What is Online Basketball Betting?

Online basketball betting is very similar to placing a bet with a real-life bookmaker. You simply choose your market, consider the odds available and select the amount you want to bet. Basketball betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, in part due to the straightforward scoring and the fact that there are plenty of breaks in play that allow you time to make a wager.

How to bet on basketball online

Placing a wager online at your chosen sportsbook is very simple. When you want to bet on basketball, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the site you want to use, then register by filling in your details.

  2. You will need a username and password, and possibly a security question and answer for extra protection.

  3. Use your promotional code (most sportsbooks offer one to new bettors) to generate a bonus.

  4. Accept the site’s terms and conditions.

  5. Take some time to learn how to navigate around the site or app so that you know how to find the betting opportunities you want.

  6. Choose basketball from the list of sports, select your league, bet and markets and start betting.

Popular basketball bets and markets

Basketball offers a wide range of betting options. Before placing a bet online, it’s a good idea to get a proper understanding of how they work. Take a look through some of the most popular bet types and markets below. If you’d like to know more about different odds formats, take a look at our sports betting odds page first.

Basketball betting tips

If you want to place winning bets, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the game and knowledge of the teams and players. There are many different factors that can also influence the outcome of a basketball game or tournament. To get you started, here are our four top tips for placing a basketball bet.

Orlando basketball player

Follow the “four factors”

Basketball experts believe that careful study of four factors – shooting, turnovers, rebounds and free throws – can enable you to construct a reliable betting model. This involves some time and application, but it will also help you to predict the point spread of games and bet accordingly.

Golden State Warriors playing Basketball

Check the schedule

Look out for teams who are slated to play back-to-back games. If the team is in good form, their momentum could make them a good bet to win their next game. If they are on a losing streak, the quick turnaround could mean they are going to struggle again.

Basketball Jumbotron

Don’t dismiss slower games

When it comes to total points bets, most basketball fans want to see exciting, high-scoring matches and are likely to wager accordingly. That means the notional points total set by the sportsbook could be too high. If you foresee a closely-fought, low-scoring game, there will be some value in going under.

Aeroplane taking off

Know your distances

If a team have to travel a long way for a match – especially with NBA matches if they have played very recently on the other side of the United States - fatigue may be a factor. Even if teams fly first-class, the physical strain of travelling such a long way may count against them when they take to the court.

Basketball betting apps and mobile betting

The good news is that pretty much every sportsbook – and certainly the ones listed on this page – will offer mobile betting via its website or a dedicated app. With mobile betting, you can wager on basketball wherever you are and whatever device or cell phone you use.

Basketball betting on phone

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