Introducing European Roulette

Widely available outside of Europe, thanks to online casinos and some American land casinos, many players regard European roulette as their roulette game of choice. And why wouldn’t it be? It's got the same mechanics and a lower house edge than American roulette. And it hasn't got the vastly different table layout of French roulette. These features make it an ideal option. We’ve found all of the best European roulette casino sites for you to play the game online!

How to Play European Roulette

Step 1

Study the wheel and table layout

If you’ve played American roulette, the European roulette wheel will look very familiar. It has black and red numbers from 1 to 36, plus a single green zero (but no double zero). That makes for a house edge of 2.7%, which you can use to calculate the size and frequency of your bets.

Step 2

Get your bets placed

There are plenty of different bets you can make on the roulette table. Bear in mind that red/black or odd/even pay out 1/1. Individual numbers pay out at 35/1. Newer players typically stick with outside bets, as the risk associated with them is lower.

Roulette Table
Step 3

Take your time before spinning

Unless you’re playing live dealer European roulette, or in a real casino, you have unlimited time to place European roulette bets. You have control over when the wheel spins online, as you click the spin button yourself. Take time to monitor your spending, check previous results and reconsider your bets wisely.

Spinning the wheel
Step 4

Collect your winnings

The removal of losses and returning of winnings is automatic in online European roulette. Again, you can take advantage of this breathing room to see if any streaks are developing. At this point check your bankroll onscreen and decide whether it’s time to cash out or place more bets.

Roulette Result

Special Rules of European Roulette

The most obvious, and most beneficial, American roulette and European roulette difference is that the latter has a single zero pocket only. This is instead of the zero and double zero that you’ll find in the American version.

The result? The European roulette wheel, just by its layout, reduces the house edge of the game considerably. Many players mistakenly assume that the odds of making European roulette bets like red/black, odd/even, and so on, are 50/50. But it’s the sneaky zero slot that tips the odds in the casino’s favor. Some European games use terms for certain types of bets, such as Orphans or Orphelins. However, you won't generally need to worry about this when playing European roulette online.

What's Unique About European Roulette Odds and Payout?

There are lots of different variations of the game out there. European roulette casino games have different odds to Mini roulette, for example. The chart below details how much you can expect to make from winning bets.

Bet Type Player Odds Payout
Straight (single number)
Player Odds 2.7%
Payout 35 to 1
Split (two numbers)
Player Odds 5.4%
Payout 17 to 1
Street (three numbers)
Player Odds 8.1%
Payout 11 to 1
Corner (four numbers)
Player Odds 10.8%
Payout 8 to 1
Player Odds 32.4%
Payout 2 to 1
Player Odds 32.4%
Payout 2 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1

Free Roulette Reference Chart – Download Yours!

For more on European roulette vs American roulette, like the differences between the games and payouts of different bets, check out our chart. It also sheds light on the names of certain bets that exist primarily in European and French variants. It's unlikely that you’ll encounter these playing European roulette online though.

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Comparing Roulette Variants (at a Glance)

Roulette game feature European American French Mini 3D
European 37
American 38
French 37
Mini 13
3D 37
Double 0
Highest payout
European 35/1
American 35/1
French 35/1
Mini 35/1
3D 35/1
Lowest payout
European 1/1
American 1/1
French 1/1
Mini 1/1
3D 1/1
La partage
European Sometimes
En prison
European Sometimes
Free play
Live dealer
House edge
European 2.7%
American 5.26%
French 1.35%
Mini 3.85%
3D 2.7%

Other Roulette Variants You Can Play

Playing European Roulette on Mobile

There are digital game recreations of European roulette from so many casino software providers out there. This means the game is widely available on mobile devices, from iPhone/iPad to Android tablets and smartphones. You can access European roulette free online, or for real money, on your device via apps or in-browser mobile casinos.

However you play, the most important thing is finding a site or app with software that’s safe, secure and performs smoothly. We’ll never recommend anything else. Of course, the graphics and sounds of European roulette mobile games won’t quite measure up to desktop. You won’t be disappointed as long as you know what to expect.

There are plenty of potential bets you can place in European roulette, so cramming all of that onto a small screen is a significant undertaking. Lots of software providers have done a stellar job of it, but some less dexterous players may face a bit of a learning curve!

Playing European Roulette on Mobile

European Roulette – Top Strategy Tips


Play European roulette free online first

Playing in practice mode is a smart way to play without risking any of your cash. It's ideal for testing out European roulette betting systems or getting accustomed to how the game works.

Find your favorite title

There are lots European roulette titles from different software providers out there. They boast different features like detailed betting history, betting shortcuts, options to enable animations and so on. Try different software to find your niche!

Keep an eye on streaks

The math behind roulette dictates that each spin is independent of the last, meaning every streak is pure coincidence. Despite this, many players maintain that it feels right betting with or against them. Don't fall for this.

Don’t just rely on strategies

It would be great (for players, not the casino) if there was a perfect system meaning big payouts every time you play, but there’s not. Don’t be afraid to dabble with betting systems, but don’t become overly dependent either. Verdict

With a lower house edge than its American equivalent, European roulette bets are perfect for players who feel uncomfortable with French roulette's additional rules. It's instantly familiar, but without that double zero. Players who’ve only dabbled with American roulette find the improved European odds feel like their way of getting one over on the casino!

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