Best Online Casinos for European Roulette 2021

European roulette is the table game of choice for many players, and we can understand why. With a lower house edge than the American variant, the odds are very attractive. It’s even available online so you can play anytime on desktop, smartphone or tablet. If you’re familiar with French roulette, you’ll be up to speed in no time.

Best Sites to Play European Roulette for Real Money

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How to Play European Roulette

Step 1

Study the layout

The European roulette wheel and table has numbers from 0 to 36. There’s the classic mix of black and red numbers, with the option to bet on odd or even numbers too. Will you make an inside or outside bet?

Step 2

Place your bets

There are loads of bets you can place on the roulette table. Outside bets like red or black and odd or even will have smaller payouts as they’re more likely to hit. Inside bets like a single have higher payouts due to lower probability.

Roulette Table
Step 3

Time to spin

Playing online roulette gives you the luxury of unlimited time to place your bets. Play at your own pace and only hit spin when you’re ready. When you’re happy with your bet, press the button and watch the ball go.

Spinning the wheel
Step 4

Collect your winnings

Now you get to find out if you’ve won or lost. If you’re on a winning streak, congratulations! If you’re on a losing streak, it may be time to call it quits. Remember to always set a budget before you play to stay safe.

Roulette Result

European Roulette Strategy & Tips


Play European roulette free online first

Playing in practice mode is a smart way to play without risking any of your cash. It's ideal for testing out European roulette betting systems or getting accustomed to how the game works.

Find your favorite title

There are lots European roulette titles from different software providers out there. They boast different features like detailed betting history, betting shortcuts, options to enable animations and so on. Try different software to find your niche!

Keep an eye on streaks

The math behind roulette dictates that each spin is independent of the last, meaning every streak is pure coincidence. Despite this, many players maintain that it feels right betting with or against them. Don't fall for this.

Don’t just rely on strategies

It would be great (for players, not the casino) if there was a perfect system meaning big payouts every time you play, but there’s not. Don’t be afraid to dabble with betting systems, but don’t become overly dependent either.

Special Rules of European Roulette

The biggest difference between American and European roulette is that European has a single zero pocket. The American variant has a zero and a double zero you’ll need to watch out for.

Luckily, the single zero on the European roulette wheel reduces the house edge of the game. Don’t assume the odds of making European roulette bets like red or black, odd or even and so on, are 50:50 though. The sneaky zero pocket tips the odds in the casino’s favor.

What's Unique About European Roulette Odds and Payout?

There are lots of different variations of the game out there. European roulette casino games have different odds to Mini roulette, for example. The chart below details how much you can expect to make from winning bets.

Bet Type Player Odds Payout
Straight (single number)
Player Odds 2.7%
Payout 35 to 1
Split (two numbers)
Player Odds 5.4%
Payout 17 to 1
Street (three numbers)
Player Odds 8.1%
Payout 11 to 1
Corner (four numbers)
Player Odds 10.8%
Payout 8 to 1
Player Odds 32.4%
Payout 2 to 1
Player Odds 32.4%
Payout 2 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1

Free Roulette Reference Chart – Download Yours!

For more on European roulette vs American roulette, like the differences between the games and payouts of different bets, check out our chart. It also sheds light on the names of certain bets that exist primarily in European and French variants. It's unlikely that you’ll encounter these playing European roulette online though.

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Top Online Casinos for European Roulette

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Other Roulette Variants You Can Play

Difference Between Roulette Variants

Roulette game feature European American French Mini 3D
European 37
American 38
French 37
Mini 13
3D 37
Double 0
Highest payout
European 35/1
American 35/1
French 35/1
Mini 11/1
3D 35/1
Lowest payout
European 1/1
American 1/1
French 1/1
Mini 1/1
3D 1/1
La partage
European Sometimes
En prison
European Sometimes
Free play
Live dealer
House edge
European 2.7%
American 5.26%
French 1.35%
Mini 3.85%
3D 2.7%

Practice European Roulette for Free

Free European roulette, which uses practice money only, should be your first port of call if you’re still learning the rules. Our free games present the perfect opportunity to test out European roulette strategy tips and betting systems before playing for real money.

Play free games at, with no catch!
  • No registration
  • No download required
  • Instant play
  • Unlimited plays
  • Available on all devices

Playing European Roulette on Mobile

European roulette is now widely available on mobile devices so you can play on the go. From iPhone and iPad to Android, tablets and other smartphones, there’s an option for everyone. Play European roulette for free online or raise the stakes with real money games.

Choose whether you want to play via an app or in-browser mobile casinos to get started. Remember, playing European roulette on a smaller touchscreen can be difficult for some players, so consider desktop options if you prefer a bigger screen.

Playing European Roulette on Mobile

Roulette Player Guides


How many numbers are on a traditional European roulette wheel?

There are 37 numbers on a traditional European roulette wheel, if you count the 0. The numbers you’ll see will range from 0-36 and half are red, half are black. Play more roulette online to get familiar with the different layouts on American and French versions.

How do you win European roulette?

You win by betting on the number or section that the ball in the wheel lands on. For example, if you lay an outside bet on red, and the ball lands on a red pocket, you win. You could bet a street and if the ball lands on one of the numbers from the street, you win. Every round is independent of the last, so you can win some and lose some.

Where can you play European roulette for real money?

We have reviewed the best online European roulette casinos for you. Simply head to the top of the page and choose the one that suits you. We only recommend casinos that have passed our thorough review process.