Best live Casino Hold’em sites in Canada 2024

Our top recommended live dealer poker sites

Rank Casino Bonus Offer Payout Speed Win Rate Play Online
#1 Top Rated Casino
ca flag
Payout 1-7 days
Win Rate 98.65%
Deposit options include
  • Over 1000 high quality games
  • Range of deposit methods
  • Over $5 million in winnings every day
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Payout 1-7 days
Win Rate 98.65%
Deposit options include
  • $5m Mega Moolah Jackpot
  • More than 630+ casino games
  • Secure banking options
ca flag
Payout 1-3 days
Win Rate 97.00%
Deposit options include
  • No Wagering Requirements.
  • Players can earn cashback on every bet.
  • Instant Withdrawals.
ca flag
Payout 1-2 days
Win Rate 97.79%
ca flag
Payout 1-3 days
Win Rate 97.13%
ca flag
Payout 0-2 days
Win Rate 97.39%
ca flag
Payout 1-7 days
Win Rate 97%
ca flag
Payout Instant
Win Rate 97.54%
ca flag
Payout 1-7 days
Win Rate 97.45%
ca flag
Payout 1-2 Days
Win Rate 97.81%

Live dealer Casino Hold’em sites to avoid

In order for us to recommend an online casino, it needs to pass our 25-step review process. Each step is a different hurdle to overcome - including licencing, player security, gaming software, bonuses, and banking. If any step is failed, we add the casino to our list of sites we don’t think you should use.

What is live dealer Casino Hold’em?

Live dealer Casino Hold'em combines the essence of traditional poker with live gaming. Accessed online, Casino Hold’em is played with a live dealer via video streaming. Playing against the house, you place bets and strategize as you would in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Online Casino Hold’em is elevated with interactive features, allowing direct communication with the dealer and other players through live chat. Online casino software replicates the genuine casino atmosphere, complete with the buzz of anticipation, all conveniently accessible from the comfort of your chosen device.

The difference between Casino Hold’em and Texas Hold’em

Casino Hold'em and Texas Hold'em are two different variations of the popular poker game. Texas Hold’en is the most popular variant where you play against other players in various settings. In Casino Hold’em, you play against the house/dealer at a casino.

Casino Hold'em

You play against the house

Fixed odds, players can't influence others' decisions

Beat the dealer's hand to win

Dealer is constant

Texas Hold'em

You compete against other players

Varied betting options, involving strategic bets and bluffs against opponents

Have the best hand among other players to win the pot

Dealer position rotates among players

Casino Hold'em Texas Hold'em

You play against the house

You compete against other players

Fixed odds, players can't influence others' decisions

Varied betting options, involving strategic bets and bluffs against opponents

Beat the dealer's hand to win

Have the best hand among other players to win the pot

Dealer is constant

Dealer position rotates among players

How to play live Casino Hold’em online

This guide outlines the steps to play Casino Hold'em at a live casino online. Exploring the rules, gameplay, and strategies, it provides a comprehensive walkthrough for enthusiasts aiming to engage in this thrilling card game.

Place your bet

Place your initial bet known as the “ante". An optional bonus bet can also be placed on most live Casino Hold'em games.

    Step 1

    Two cards face down

    The dealer will deal all players two cards and two face down cards to themselves.

      Step 2

      Three cards face up

      Three community cards will be dealt face up on the table. All players can use these as common cards to make up the hand.

        Step 3

        Decide to call or fold

        Evaluate your cards against potential winning combinations, considering the community cards, and either call or fold. Call is when you continue the round by placing a call bet that is equal to your ante. If you fold, the round ends and you lose your bet.

          Step 4

          Community cards & final hand

          The dealer reveals the community cards, forming the final hand for both you and the dealer.

            Step 5

            Revealing dealer's cards

            The dealer will reveal their initial two cards.

              Step 6

              Compare hands & determine the winner

              Compare your hand with the dealer's to determine the winner. To qualify for a winning hand, the dealer must hold at least a pair of 4s. If it doesn’t, you get your call bet back and your ante bet according to the casino's paytable.

              In tie situations, the highest card decides the winner. For example, three Kings beat three Queens. An Ace can be the highest or lowest card in a straight.

                Step 7

                Tips for live Casino Hold’em

                Before you play live dealer Casino Hold’em, there are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding whether to fold or call.

