What Do Seniors Love About Slots? Our Top 10 Reasons

What Do Seniors Love About Slots? Our Top 10 Reasons

It may come as a shock to you, or maybe you’re right in the know, but older people LOVE playing slots. In the casinos, this is usually where they get their kicks.

But what’s the deal with old people and slot machines? Why is it that you see rows of seniors lined up, having a spin on the reels?

We did some digging to find out why slots are so often their number one choice of game.

1. Nostalgia

Slots are like a trip down memory lane. We’ve all seen the machines from days back when where you’d pull the lever to spin those reels.

Whilst today’s slot machines require less manual exertion, they’re still reminiscent of seeing whether your lucky day starts with those much-wanted matching symbols.

2. Escapism

The dinging sounds and bright lights of slots can quickly take you out of the world and transport you.

For many older people, loneliness can be crushing and slots provide a fun way out into a different world. Grief and regrets are other reasons the slots provide a welcome respite.

3. Low Bets

Older people generally don’t have much spare cash to flash. The appealing thing about slots is that you don’t need to put down much money to play.

Some games, like penny slot machines, let you make bets for as little as a cent, making it a cheap and easy way to have a bit of seemingly harmless fun.

4. Easy Playing

Table games can be intimidating, whereas with slots nobody’s watching you or expecting you to do anything.

There’s no skill or concentration required either, so it’s a fun and stress-free way to while away the time.

5. Free Drinks

Many seniors go for the free drinks. As we’ve already explored with penny slots the bids are low, so for not much money and a lot of fun you have drinks brought over to you by a friendly server.

What’s not to love?

6. They’re User Friendly

As you get older your eyes, ears and reflexes aren’t quite what they used to be. The best thing about slots is that none of that matters!

The sounds are loud, the pictures big and bright, and the win isn’t dependant on you reacting fast enough.

7. They’re Addictive

A big reason why anyone – not just older casino patrons – enjoys slots is because they are highly addictive.

The wins are random and frequent enough that you’re inclined to keep playing, just in case the next hit is your big win.

Everything from the sounds to the intermittent wins are specifically engineered to give your brain big hits of dopamine, known as “rewards”. Your brain is wired to want more and more of these rewards, which is why you keep on playing.

The design of slots is so effective that many elements have actually been copied by dating apps, to keep users hooked and coming back for more.

8. Targeted Marketing

Casinos know that older people have a lot more time on their hands and play on that. Marketing is targeted at the older generation and casinos are probably the most accessible places on the planet!

Casinos will send out vouchers and offers to encourage more older people to come in and play.

9. They’re Sociable

Many old people’s homes and communities arrange day trips out to casinos so it’s a fun day out with friends.

Once there, the slot machines are so appealing for their straight-forward layout and ease of access.

10. Marginalization

Many older people feel excluded by the rest of society or a burden to their families. But alone at the slots machine the sounds and lights are cheering you on.

Suddenly the world is more inviting and you’re once again the star of your own life and you feel young again.

Casinos Will Need To Work Harder To Attract A Younger Crowd

According to a survey carried out in 2016, non-Millenials are more likely to spend their time gambling than Millenials.

For under-35s, gambling appealed to 21% of those asked, whilst for those over 35 years it appealed to double that percentage.

This is a concern for the casino industry as they try and figure out how to stay relevant with younger and emerging generations. Brian Christopher and other social media personalities can help to attract a younger audience to slot games, but that has its limits.

Today’s younger generations hit up these mega casinos and go wild on the dance floor. With expensive drinks and entry prices to clubs the casinos are still making their money back.

As for the older generations, gambling is very much at the heart of many of their social events. Bingo is hugely popular.

A cheap night out and a date with Lady Luck that could brighten your month, plus a good laugh with your crew. It’s easy to see the appeal.

The other thing, of course, is that with age the aversion to risk starts to slacken off again.

Perhaps it’s feeling closer to the end of their lives they feel they have less to lose. For many they’re no longer as able bodied and this is a sedentary way of getting the thrill and adventure of a distant youth.