How to Bet on NHL

To bet on NHL, start by finding an online sportsbook and opening an account. Next, deposit funds and head to the ‘Sports’ section of the site. Once you’ve located the NHL section, you’ll be able to see the different games and betting options available. If you’re happy with your pick, simply select ‘Place Bet’ and wait for the action to unfold.

How Do NHL Betting Lines Work?

NHL betting lines work by offering odds on three markets: the puck line, total and moneyline. To read the line, start with the puck line and identify the favourite indicated by a minus (-) sign. The underdog meanwhile will be shown with a plus sign (+).

TeamPuck LineMoneylineTotal
Detroit Red Wings team logo Detroit Red Wings
O 5.5-130
Pittsburgh Penguins team logo Pittsburgh Penguins
U 5.5-150

With the example above, the NHL betting line shows that Pittsburgh are the favourites and Detroit are the underdogs. There are two choices with the puck line. The first is to side with the Penguins at -1.5 where the bet will pay out if they win by 2 points or more. Alternatively, back the Red Wings at +1.5 where the bet will win if they lose by fewer than 2 points or win. The numbers on the right side of the column are the odds that go alongside the bet.

The moneyline is the next column and gives an outright bet on which team will win. Here Pittsburgh has a moneyline of -150, which means a $100 bet would win $150 not including the stake. Meanwhile Detroit has a moneyline of +130, meaning that a $130 bet would give $100 in profit. The total is the final column and shows the combined forecasted points for the match – here bettors can wager either over (O) or under (U) the prediction.

NHL Bet Types

There are plenty of popular NHL bets you can make. To understand exactly what you’re betting on, here’s a run through of the most popular online betting NHL wagers:

NHL Puck Line Betting

Puck line bets are wagers on the number of goals that a team needs to win by. This type of bet also aims to level the playing field between two teams by adding a handicap to the favourites – for example:

  • Philadelphia Fliers +2.5
  • Tampa Bay Lightning -2.5

Here, the minus sign (-) in front of Tampa Bay indicates that they are the favourites. If they win by 3 points or more, then a puck line bet on them wins. The plus sign (+) next to the Fliers means they are the underdogs. Should Philadelphia lose by 2 points or fewer, or even win, then the wager pays out. The half point here is used to prevent ties as no ‘half goals’ can be scored.

NHL Stanley Cup Odds 2021

Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Dallas Stars at the 2020 Stanley Cup – now stay ahead of the action for the 20-21 NHL betting season. The table below shows the current odds for the 2021 Stanley Cup, ordered from the favourites to the underdogs.

Colorado Avalanche
Tampa Bay Lighting
Vegas Golden Knights
Boston Bruins
Philadelphia Flyers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Washington Capitals
St Louis Blues
Toronto Maple Leafs
Dallas Stars
Edmonton Oilers
Carolina Hurricanes
Nashville Predators
Calgary Flames
New York Islanders
Florida Panthers
New York Rangers
Vancouver Canucks
Winnipeg Jets
San Jose Sharks
Chicago Blackhawks
Columbus Blue Jackets
Los Angeles Kings
Minnesota Wild
Montréal Canadiens
Anaheim Ducks
Arizona Coyotes
Buffalo Sabres
New Jersey Devils
Ottawa Senators
Detroit Red Wings
* odds correct as of December 18th 2020 at

NHL Facts & Figures

How We Rate the Best NHL Betting Sites

Each online betting site is carefully evaluated by a team of experts before it makes our shortlist. For a sportsbook to get the highest ranking, it will have to perform in a number of areas:


Background & Security

To give you peace of mind when placing NHL bets, each sportsbook undergoes a rigorous background check. This ensures that only fully licensed and secure sportsbooks make it to our shortlist. In addition, each site’s security is evaluated based on whether it has protective measures in place such as SSL encryption and anti-fraud technology.


Banking Methods

The best NHL betting sites will offer a range of banking methods including traditional options like bank cards, as well as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Sites are also ranked based on how quickly their payout times are and how fast bets are settled.


Competitive NHL Odds

Every bettor is looking for the best sports betting odds possible. If a sportsbook wants a spot on our shortlist, it must offer competitive odds on the NHL action. This includes great NHL odds and a variety of bet types to choose from such as props, puck lines, moneylines and totals.

Thumbs Up


A top sportsbook will offer promotions tailored to the NHL. We look for a range of bonuses including risk-free bets, matched bonuses and free bets. We also expect to see great welcome offers for new bettors and frequent rewards for loyal customers right through the NHL season.


Customer Support

Friendly, helpful customer support should come as standard. From hotlines and contact forms, to live chat and social media, a top site makes customer support accessible 24/7. The best NHL betting sites will also boast attentive support agents that go that extra distance to help customers.

Live dealer

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting has changed the way we gamble. Anyone with a smartphone and internet signal can now bet anytime and anywhere. In reviewing the best NHL betting sites, our experts look for operators that have mobile-friendly sites or betting apps that are easy to use and well-designed.

Mobile Rating

Final Rating

If a sportsbook does well in each of those categories, it will make it to our shortlist. We keep the shortlist under constant review and our team regularly checks back to ensure rankings are up to date.

Final Rating

Best NHL Betting Sites

RankBetting SiteBonusStart Betting
1 Fantasy Draft$4 Bet Now
2 Boom Fantasy - Bet Now
3 ESPN Fantasy - Bet Now
4 Yahoo Fantasy - Bet Now
5 Fantasy Premier League - Bet Now

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