Introducing 3D Roulette

Let’s start with a key piece of information: when talking about playing 3D roulette online in this guide, we’re talking about the Playtech European roulette title bearing this name. It's not a variation which you'll find anywhere but a Playtech online casino.

This faithful recreation of the game isn't, in the literal sense, exactly 3D. It features a rendered graphic wheel that “reacts” more smoothly than other online versions of the game. We’re here to guide you through the game and tell you the best places to play 3D roulette, free or for real money.

How to Play 3D Roulette

Step 1

Examine the table, interface, wheel and controls

With its racetrack and lots of customizability, 3D roulette may look a bit different from other European roulettes you’ve played. You can change visuals in 'User Interface Options'. Spend some time getting used to the layout. It’s still the same at its core, with black and red numbers from 1 to 36 and a single green zero.

Step 2

Exercise proper bankroll management

With a house edge of 2.7%, around half that of American roulette and double that of French roulette, 3D roulette is relatively lenient. Bets on individual numbers are always risky though. Always consider how much you can afford to spend per bet or session before you start spinning.

Roulette Table
Step 3

Place your bets and spin

3D roulette isn’t a live dealer game, meaning you’re the one in the driver’s seat. You can play as quickly or as slowly as you like – the wheel won’t start spinning until you click that big red button. Once you’ve placed your bet(s) by clicking chips and placing on the board, cross your fingers and spin!

Spinning the wheel
Step 4

Plan your next steps

Wins and losses are awarded and removed automatically, so focus on monitoring how quickly your bankroll is rising or falling. You can use the time between spins to see if streaks are developing. This may influence whether you want to place another bet or not.

Roulette Result

Special Rules of 3D Roulette

Not much to report here, since the game rules follow the European version of roulette that we all know and love. That means, of course, it has only a single zero – the double zero of American roulette is absent.

The addition of a racetrack and call bets means that this game is a great bridge between European and French roulette. There’s also the highly customizable table, sitting below that striking 3D roulette wheel. This makes for a fantastic playing experience that you can tailor to your own preferences. Despite similarities with French roulette, the house edge remains at 2.7% as it's a European roulette game at heart.

What's Unique About 3D Roulette Odds and Payout?

French, American and European roulette variations all have slightly different odds associated with bets you can place while playing. It’s worth looking at how these shape up in 3D roulette before you start a game.

Bet Type Player Odds Payout
Straight (single number)
Player Odds 2.7%
Payout 35 to 1
Split (two numbers)
Player Odds 5.4%
Payout 17 to 1
Street (three numbers)
Player Odds 8.1%
Payout 11 to 1
Corner (four numbers)
Player Odds 10.8%
Payout 8 to 1
Player Odds 32.4%
Payout 2 to 1
Player Odds 32.4%
Payout 2 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1
Player Odds 48.6%
Payout 1 to 1

Free Roulette Reference Chart – Download Yours!

Some happy news here is that, as long as you’re familiar with European roulette, you’re already familiar with this 3D roulette game by Playtech. If you’ve never played before, have only played American roulette or just need a refresher course, you’ll find our chart useful. It will give you all the relevant information clearly and directly. It’s also handy for checking the payouts of all possible bets.

Get Your FREE GUIDE to Online Roulette Reference Chart! download now

Comparing Roulette Variants (at a Glance)

Roulette game feature 3D American European French Mini
3D 37
American 38
European 37
French 37
Mini 13
Double 0
Highest payout
3D 35/1
American 35/1
European 35/1
French 35/1
Mini 35/1
Lowest payout
3D 1/1
American 1/1
European 1/1
French 1/1
Mini 1/1
La partage
European Sometimes
En prison
European Sometimes
Free play
Live dealer
House edge
3D 2.7%
American 5.26%
European 2.7%
French 1.35%
Mini 3.85%

Other Roulette Variants You Can Play

Playing 3D Roulette on Mobile

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your skills and play 3D roulette free or for real money on the move, Playtech has got you covered. You’ll find this game available on various casino apps and responsive mobile casino sites. You can play using your Apple iOS mobile device, as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

Regardless of how you play, we’d recommend you take this one for a spin in free play mode first – the game can feel cramped on smaller screens. This is due to the inclusion of the racetrack and large size of the 3D roulette wheel itself. Mobile roulette doesn't generally look spacious at the best of times, so be aware of how your gameplay might be affected.

The graphics and effects of 3D roulette are comparable on mobile devices and desktop play. As you’d expect, it performs a little more smoothly on the latter. Still, if 3D roulette is your favorite variant, you’ll be thrilled to be able to take it on the go with you in any form.

Playing 3D Roulette on Mobile

3D Roulette – Top Strategy Tips

Play 3D roulette free first

Practice mode exists for a number of different reasons. From letting players test out new software, to giving newbies a chance to learn the rules. It’s worth taking advantage of this mode until you have a feel for the game and its intricacies.

Don’t be intimidated

Remember that 3D roulette is a flashy variant of European roulette. It's got repeat betting functionality and a racetrack that uses unfamiliar terms like voisins du zero and tiers du cylindre. Uncomfortable with these additional features? Stick with a traditional table layout.

Test out (but don’t rely on) strategies

We’re sad to say that there’s no system that enables players to win every time they play 3D roulette. Strategies and betting patterns can yield some short-term success, however, so they might be worth looking into.

Streaks are always coincidences!

Forget about streaks. Probability dictates that the odds of getting heads 100 times flipping a coin are the same as getting heads and tails 50 times each. This is true, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Regardless, many players take streaks of red/black or odd/even into account. Verdict

Some players load up 3D roulette expecting it to require 3D glasses or a virtual reality headset, which isn't the case. Instead, this is an attractive Playtech variation of European roulette with a racetrack, as well as various options to customize the table and wheel’s appearance. It’s been around online for a while but remains a firm favorite with lots of players. This is simply because there aren’t many more stylish European roulette variants around!

J.M. Gola
Game Expert, Roulette

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