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Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok

In an attempt to quash illegal gambling operations in Thailand, Commander-in-Chief General Adul Snagsingkaew announced a crackdown on gambling dens and other places of ‘vice’ throughout the country. As a result, more than 200 officers from Metropolitan Police Division 2 recently took part in a Thai gambling den raid carried out on the infamous Tao…Read More

Fake VIP Room Hoax Henchmen Sentenced in Macau

Sixteen individuals, arrested last year, have been sentenced by Macau’s Court of First Instance for their involvement in running a twisted VIP room hoax in a Cotai luxury hotel room last year. The Macau Post reported that the sixteen arrestees were actually operating as part of a larger criminal syndicate. It reported that the syndicate…Read More

NY’s Cuomo Tells Seneca Nation to Negotiate or Else

You really don’t want to mess around with a New Yorker; especially not if he’s New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The second-generation governor (his father, Mario Cuomo, served as the state’s leader for three terms, from 1983 to 1994) is telling the Seneca Nation of Indians that he’s not bluffing when he says he will…Read More

Full Tilt’s Bitar Makes Deal with DoJ While Awaiting Heart Transplant

How the mighty have fallen: Ray Bitar, the 40-year-old former CEO of Full Tilt poker – once at the top of the financial food chain that was online poker until the infamous Black Friday events toppled the biggest players – is now possibly near death, and has agreed to a plea deal with the Feds…Read More

KGM Gaming and Spin Games Joining Forces for Online Gaming Services

With a number of U.S. states legalizing or heading towards the legalization of online gambling, Philadelphia-based KGM Gaming and Spin Games are aligning themselves to take advantage of these ongoing developments. The land-based casino supplier KGM this week announced an interactive games content letter of intent to license game content and interactive technology following an…Read More

Australia Rails Against Legality of Apple Poker App

A number of politicians in Australia, known for their views against online gambling, are questioning the legality of an Apple poker app, and are calling for a federal government clamp down on gambling operators from overseas. “We don’t allow online poker in Australia for Australian people under the Interactive Gambling Act,” stated Senator Richard Di…Read More

Romania On Track for Legalized Online Gambling

While the U.S. scrambles state-by-state to finally get legalized online gambling in place, you will all be much relieved to know that over in Eastern Europe, the legal beagles aren’t asleep at the wheel either; Romania is hard at work creating a National Gambling Office (NGO), which will oversee the regulatory process for online gambling…Read More

New Mexico Tribes Fight to Ban Online Gambling

Blackmail is such an ugly word, but it’s hard to see a new Navajo Nations gambling compact with the state of New Mexico in any other light; the new agreement, now being negotiated, would effectively allow the tribe to withhold any slot machine revenue due the Land of Enchantment should state legislators put through laws…Read More

Modesto Raid Reveals Illegal Online Gambling and Prostitution

Police in Modesto, California arrested twelve people from two businesses recently, following allegations that they were carrying out illegal online gambling operations. During the Modesto raid, 64 computers were seized from the two businesses, and LinkNet, which had each attempted to disguise their illegal operations through advertising themselves as an internet cafe and a…Read More

Legalized Online Gambling at a Standstill for Prince Edward Island

Wes Sheridan, Finance Minister for the Canadian provincial government of Prince Edward Island, was recently reported as announcing that plans to push ahead with an online gambling regulatory and licensing system had ground to a halt. Sheridan told the local Guardian newspaper that the provincial government has already lost out on millions of dollars in…Read More

Kenyan Casino Attacked by Islamic Terrorist Group; Eight Dead

A terrorist attack on a Kenyan casino by a militant group called the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) has left eight dead. Six of the victims were MRC members, while two were members of the police services that responded to the attack to defend the casino and its patrons. There were no reported civilian casualties (the…Read More

Sydney’s Crown Casino Project Still Stalled

Crown Ltd’s James Packer appears to have garnered the support of non-denominational Christian support group Mission Australia as he strives to obtain a casino license for the Sydney area. Mission Australia has agreed to a partnership for the proposed Barangaroo casino project so that the group can provide around the clock counselling for those experiencing…Read More

Safe Bet That Legal Sports Betting Is Gaining Acceptance Across the States

It’s not a new observation: in a country still crawling back out from the worst recession in a century, legalizing sports betting is yet another effective way for states to dig out from under. Nevada, for example, will see wagers in excess of $200 million on March Madness sports book action alone, and that little…Read More

Adelson Gets Camera-Shy in Court, Asks for Ban

Sheldon Adelson, Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, has never shied away from the spotlight, but he’s asking for cameras to be banned from the courtroom as he takes the witness stand in a high-profile civil case coming up.  Adelson made the request to the judge, saying his personal security is at stake…Read More

Nevada Sports Betting Embroiled in Battle of Who Can Accept Wagers

Back in the day, if one mob crew was siphoning business from another mobster famiglia in Las Vegas, you know what happened: all hell broke loose. Not much has really changed; the battles have just moved away from the mob and into the state legislature.  The latest such battle involves huge corporate casino sports books…Read More