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Mini roulette is the younger, more compact version of the fan-favorite whose popularity keeps on growing! Players will quickly realise there’s nothing mini about the wins on offer. Once you get to grips with the smaller set of numbers it will feel very familiar. Created by Playtech, this variant is the perfect roulette game for mobile and tablets thanks to its smaller, more accessible wheel and table. The team has tested out games for players of all abilities and has created a shortlist of the best sites to play mini roulette online. Don’t forget the free play options available to help players practise.

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Best Casinos to Play Mini Roulette for Real Money 2022

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How to Play Mini Roulette Online

  1. Step 1

    Assess the table

    Before you begin, it’s important to look over the mini roulette table to decide how you want to bet. No matter how many games of European, French or American roulette you’ve played, there are some notable differences to look out for. The table is made up of a single zero topping off columns of black and red numbers from 1 to 12. Will you bet on red, a straight or even a corner?

  2. Step 2

    Spin the wheel

    When you’ve chosen your strategy and laid your bets, it’s time to hit spin. Now you just have to cross your fingers and wait. Thanks to the Random Number Generator (RNG) this is all down to luck, so you need to hope for the best as you watch the ball spin round the wheel.

    Roulette Table
  3. Step 3

    Collect your winnings

    When the ball lands in a pocket, you’ll quickly find out if you’ve won your bet. If you have, congratulations! If you haven’t, why not try again? Look at our tips for mini roulette to try and get back onto a winning streak.

    Spinning the wheel
  4. Step 4

    Rethink your strategy

    Now is the time to consider how you will bet for the next spin. Don’t forget, you can expect 50% back on any individual number bets if zero comes in. Look at the player odds in the table below to see what’s safe and what’s risky. You’ll know what feels right for you. Then you’re ready to go again – good luck!

    Roulette Result

Mini Roulette Rules

For the most part, Mini roulette performs exactly like a smaller version of European roulette and allows players to make most of the same bets. The big difference here is that the game offers a special rule similar to the French La Partage.

When you make a bet on a single number and zero comes up, you receive an automatic 50% refund. This happens way more often than when playing a full-size version of European, French or American roulette. This gives the game an overall house edge of 3.85% though, almost inviting players to stick to more lucrative inside bets.

Mini Roulette Odds & Payouts

With fewer numbers in play, the associated Mini roulette odds in the chart below are quite different to, say, European or American roulette. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them before you play. Unlike other variants, you won't get a Dozen bet for example, as a result of there only being 13 numbers available to bet on.

Bet Type Player Odds Payout
Straight (single number)
Player Odds 7.7%
Payout 11 to 1
Split (two numbers)
Player Odds 15.3%
Payout 5 to 1
Street (three numbers)
Player Odds 23.1%
Payout 3 to 1
Corner (four numbers)
Player Odds 30.7%
Payout 2 to 1
Player Odds 30.7%
Payout 2 to 1
Player Odds 46.2%
Payout 1 to 1
Player Odds 46.2%
Payout 1 to 1

Free Roulette Reference Chart – Download Yours!

Mini roulette odds are a bit different to their American and European/French equivalents. You might want to study our chart to get some insight into the rules of the other classic variants. This way you can understand how Mini measures up by comparison and decide which variant suits you. One thing’s for certain: the absence of so many numbers in Mini will certainly change your strategy.

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Mini Roulette Free Play

Playing mini roulette for free is the best way to practise your skills without risking any hard-earned cash. Take your time to get familiar with the new table layout and bet types. Free play options are available on smartphone, desktop and tablet so you can play on the go or in the comfort of your own home. We have rounded up the best free mini roulette casinos so you can get started today.

Comparing Roulette Variants

Roulette game feature Mini American European French 3D
Mini 13
American 38
European 37
French 37
3D 37
Double 0
Highest payout
Mini 11/1
American 35/1
European 35/1
French 35/1
3D 35/1
Lowest payout
Mini 1/1
American 1/1
European 1/1
French 1/1
3D 1/1
La partage
European Sometimes
En prison
European Sometimes
Free play
Live dealer
House edge
Mini 3.85%
American 5.26%
European 2.7%
French 1.35%
3D 2.7%

Other Roulette Variants You Can Play

Playing Mini Roulette on Mobile

Mobile is one area in which mini roulette really shines. The mini roulette table and the signature mini roulette wheel are naturally much smaller than a traditional roulette table. This means it adapts more easily to the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. The game looks high quality and plays smoothly on any device.

You can find a top mini roulette game on a wide range of apps and in-browser mobile casinos. This is mostly down to personal preference, so why not try a few to see which you enjoy the most? Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Android, smartphone or tablet, you can find an option to suit all your mini roulette gaming needs.

Playing Mini Roulette on Mobile

Mini Roulette Strategy & Tips


Play for free first!

We know you've heard it before, but it’s so important to test out this game in practice mode before you use real money. The different rules mean that a Mini roulette strategy will be very different to what you're used to.

Avoid the zero bet

There's a generous rule seeing 50% of your bets returned on individual numbers when a zero comes in. It does not of course apply when you bet on zero! That means any bets covering zero have a high house edge of 7.7%.

Beware the house edge

That might sound conflicting when we're telling you how good this game is. However, bear in mind that Mini roulette has a house edge almost three times that of French roulette. Even though it's great fun and simple to play, don't forget about this dramatic house edge.

Take advantage of mobile play

All sorts of games, including various roulette titles, can feel cluttered on smartphones and tablets. It can end up being way too easy to make clumsy mistakes. If you’re happy playing roulette on the move, this variant is fantastic for avoiding fiddly controls and getting payouts wherever you may be!

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