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The Premier League Schedule

We’re here to keep you updated on the full Premier League season. Take a look below for the latest schedule complete with dates and start times.

Top AFC Leagues to Bet On

Outside of European leagues, betting sites will also offer odds for tournaments within the AFC (Asian Football Confederation). The Asian football market has seen huge growth in the last two decades, with the likes of India, Australia, China and South Korea all having their own league systems in place. Some of the top leagues to bet on include:

  • Chinese Super League
  • J1 League (Japan)
  • Indian Super league
  • I-League (India)
  • Australian A-League
  • Malaysian Super League
  • K League Classic (South Korea)
  • AFC Champions League

Popular Football Bets

There’s a huge range of options when it comes to football betting. Take a look at some of the most popular football bets that any good sportsbook will have on offer.

Match Result

The premise of a match result bet is to predict who the winner of a game will be. Bettors can choose to back either the home team, away team or opt for a draw. This is one of the simplest football bets to make. The only thing to remember here is that for cup games, the result will be taken after 90-minutes and won’t include extra time.

Football Odds Explained

Understanding how odds work is an essential part of a bettor’s toolkit. The UK uses fractional odds, while most other countries opt for decimals. Read on for a summary of how to calculate football odds for single and accumulator bets in either format.

Calculating Football Odds

To calculate football odds, start by converting fractional odds into decimals. Add the first number in the fraction (the numerator) to the second (denominator). Then divide that total by the denominator for the decimal odds. After that, just multiply your decimal odds by your stake for the total return.

For example, say you’re wagering $10 on Everton to beat Manchester United with fractional odds of 6/4. 6 added to 4 is 10, which divided by 4 (the denominator) is 2.5 – your decimal odds. 2.5 multiplied by the $10 stake equates to a $25 total return, including the stake back.

Calculating Football Accumulator Odds

Accumulators are slightly more complicated to work out as the odds multiply from leg to leg. This is how to calculate the payout of an acca football bet:

  1. Convert the fractional odds to decimals for each leg of the accumulator
  2. Multiply all decimal prices together to work out the combined odds
  3. Now multiply the combined total odds by your stake to work out the return

For example, say you’re wagering $10 on three picks with odds of 1/1, 2/1 and 3/1. The decimal odds for each would become 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, which multiplied together makes 24.0. Then, simply multiply this number by the $10 stake for a $240 total return, including the stake back.

How Do Bet Builders Work?

Bet builders allow punters to create personalised pre-match football bets. Most sportsbooks will offer this feature and allow bettors to choose from a range of markets, calculate the odds for them and then back them. Bet builders are hugely popular because they allow bettors to create their own unique wagers. Typically, bettors can choose up to six pre-match selections, though this will vary depending on the sportsbook.

Football betting on phone

Strategies for Football Betting

It pays to have a strategy before placing a football bet. The most successful gamblers have a well-researched plan and can tailor their approach to a specific game. Below are a few tips to boost any gambler’s football betting strategy.

  • Football player

    Do Your Research

    The best football bets are those based on data and research. Before a match, be sure to look into things like the performance of both teams over the season, short-term trends in the last few matches as well as any known injuries. If nothing else, be sure to keep on top of match news from reputable betting sources.

  • Football in Goal Net

    Track Your Bets

    Keep a record of the football bets you’ve made. Having quick access to your betting history will help to see where bets have paid off, and the strategies that have fallen short. This will let you look back to analyse, track and improve your betting style. In the long run, wager tracking will help you to make better betting decisions.

  • Chasing Football

    Don’t Bet With Your Heart

    The best sports bettors can put their emotions aside when it comes to betting. It’s easy to put your entire bankroll on the club you support, but a little financial resilience can go a long way. Try to see football betting as a numbers and odds game, rather than a game of faith.

  • Football Dribbling

    Take Advantage of Promotions

    Every sportsbook will have a range of offers on throughout the football season. Be on the lookout for offers, free bets and other bonuses which swing the odds in your favour. Don’t be afraid to sign up with a new sportsbook too if there’s a welcome offer you can’t resist.

