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Best Australian Betting Sites

Quite a few sports are popular in the Land Down Under and, naturally, this translates into the popularity of betting on sports as well. The Australian online betting market is rapidly growing, with around 80% of Australians engaging in some form of gambling these days.

Australian players can choose between placing bets on sports at locally-regulated bookmakers, as well as online with any one of the top gambling sites available. The National Rugby League, Melbourne Cup, or any of the other big sporting events are a favourite pastime, and attracting lots of attention when the season starts among Aussies. To get started online, you can head to our number one recommendation for February, , or else look through the list of shortlisted sites on this page.

Each Australian sports betting site we review is sure to have:

  • Live betting and Sign-up Bonuses
  • Better odds
  • Mobile betting options for iPhone & Android devices
  • In-Play & live action sports wagering opportunities
  • Responsive Customer Service and Secure Transactions

Sports Betting's Popularity Among Australians

Gambling is a huge part of Oz culture, with Aussies easily among the most committed bettors in the world. Sure, they may have a thing for "pokies" slot machines, but placing bets on sports is quickly shaping up to be another popular pastime for its attractive winning odds.

The revenue of the Australian online betting sector has more than trebled in the past decade with recent reports predicting an even further increase on bets on the AFL and NRL in the following years. Regulated sportsbooks are allowed to offer betting on the net to their AU customers and are benefiting from relaxed regulations, permitting certain types of live and in-play betting on gambling sites as well.

In the light of popular sports in Australia, especially Aussie Rules Football (AFL), Rugby (NRL and Rugby Union), Basketball and Cricket, more and more gambling sites have lept at the chance to advertise to prospective bettors. This is why has compiled a detailed guide of the best-rated Australia online betting sites that rate excellent on:

  • Aussie-friendly payment and withdrawal options
  • Variety of popular games and leagues both domestically and abroad
  • Seamless online experience for PCs and mobile devices

A number of bet types are available for international sports, but through the rising popularity of online betting in general - specific to sports popular in Australia is also becoming available. Commonly known as a moneyline bet, Single Betting is available for almost all sports covered by an Australian brand.

Your Betting Options

Gambling enthusiasts in Oz have many options to place real money bets on and offline in Australia. Many licensed sportsbooks are freely accessible and there are plenty of foreign bookmakers that allow Australians to make wagers with them online. Signing up with many of the world's top established online bookmakers is fast and easy.

A number of reputable international brands service the Australian market while operating offshore. These gambling sites are regulated by the governing bodies in the jurisdiction in which they are based and players are advised to double-check before signing up. With so many online betting sites running in the Australian market, players are free to hunt down the best possible gambling experience and even make bets from their iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Apple or Android device on the go using the many apps available. Several things determine if a site is attractive to customers and provides a detailed comparison of their features, bonuses and drawbacks to give you a clear view on their quality and reliability.

Major Sports in Australia

Many sports are popular for placing bets in Australia, although the focus lies primarily on the professional level of the various forms of football. Aussie Rules Football leads the way with the Australian Football League having fans throughout the entire country, and a somewhat limited following around the world. The National Rugby League is another popular choice alongside other rugby competitions.

Australian Football

Australian Football

The A-League and the national team known as the Socceroos enjoy a strong following Down Under and attract a ton of sports betting action. The World Cup is the single most exciting event on the calendar of every self-respecting Aussie looking to play for real cash.



Thanks to their proud British heritage, cricket has remained hugely popular in Australia. The on-going rivalry between the Ashes against England provides plenty of chances to make bets for real cash.



Tennis makes a great deal of the betting action for Aussies, particularly due to annual events, such as the Australian Open in Melbourne. The spectator sport is a welcomed wager by all online betting sites and some even allow you to bet 'in-play' during a match while enjoying the live game.

Some American sports are also catching on Down Under as gambling sites note an increase in bets on Major League Baseball and American football. College and pro football are other commonly bet on sports by Aussies, who have come to know and follow major events like the NCAA National Championship or the Super Bowl.

