The World Series of Poker FAQs: Your 2024 WSOP Questions Answered

The World Series of Poker FAQs: Your 2024 WSOP Questions Answered

Get ready for the 2024 World Series of Poker (WSOP)! Starting on May 28 and spanning until July 17, this series promises big player fields and even bigger scores.

In 2023, we had the largest Main Event prize pool in history – Daniel Wienman took home a cool $12.1 million dollars. This summer presents huge opportunities for players of all bankrolls.

But we know that when it comes to WSOP, a lot of people have a lot of questions. I’ve answered the ones you’re asking most below.

Where is the WSOP held?

The 55th WSOP is taking place at the Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) and Paris Las Vegas hotels, marking a significant (much needed) departure from years past at the Rio. This change – implemented in 2022 – still feels fresh and is greatly appreciated.

Located in the heart of the strip, the Horseshoe and Paris are extremely conveniently located – you can walk to practically any destination. Gone are the days of relying on rented cars or rideshares for every tournament – or, even worse, enduring grueling stays at the expired Rio.

The Horseshoe and Paris are linked, meaning you can travel between them easily to enjoy the combined 150,000 sq. ft. of tournament space. Last year there were a few tournaments where players were even instructed to walk between venues as tables combined.

Where should I stay for the WSOP?

Their interconnectivity means you can stay at either the Horseshoe or Paris and be “on-site.”

Last year, I played the 2023 WSOP Main Event and was very grateful for my suite at the Horseshoe. There are executive rooms past the Horseshoe poker room area with dazzling views of the Bellagio fountains and Paris hotel’s Eiffel tower.

I’d say the main perk of splurging for this upgrade, however, is the elevator access. The problem with staying at Horseshoe or Paris is you’ll struggle to access your room on breaks for major events – the elevators become incredibly jammed and crowded. By the time you’re able to get upstairs, break will often be over.

There are also many neighboring casinos available for all budgets. The LINQ is a solid affordable choice; Bellagio is obviously more decadent. My personal favorite is Planet Hollywood – it’s  the only hotel on the Strip which includes bathtubs in their base room (no need for an upgrade).

Where can I find the WSOP schedule?

The WSOP schedule was released in February.

There are 99 live bracelet events, including the return of the Gladiators of Poker tournament – a $300 buy-in with a $3 million guarantee.

WSOP offers new twists on olds classics such as the Double Board Bomb Pot, Seniors High Roller, and the crowd favorite mystery bounty tournaments (both the Mystery Millions and the introduction of the Mystery Bounty PLO variant). Not to mention numerous online bracelet events you can play while in Vegas too.

You can find smaller buy-in daily tournaments running throughout the entire WSOP. These are faster, single-day events and a great way to get started if you’re at the beginning of your poker journey.

Where else can I play tournaments during WSOP?

Definitely check out poker tournaments happening at other Vegas casinos during the same time frame. The Wynn, Venetian, Aria, MGM Grand, and Golden Nugget all host their own corresponding summer series. These will usually be one and two-day events rather than the lengthier multi-day WSOP tournaments.

When is the WSOP Main Event 2024?

The Main Event will run from July 3-17 and, as usual, the buy-in is $10,000.

What is the buy-in for WSOP (How much does it cost to enter)?

The WSOP isn’t just one event, but instead a large number of tournaments, each with their own individual buy-ins.

In 2024, the lowest buy-in event is the $300 Gladiators of Poker and the highest is the $250,000 Super High Roller.

The Main Event, which is the highlight of the entire WSOP festival, has a buy-in of $10,000.

In previous years, there was the Big One for One Drop event in aid of charity, which cost a jaw-dropping $1 million to enter.

As you can see, there’s no set price for entering the WSOP. It’s also possible to qualify for events via online satellite tournaments, some of which can cost just a few dollars to enter.

Keep in mind many events also have rebuys, so you can get back into the action if you lose – for a price, of course.

Where can I watch WSOP?

You can watch the most exciting WSOP events this year through a live stream by PokerGO.

Although PokerGO will be the main place to watch the WSOP, CBS Sports Network will also broadcast episodes of WSOP Main Event coverage and certain bracelet events.

Any additional advice?

Yes! Make sure to take plenty of small bills. Water bottles are free but don’t forget to tip!

WSOP General Questions

How does the WSOP work?

The World Series of Poker is a series of individual tournaments, each with different buy-ins and poker formats.

Essentially, it is a festival of poker that takes place over the course of around six weeks annually, with the Main Event being the pinnacle.

Each event follows a tournament format, with every player starting with the same number of chips.

The winner is the person left standing at the end. Those winning any WSOP event will not only receive a prize but will also get a coveted WSOP bracelet as well.

How do you enter WSOP?

You can either register online or in person. You’ll need a valid photo ID and your Caesars Rewards Loyalty card, plus an additional form of ID if you’re an international player.

If you don’t have a card, the Caesars Rewards Center can easily print one for you.

Can anyone enter the WSOP?

Yes, absolutely anyone can enter a tournament at the WSOP, providing they are at least 21 years old and present a player’s card.

This is part of the thrill. The final table could be made-up of total novices or big-name poker pros – and it usually is!

The cheapest way for an amateur to gain entry is to win one of the many WSOP satellite tournaments. In 2003, Chris Moneymaker – yes that’s his real name – turned a $39 satellite ticket into a $2.5 million dollar score! At the WSOP, you, too, could be the next breakout star.

Who won the 2023 WSOP Main Event?