How to Make Money on Football Betting

The best way to make money on football is to become a sharp minded bettor. Though there can never be a guarantee of winning, the tips below should help you to get the best value for your wagers.

  1. Look Around for the Best Odds

    For the highest profit, searching around for the best odds is essential. Typically, the biggest sportsbooks will match odds with one another, though this isn’t always the case. Doing your research and finding even a small increase in odds can potentially create a much higher payout.

  2. Shop Around for Price Boosts

    Bookmakers always have offers on, and it pays to shop around. The best football betting sites will all have enhanced odds or price boosts for big games in the season. Keep a sharp lookout for these and compare them across bookmakers to find the best value for your stake.

  3. Take the Small Wins

    The best bettors go after smaller but more frequent wins. There can be hundreds of games to bet on in a season, and it’s not practical to bet on them all. To make your bankroll last, wager on smaller bets that are more likely to payout. They may not be as exciting as landing a major gamble, but modest profits soon stack up.

  4. Go Easy on Accumulators

    Accumulators can offer big wins from small stakes, but there’s a significant risk involved. If even one leg of an accumulator falls through, the entire bet loses. Bet smart with accumulators and avoid making them a core part of a football betting strategy. Ans if you really can’t resist them, be sure to take advantage of acca insurance!

How We Rate the Best Football Betting Sites

Each of our recommended sites are reviewed by a team of industry experts. In order to make it to the shortlist, a football betting site must meet each of the key criteria below.


Safety & Security

Each sportsbook in the toplist undergoes a full background check to ensure it offers a safe betting experience. Sites are assessed to ensure they have a valid gambling licence and are audited regularly. On top of this, a site has to offer up to date SSL encryption and anti-fraud technology.


Number of Football Leagues

The best football betting sites offer markets on a variety of leagues, not just the ones that attract the most money. Our reviewers will be looking out for odds on all of the major European leagues as well as lower domestic divisions and other leagues from around the world.

Site Rating

Range of Bets & Markets

Variety is essential for football betting. The best football betting sites will offer a range of markets and bet types so that punters can find any bet they’re looking for. Our experts will also look at how competitive a sportsbook’s odds are and assess if the site offers a good value for money.


Payment Options

Top football betting sites will have a range of banking options. This includes traditional methods such as debit cards, as well as newer options like cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. Our team will also be looking out for sportsbooks that have lightning fast withdrawal and deposit times.


App & Mobile Betting

The best football betting sites will be well optimised for mobile play. Our team of reviewers will expect to see betting sites with either mobile functionality or a football betting app. Both options should have the same functionality as a desktop site and include match statistics, live streaming, score cards and more.

Mobile with first place rating badge

Customer Support

Knockout customer support is usually a sign of a great football betting site. Our reviewers will test out a sportsbook’s support options to assess just how useful its customer service is. They’ll also be looking for round the clock availability through either a live chat, email address or phone number.

Live dealer

Final Verdict

Any sportsbook that ranks well in the criteria above will make it to our shortlist of the best football betting sites. The review team checks back to update rankings regularly to ensure the shortlist is always up to date.


What Are the Best Football Betting Sites?

RankSportsbookBonus OfferIn-Play BettingPayout SpeedBet Online
1 Gambino Slots-N/AN/A Bet Now
2 WorldWinner-N/AN/A Bet Now
3 Big Fish Casino-YesN/A Bet Now
4 My Jackpot-N/AN/A Bet Now
5 Vera Vegas-N/AN/A Bet Now
6 Goldfish Casino- - N/A Bet Now
7 Heart Of Vegas Slot- - N/A Bet Now
8 Double Down Casino- - NA Bet Now

The Best Football Betting Apps

Football betting and apps go hand in hand. Ranking the best football betting apps is no easy task, but our team of reviewers have put together the top three for 2022. Find out how we rate the best football betting apps above, or head to the shortlist to start betting.

Betting appAndroid app?iOS app?
Gambino Slots
Big Fish Casino

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