                • Call when you have any Ace or King
                • Call when you have a pair or better
                • Call when you need just one card to hit a flush or straight draw
                • Call when your two cards are higher than all three community cards
                • Fold if neither of your cards are over 10 unless you have a flush or straight draw

                Advantages of live Casino Hold’em

                If a live casino experience and flexibility are on your wish list, read on to find out why it’s worth visiting a live Casino Hold’em poker table.

                Live video streaming

                Live Casino Hold’em makes you feel closer to the action. Select your table and the live HD video will appear on your screen, including a friendly dealer who’ll be ready to deal your cards. Multiple camera angles give you the opportunity to zoom in or change your view. Chat with the dealer and feel that unique casino buzz.

                  Live Video Streaming

                  Play wherever you want

                  Don’t fret if you can’t get to a land based casino. With live Casino Hold'em, you can bring the casino to you. Whether you want to play in bed, under the stars, or on your daily commute, you can do so with ease.

                    Play Wherever You Want

                    Better odds

                    The virtual green guarantees better odds and payouts than brick and mortar casinos can. Wagers are reasonable and the enticing odds coupled with sound strategy can help you win more real cash.

                      Better Odds

                      Secure and safe

                      All the live Casino Hold'em sites we recommend will guarantee you a completely safe and secure environment.

                        Secure and Safe

                        Types of Casino Hold'em games

                        Comparing land based, online, and live online casinos

                        Land based, online, and live casinos all offer unique gaming experiences, varying in atmosphere, interaction, and gameplay. Below is an overview of what you can expect from each. Whatever option you choose, you’re sure to have fun when you play casino games.

                        Topic Land based casino Online casino Live casino online
                        High limits
                        Low limits
                        Payment options

                        Winning Casino Hold’em hands and payouts

                        Although live Casino Hold’em follows the same hand ranking as Texas Hold’em, it has a payout structure of its own. While this can vary at land based casinos, it typically ranges from 1:1 right up to 100:1 if you hit that dream royal flush.

                        Name of hand Description of hand Strength of hand Example of hand Live Casino Hold’em payouts
                        High Card
                        No hand made, so highest card counts
                        JD 9S 7D 3C 2D
                        Two cards of same rank
                        10C 10D KS 8C 7D
                        Two Pair
                        Two different pairs
                        KS KH 8S 8C JH
                        Three of a Kind
                        Three cards of same rank
                        JD JS JH 5C 8D
                        Five cards in a sequence
                        Very good
                        JS 10H 9D 8S 7H
                        Five cards of same suit
                        Very good
                        QC 10C 7C 6C 3C
                        Full House
                        Three of a kind, plus a pair
                        JC JH JD 8C 8H
                        Four of a Kind
                        Four cards of same rank
                        9S 9C 9H 9D 5H
                        Straight Flush
                        Five cards in sequence with same suit
                        Very strong
                        9H 8H 7H 6H 5H
                        Royal Flush
                        AKQJ10, all with same suit
                        AC KC QC JC 10C

                        Deck of cards explained

                        A standard deck of cards contains 52 playing cards. Each of these cards has a suit and values assigned to them. The four different suits are: diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs - these are abbreviated below as D, H, S and C. The value of the card can be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace. The numerical values retain their names in the table below, while the final four are abbreviated to J, Q, K and A. So, for example, 7S would refer to the seven of spades.

                        52 cards deck

                        2C 3C 4C 5C 6C 7C 8C 9C TC JC QC KC AC

                        Live games & mobile play

                        Mobile casinos offer convenience and accessibility, allowing players to enjoy gaming on the go. The perks of playing on mobile include flexibility, instant access to a wide range of casino games, and the convenience of playing from anywhere. The best mobile casinos in Canada often feature live dealer poker games like Casino Hold'em, providing an immersive and interactive experience with real-time gameplay directly on mobile devices.

                        Poker Mobile
                        • Play live dealer Casino Hold'em on the move
                        • Take advantage of complete privacy with your own personal screen
                        • Make instant deposits and withdrawals from your smartphone
                        • Enjoy software built specifically for your device

                        Best live Casino Hold’em bonuses

                        When you play at one of our recommended top live Casino Hold’em sites in Canada, you can take advantage of the generous casino bonuses. While many traditional online poker sites offer decent bonuses, many of the bonuses we’ve secured are exclusive to

                        There’s no doubt that a live dealer casino online takes Casino Hold'em to a whole new level. But combine that with a generous welcome bonus and you have a winning combination.