Mobile Betting On The Go

Here at we always recommend that players try out the respective mobile betting site that they are interested in to double check the validity of any bonus offer listed by the sportsbook. Users who value their time and comfort above everything else are advised to consider mobile betting as it provides a seamless betting experience like nothing else. If you own a Blackberry, Windows or Android phone, iPhone or iPad we would like to introduce you to a range of top rated mobile gambling sites that host plenty of sporting events and fixtures to place a wager on.

Bet365 makes the best mobile betting list for several reasons, including clean, simple interface, generous sign-up bonuses and functionality of features. Their app is responsive on any mobile phone including Apple iPhone and iPad range plus Android mobiles like Samsung and HTC as well as Blackberry.

Now Join The Best Aussie Betting Sites

The revenue of the Australian online betting sector has more than trebled in the past decade.

Players who are interested in betting some of their Australian Dollars on gambling sites will find the guide on useful, as we've made sure to include the top betting sites that offer a great gaming experience. Read on to find out which are the brands that have built a reputation of outstanding customer service, attractive platform designs, mobile device accessibility, transaction reliability and more. There is definitely a wide variety of popular online gambling sites to bet on in Australia, amongst others from around the world, so it can be a bit confusing.

All of our Australian online betting sites are:

  • Fully licensed and regulated
  • Mobile device-friendly
  • Accepting a variety of secure payment methods
  • Offering a variety of bonuses and promotions

Increasing Your Chances of Winning

Most people would be surprised to learn that money management is something that they need to be doing when playing for real cash. Taking things slowly and building a bankroll over time, rather than going for an 'all-in' win approach, is a good way to risk less and win consistently. Additionally, with this technique players are able to manage losing streaks better as opposed to chasing the losses with a big bet, which will inevitably lead to losing the entire bankroll.

With sports betting - players are given a unique opportunity to use the skill of their favourite team and the knowledge of the sport in general to make a more educated bet. It is exciting to follow the teams and sports you have placed a wager on in live action. While nothing is certain in gambling, you can see an increased likelihood of winning by following a team's wins and losses and make predictions accordingly.

Sports Betting FAQ

Is online betting popular in Australia?

Yes. It is a very popular pastime in the country, with thousands of bettors wagering on every major sporting event in and out of Australia. There is a healthy selection of quality venues online to wager at, and all regularly attract large sports betting audiences from Australia.

Which sports can I bet on?

A host of domestic and international sports are available to place bets on. these include Aussie Rules Football (AFL), Rugby (NRL and Rugby Union), Basketball and Cricket as well as horse racing and greyhound racing.

Which sports do Australians like to bet on the most?

The Aussie Rules Football and the National Rugby League, alongside rugby competitions, are the most popular spectator and betting sports, although in recent years Aussies have taken an interest in major North American sports like Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL Football and NHL Hockey.

Can I get a bonus?

Each online betting site has a sign-up bonus for new customers. looks through the Australian market and gives a comprehensive list of the most attractive ones to help boost your bankroll.

Which sportsbetting sites are the best?

Our top picks for Australian players in 2017 include the shortlisted sites you can see on this page, all of which offer a full range of popular Australian sports to wager on, and at a range of stakes to suit all budgets.

Our Top Rated Sports Betting Sites
Betway Casino $200 Bonus Start Betting Start Betting

Payout Speed: 1-2 days

Mobile Betting: Yes

Support: Phone and Email

  • Claim a $200 bonus
  • 100s of games & events to bet
  • Live betting
  • 24h support available

Deposit Options

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Bet365 Casino $150 Bonus Start Betting Start Betting

Payout Speed: 2 days

Mobile Betting: Yes

Support: Email and Phone

  • Safe, secure network
  • Large bonus up to
  • 24/7 service available
  • Bet sports & other events

Deposit Options

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Unibet Logo $30 Bonus Start Betting Start Betting

Payout Speed: 2 days

Mobile Betting: Yes

Support: Email and Phone Support

  • Easy banking options
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Bet on your mobile
  • Great special offers

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