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Overview of The Palm Beach Casino

Palm Beach casino

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The Palm Beach Casino is an upscale exclusive casino and poker club located in the neighborhood of Mayfair in London. Unlike the other exclusive members-only casinos in the area, The Palm Beach has a more modern feel to it with live DJ performances, many different table games, a poker room, and slot machines.

IMPORTANT: Formal attire is required to enter the premises!

Membership at The Palm Beach Casino

You might have heard that a membership was required to get into this casino. That’s no longer true. You used to need a membership to enter the casino. No one was allowed to play for 24 hours after applying for a membership, but registered members were allowed up to 6 guests per visit. All this has changed. Now the casino is open to the general public; no membership is needed. However, you can sign up for their loyalty program, which offers points every time you use your rewards card around the casino. You can redeem your points for food, drinks, vouchers, or free bets.


The Palm Beach Casino was originally the Mayfair Hotel, but its name was changed to The Palm Beach Casino, after the town of Palm Beach, Florida. It had gotten in quite a bit of trouble over the years. In 1976, an employee at The Palm Beach Casino tried to bribe a gaming inspector into ignoring the fact that the roulette wheel was fixed. In 1980, The Palm Beach, along with two other casinos owned by the same company (Coral Casino Division), was accused of being involved in serious illegal activities.

The good news is that The Palm Beach is currently owned and operated by the Malaysian gaming giant called Genting Group, so you can (hopefully) bet on everything being legitimate here.


Despite the fact that the building used to be a hotel, The Palm Beach does not offer any hotel rooms or suites. However, you can still find a number of hotels nearby.


The gaming floor is The Palm Beach’s biggest focus. Unlike many other upscale exclusive casinos in Mayfair, The Palm Beach has slot machines . You would find slot machines that offer 94% payouts and progressive jackpots of up to £20,000. Also, classic table games like blackjack, three card poker, baccarat, and American roulette are available at this casino.

Not only that, but a poker room and a high stakes area are also available to the general public.

The Palm Beach’s casino is big on poker. They have a room devoted to poker that hosts cash Texas Hold’em and Omaha games every day and has once hosted a segment of World Poker Tour.

Attractions & entertainment

The Palm Beach is home to a restaurant that serves different cuisines from all over the world, as well as wine, cocktails, and food from a late-night menu.

If you are into the bar scene, you can head over to The Palm Beach Bar, which features live DJ shows and unique menus with specialty drinks.

You might also get a chance to attend one of The Palm Beach’s events and activities, such as cultural nights, sporting events, and live music performances.

Why Palm Beach Gets 2.5 Stars

Don’t get us wrong; The Palm Beach is a great casino that is perfect for the lively scene in Mayfair. Still, the fact that it does not offer any lodging options or many entertainment options hurts its overall rating. If you are looking for a destination casino resort, you might be better off finding a casino that offers lodging, attractions, and headliner shows and activities in addition to a nice gaming floor, bar, and restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Palm Beach Casino

What table games does The Palm Beach Casino offer?

Visitors can enjoy blackjack, baccarat, three card poker, and American roulette at The Palm Beach Casino. If you are new to the world of gambling, you can take advantage of free lessons at the casino. Poker players will want to visit the card room for great cash games every night of the week. You'll find stakes as low as £5-£10.

How many different types of slots will I find at The Palm Beach Casino?

You won't find too many slots at The Palm Beach Casino. Players can enjoy a couple dozen games including progressive machines that pay as much as £20,000. The best thing about the slot machines is their impressive 94% payout rate.

Is a membership required to play?

Although The Palm Beach Casino used to be open exclusively to members and their guests, that's no longer the case. The casino now welcomes the public and no registration or membership is required. You may want to consider joining the casino's loyalty scheme, which offers great rewards to regular visitors.

What is the required age to gamble at The Palm Beach Casino?

You must be at least 18 years of age to gamble at The Palm Beach Casino. Players should be prepared to show identification upon request. Please note that there is a smart-casual dress code in effect, which means your shirt should have a collar if you are a man.

Is there a smoking section?

Current smoking laws in the United Kingdom are rather rigid and make it illegal to smoke indoors. While these laws will prevent you from enjoy a tableside cigarette or cigar, you can head to a heated smoking area, which is accessible from The Palm Beach Bar.

What are the minimum and maximum limits on the floor?

Like most casinos, the floor maximums and minimums vary from time to time. During a recent trip, we spotted blackjack tables with £5 bets with £1,000 caps on the main floor. Depending on when you visit, you can find roulette tables with bets as low as £2, although £5 is more common, and maximums as high as £20,000 on even money bets. You can also take advantage of electronic roulette for greater flexibility and lower minimum bets. Players should be prepared to provide identification on wagers in excess of £1,000.

Does The Palm Beach Casino have special promotions for VIPs or high rollers?

The easiest way to get treated like a VIP is by joining the loyalty program. The Palm Beach Casino participates in Genting Casino Rewards. It's easy to accumulate points by playing table games or slots, purchasing beverages, and dining, which you can redeem for casino credit, food, drinks, and more. As the casino becomes familiar with your habits, you'll also receive special promotions just for you.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

You can find fabulous international fare at The Palm Beach Restaurant. Although menus are subject to change, the signature eatery has put a gastronomic twist on global street food. Sample great dishes like Chinese roasted rib eye, tandoori butter chicken, grilled swordfish with tzatziki, wagyu beef sliders, and a lamb kebab with a delightful pomegranate salad. You can also visit the May Fair Kitchen, which is located in the adjacent hotel, for even more options.

What kind of accommodations does The Palm Beach offer?

The Palm Beach Casino is located inside the May Fair Hotel. The luxury hotel features 400 spacious rooms and majestic suites that you may never want to leave. The ambience is only eclipsed by the excellent service guests receive.