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Simone Biles Olympics odds gymnastics

Simone Biles Olympics Team Event Withdrawal All-Around Loss for Bettors

Simone Biles is once again the biggest news story of the Summer Olympics. But unlike in 2016, when she won four gold medals in...

Devin O'Connor July 27, 2021
Caesars Superdome

Louisiana Lawmakers Approve Caesars $138M Superdome Naming Rights

Lawmakers in Louisiana on Thursday approved a deal that gives Caesars Entertainment naming rights for 20 years to the Superdome in New Orleans. Not...

Steve Bittenbender July 22, 2021
nielsen betting

Surprising Sports Could Power Future of Wagering, Survey Says

In the US, the NFL is the most popular, most watched sports league. And football, including college, is the most wagered-on sport. But in...

Todd Shriber July 6, 2021