What is the T20 World Cup?

The T20 Cricket World Cup is a limited overs international cricket tournament governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Unlike the ICC Cricket World Cup, which is a One Day International tournament, the T20 equivalent has a shorter format. All competing countries play matches of 20 overs per side, usually completed within three hours. For most of its history, the T20 World Cup has taken place once every two years, but the precise format has changed on some occasions.

Popular T20 World Cup Bets

Betting on the T20 Cricket World Cup is a popular choice for many cricket fans, because there are so many different betting options available. Here we explain some of the common markets and types of bets you can place on the tournament.

T20 World Cup Cricket Odds for 2021

The table below shows a selection of outright odds for who will win the Men’s T20 World Cup in 2021. As the inaugural winners and tournament hosts, India is the narrow favourite ahead of former finalist Australia and fellow cricket powerhouse England. Odds reflect the implied probability of each team winning.

Previous Men’s T20 World Cup Winners

Knowing who has won the T20 Cricket World Cup in the past can help you decide who to bet on this time around. Check out this table which contains the winners, runners-up and host nations of this event in the past.

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Betting

The Women’s T20 World Cup continues to grow in popularity, with a record global unique audience of 89 million in 2020. First held in 2009, Australia has dominated the competition, winning five of the last six editions. The Women’s tournament usually takes place every two years and provides a great opportunity for online betting. You will find a great selection of markets and odds for the Women’s T20 World Cup available at online betting sites.

T20 Cricket Betting Tips

Are you new to cricket betting or just looking for a different perspective on a match? Our tips can help point you in the direction of a successful bet. Read on for our expert cricket betting tips tailored to the T20 World Cup tournament.

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Get to Know Cricket Bets

The better you understand the T20 World Cup match markets and improve your knowledge of the teams and players, the more success you’re likely to have betting. We have only included some of the most popular cricket betting types on this page. There are plenty more available on sports betting sites, including options like Man of the Match, First/Next Wicket Dismissal Method and the Number of Runs Scored in an over. You’ll find more listed on our cricket page as well.

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Consider the T20 Format

The World Cup is arguably the very best of T20 cricket. As a result, the format lends itself to each bowl counting for much more and aggressive attacking play from batsmen. With only 120 balls to face in the innings, the bulk of the runs will likely come from the top four batsmen. Take this into consideration and be wary of putting too much emphasis on batsmen lower down the batting order.

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Manage Your Bankroll

Careful management of your available funds throughout the tournament is key. It’s good to establish how much you’re able to spend in total before you start betting, so you can stick to your budget and bet safely. With careful budgeting and a bit of strategy, you can decide whether to spread your bets across more matches throughout the tournament, or place bigger bets on specific markets. Remember to never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

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Find the Right Sportsbook

When betting on the T20 Cricket World Cup online, it’s important that you choose a site that you can trust. You’ll also want to check that your preferred markets are available and see if there are any offers, particularly in relation to cricket bets. You’ll find a selection of the best sites offering all of this and more here on this page.

Other Cricket Competitions to Bet On

There is more than just the T20 World Cup to bet on when it comes to online cricket betting. If you’re a fan of limited over competitions like the T20 World cup, you have plenty of choice. We’ve summarized a few of the most popular leagues and competitions below:

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ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a One Day International tournament played with matches of 50 overs per side. This tournament is only held once every four years, but in the lead up to and during the competition, you’ll find odds on an excellent range of markets online. Past winners have included England, Australia, India and the West Indies.

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IPL Cricket

The Indian Premier League, or IPL for short, is perhaps the most valuable T20 cricket competition in the world. It attracts the finest cricketers from across the globe to play for one of the franchises attached to India’s big cities. Teams include Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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T20 Blast

In England, the T20 Blast sees the different counties compete in limited overs action. Bet on teams like the Yorkshire Vikings, Sussex Sharks and Essex Eagles. The winners of the Blast get their hands on the T20 Cup.

T20 World Cup Betting FAQ

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