Popular NBA Events You Can Bet On

The choice of NBA events to bet on ranges far beyond just regular season games. You will find plenty of bets and markets to choose from at all good sportsbooks for the following NBA events:

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NBA Pre-Season Betting

Before play gets serious in the NBA, you can check out how teams are shaping up in pre-season games in October. You can then look into the NBA futures markets and get your bets on early. Despite the lower volume of bets placed compared to the regular season, there are still a lot of markets available to bet on during the pre-season as well.

NBA All-Star Betting

Every February, the NBA hosts its All-Star Game during All-Star Weekend. Pro basketball players, fans, and members of the media vote to determine who is included on the rosters. Besides betting on which All-Star squad will win, there are options to bet on other markets such as the All-Star Game MVP. Look out for the Skills Challenge too, where players show off their shooting, passing, and ball-handling skills.
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NBA Play-Offs Betting

The NBA post-season in April and May sees the top eight teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences compete to reach the finals. Each conference conducts a best of seven series of games, with a first round and then semi-finals before the two Conference Finals. Conference winners and outright winners of each play-off series are popular bets placed during the play-offs.
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NBA Finals Betting

Winners of the Eastern and Western Conferences collide in the NBA Finals game. Held after the play-offs series have wrapped up in June, you can bet on a number of markets, including which team will be the outright winner. Another popular bet placed at this time is on which player will be crowned Finals MVP.

NBA Best Bets and Markets

The range of bets and market options for the NBA is huge. Below, we’ve listed some the most popular types of bets around the world for the NBA. You can also find more information about other basketball wagers on our basketball page.

NBA Betting Tips

Whether you are new to betting on the NBA or just looking to refine your bets, it’s always worth considering the different variables that might impact a game. These are our top tips to consider before placing a bet on NBA games:

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Follow team news

Before you start placing wagers, you need to check if the team you’re betting on is at full strength. Injuries and suspensions happen in basketball, just like any other sport. If you don’t look into this beforehand, and it turns out your team’ best player isn’t playing, then that increases the chances of your bet losing.

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Consider the home court advantage

There’s no place like home. As with any sports league, teams in the NBA only play some of their games with home court advantage. If a team is on its travels and hasn’t been performing as well in away matches, then it may be worth passing up betting on it this time. Always check a team’s record on the road.

Trend and Statistics

Study stats and trends

While looking at head-to-head records and other statistics does not guarantee you will bet on the winning team, you can make better informed decisions. Betting is all about making the right choices, so anything that can help you to do that is a plus. Public consensus predictions can also be very helpful in deciding which way to bet, by giving you an insight into the choices fellow bettors are making and where you might be able to spot opportunities that others are missing.

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See what the experts say

With NBA betting being so popular not only in North America but around the world, there are any number of analysts sharing their view on games. Listening to the consensus of opinion among experts can help you to identify the right bets. While they will not be right all of the time with their picks, their tips can highlight different factors that you may otherwise not have considered when placing your bet.

NBA Betting FAQs

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