has a turbo mode. The relaxed pace of the game will ensure transparency and the ability to converse with the dealer.


There is no way to get around this one. In online live dealer baccarat you won’t be able to give a high five to the player next to you or take a cocktail off a tray. On the other hand you also will be in your own created space without having to worry about someone shouting in your ear or spilling a drink on you in excitement.

Start Making Live Baccarat Bets

You should now have a solid understanding of live dealer baccarat. With this knowledge it's time to take things up another level and get into the real dealing action. All you need to do is sign up at one of our recommended casinos that offer live dealer baccarat. These sites will give you an amazing experience that is safe, trusted, and fair. Get into the online live dealer baccarat action now and start winning!

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What is live dealer baccarat?

Lie dealer baccarat is an exciting online innovation that connects players with a real human dealer. Brought to you via a live video stream, multiple cameras are placed around the table to give you real time shots of a dealer making the moves you request. You can chat with the dealer and have your questions answered. Everything is laid out on the table making it completely transparent.

Live dealer baccarat online lets you get as close to the casino as possible without going anywhere. Plus, you retain control of your environment and gambling preferences.

Where can I find the best live dealer baccarat casino?

The best live dealer baccarat casinos can be found right here on this page. It was no easy task finding these operators which means you should not ignore our recommendations. These sites feature the best security measures, premium software, high payouts, fast payment methods, and more. Mobile and tablet players will also be able to access the live dealer games in the palm of their hand.

Can I try live baccarat for free first?

If you look hard enough you should be able to find an online casino site where you can practice live dealer baccarat for free, but these will not be as widespread as sites where you can practice standard online casino games without risking a penny. Of course, you always have the option of playing regular baccarat games online for free, to get a feel for the pace and structure of the game and try out some strategies, before moving onto the real money live dealer games.

Are live baccarat games rigged?

As with any other online casino game, live dealer baccarat is subject to the most rigorous testing processes to make sure everything is above board and not rigged. If anything, the presence of a real life dealer should help put your mind at ease. All reputable online casinos display their accreditation on-site, so you can be sure they have gone through all the necessary tests designed to ensure their fairness.

Are there live dealer baccarat options for mobile & tablet?

As popular as live dealer baccarat is, its mass-market appeal is not quite on a level with regular slots, meaning its mobile and tablet presence is less widespread. Still, there are some online casinos that will offer live dealer baccarat on mobile and tablet. You just might not have as big a choice. If you are seeking this we highly recommend Jackpot City Casino.

How do the odds compare to regular baccarat?

Just because you have a physical dealer rather than an automated deal doesn’t mean the odds change, and generally things will be the same from regular to live dealer games.

However, there may be small differences from one casino to the next in terms of the intricacies of the game, so it can always be worth reading the small print before you start playing, so as to avoid a shock.

How does live baccarat compare to other live dealer games?

Live dealer baccarat is similar to other live games. The main difference will be the selection. For example live blackjack and roulette games are plentiful, but baccarat is still up and coming. It’s gaining popularity and you can expect to see more casinos offering the variation in the near future.

The minimum wagers also vary with the live blackjack tables typically featuring lower betting limits than baccarat. When comparing odds, they are different from blackjack and roulette. If you have time to learn the game, live blackjack will offer the best odds. If you want a refined gambling experience and have an ample sized bankroll, go for live dealer baccarat.

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