Daniel Weinman from the United States of America was crowned winner of the 2023 WSOP Main Event, taking home a record-breaking $12.1 million in winnings.

Who has the most WSOP bracelets?

Phil Hellmuth holds the record for the most WSOP bracelets, having won 17 since 1989.

Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson all tie for second place, with 10 WSOP bracelets each.

Who has won the most WSOP Main Events?

Two players are tied for the most WSOP Main Event wins – Johnny Moss and Stu Ungar. Both have won the event three times.

Johnny Moss won the first two WSOP events ever held, however it was different back then, as the winner was decided through a vote by the other players.

How much money can you win in a WSOP tournament?

The prize for each tournament changes depending on how many people enter the event, so there is no clear-cut answer for this question, although some events naturally have the biggest prize pools.

More players equates to grander payouts, but you must also outlast a larger field in order to win. WSOP events are always heavily attended…it’s common to see paydays cracking one million dollars!

This is what makes bounty formats so alluring. If you reach Day 2 of the Mystery Millions, for example, you will draw a random variable bounty every time you eliminate a player – this bounty can be worth enormous sums of money. The highest bounty in this event is worth $1,000,000! You don’t have to reach the final table in order to achieve major payouts.

There are likewise standardized bounty tournaments such as the $1,500 Super Turbo Bounty where every player has a $500 bounty on their head from the start.

Who has won the most money in poker?

The highest-earing player in all tournaments is Bryn Kenney, who has won over $65.1 million (and counting) in his career so far.

He is followed by Justin Bonomo and Stephen Chidwick. This doesn’t take into account money won playing in cash games behind closed doors, though.

How do poker satellites work?

Satellite poker tournaments are qualifying events to another, usually larger buy-in event. It’s essentially a way of gaining a ticket (entry) into an expensive tournament.

Imagine you wanted to enter the Main Event but couldn’t afford the $10,000 buy-in. You could instead spend $100 on a satellite tournament, with the hope you’d parlay it into a coveted Main Event seat.

Most satellite tournaments take place online where it’s possible to gain entry into big tournaments with just a couple of dollars. Live satellites exist as well – including at the WSOP in Las Vegas itself – but the upfront cost tends to be higher.

How do you win seats in the WSOP?

To win a seat at the WSOP, you’ll have to enter a satellite tournament. These are held at various different poker sites and online casinos. ClubGG is a flat $49.99 per month for the Platinum Membership available to players all around the world (including Americans) where you can attempt to satellite your way into select WSOP events.

If you can win the satellite, you will gain entry into the specified WSOP tournament.

Keep your eyes peeled online for various giveaways. Last year I won my seat through a Twitter(X) contest! Credit to professional poker player and women’s poker advocate Nadya Magus for hosting the competition and the incredibly generous two-time WSOP bracelet winner Scott Ball for donating the seat.

How much do poker players at the WSOP final table get paid to wear sponsor patches?

This really depends on how well-known players are and what deals they have in place with sponsors, although it’s been reported that some can earn as much as $100,000 just to wear a patch at the Main Event.

2016 WSOP Main Event winner Qui Nguyen reportedly declined a six-figure deal to replace his iconic raccoon hat at the televised final table.

How many people are seated at your WSOP Main Event table?

The beginning of the Main Event is generally staggered over the first four days, as it would be exceptionally difficult to get 10,000 people playing poker at the same time.

Nine people are usually sat at one table in the Main Event, although people are moved regularly from table to table, in order to balance the tables properly. There is always the risk of 10-handed tables if they are at overcapacity, which almost happened in 2023 on Day 1D.

Which Day 1 of the WSOP Main Event should you play?

Choose your starting flight wisely. I have played the last three WSOP Main Events and received dreadful table draws in my first two attempts. Everyone at my tables was extraordinarily timid and tight – it was very difficult to win any pots or garner significant amounts of chips.

In 2023, I learned my lesson – I didn’t want another experience that felt like watching paint dry. I adjusted by playing on July 4 (United States Independence Day) because I knew there would be more international pros since many Americans would be celebrating the holiday. The pro-heavy field was much more aggressive and resulted in a drastically larger average pot size. As a result of the battling, I ended-up chip leader for several hours on my Day 1!

Alternatively, many people target Day 1D as it most closely coincides with the weekend. It is always the biggest field and feeds into its own separate Day 2.

You can now register into Day 2 directly and skip the first day entirely. The advantage here is that many players have already been eliminated and you are much closer to reaching the payouts.

What is the difference between a WSOP bracelet and winning the WSOP Main Event?

Every person who wins a WSOP event receives a bracelet – a “bracelet-winner” is considered the most prestigious title in tournament poker.

The winner of the Main Event is likewise awarded a bracelet but there is only one per year. The enormous cash prize comes with unique international prestige. The Main Event winner goes down in history!

How much money do WSOP dealers make?

The WSOP has said that starting pay for all dealers will begin at $12.50 an hour with a $100 bonus after “successfully completing” their first shift.

There is also $15-$20 per down depending on the event and added pooled tips.

It is a strenuous job but can be lucrative!

Are WSOP winnings taxed?

This really depends where you live, so you should check your local laws.

US players can pay up to 50 percent in tax on their winnings, while those from the UK and many EU countries will not pay any tax at all. In 2022, the 3rd-place finisher (Jack Oliver) from the UK netted more than the 2nd-place finisher (George Holmes) from the US!

This is why many professional poker players live in countries with low or no taxation on winnings.

Check out our blog post on everything you need to know about rake and taxes in WSOP.

Lead image credit: World Poker Tour/Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0