                        Meet the providers

                        Time to start playing live Casino Hold’em

                        Live dealer Casino Hold'em can provide hours of entertainment. Apart from winning money, it’s an opportunity to chat with people all over the world. If security is a concern, put your mind at ease, as encryption, firewalls, and regular security checks are the foundation of these casinos' safety protocols.

                        All that’s left is to choose a live Casino Hold'em site that appeals to you. Review the bonus offers, sign up, and deposit to step onto the live casino floor where the Casino Hold'em table will be waiting.

                        Want to play now? Check out the #1 live dealer Hold'em casino in Canada

                        ca flag
                        Payout 1-7 days
                        Win Rate 98.65%

                        How we rate live Casino Hold’em sites

                        Before we recommend any online casino, we first subject it to a lengthy 25-step review process. This ensures each site measures up to the strict operating standards we expect of the best, who all offer a selection of live dealer poker games. The live casinos that feature in our recommended list have all exceeded our reviewers' expectations on a strict set of criteria that includes:

                        Security and encryption

                        Ensuring your online safety is our number one priority. If a Casino Hold'em live casino doesn't have the latest security software in place, we won't even consider recommending it.

                        Secure SSL
                        Secure badge

                        Bonus scheme

                        You'll want to find an online casino that offers some sort of bonus incentive, but sadly these aren't always as good as they first seem. We put casino bonuses to the test to make sure they're the real deal.

                        Bowl of Diamonds

                        Fast payouts

                        We insist on fast withdrawals being available through multiple options, ensuring that when you win at the live dealer Casino Hold'em table you won’t have to wait very long to access your money.

                        No deposit bonus

                        Mobile casino

                        The best live Casino Hold'em casinos all support mobile and tablet gaming so you can get online and play regardless of where you are.


                        Game selection

                        Every online casino you find here features a broad selection of live dealer Casino Hold'em games as well as multiple variations. Plus, you’ll find an assortment of other casino games should you fancy a break from the table.

                        Live dealer person man user human logo blue

                        24/7 customer support

                        A legitimate live Casino Hold'em site in Canada will make contacting customer services easy and transparent. The casinos we tested all had responsive customer representatives, contactable by email, phone or live chat, around the clock.

                        4.1 /5

                        Casino Hold’em FAQs

                        What is live Casino Hold'em?

                        Live Casino Hold'em is a casino table game where players play against the dealer, aiming to form the best poker hand using their cards and community cards dealt on the table.

                        Can you play Casino Hold'em in a casino?

                        Yes, Casino Hold'em is a popular table game available at many online casinos in Canada. It's played against the house/the dealer, where players aim to form the best possible hand using their cards and the community cards to beat the dealer's hand.

                        How do you play live dealer Casino Hold'em?

                        To play live dealer Casino Hold'em, join a live game at an online casino, place an initial bet (ante), receive two cards, decide to fold or call based on your hand and the dealer's card, and aim to form a better hand than the dealer's to win.

                        Are there any live Hold'em tournaments online?

                        Yes, some online casinos in Canada organize live dealer Casino Hold'em tournaments. These events gather players in a competitive setting, often featuring multiple rounds with varying buy-ins and prize pools.

                        Can I try live Casino Hold'em for free before wagering real money?

                        While many online casinos offer free-play or demo versions of certain games, live dealer games, including live Casino Hold'em, usually don't have free-play options.

                        How do I know live dealer games are safe & secure?

                        Live dealer Hold'em games undergo rigorous testing to ensure fairness, and displayed licenses and certifications on reputable sites guarantee fair gameplay.

                        Are there live Hold'em apps for mobile & tablet users?

                        Yes, an increasing number of online casinos in Canada are offering live dealer casino Hold’em apps for mobile play. Check out our reviews section to find the best sites for mobile and tablet live dealer casino Hold’em games.

                        What are the live Casino Hold’em payouts?

                        The size of the payouts you receive in live casino Hold’em will vary depending on the strength of your hand. For weaker hands you’ll receive the standard 1:1, but this typically increases to 2:1 for a flush, 3:1 for a full house, 10:1 if you hit four of a kind, 20:1 in the case of a straight flush, and an attractive 100:1 for a royal flush.

                        How does Casino Hold'em work at a casino?

                        In a casino, Casino Hold'em involves players receiving private cards (hole cards) and using them with community cards to create winning hands. Players bet strategically against the dealer, aiming to win the pot.

                        How to play real money poker online?

                        To play real money poker online, choose a reputable online poker site, create an account, deposit funds, select a game type, join a table, and start playing.

                        Can you play poker against the house?

                        Yes, certain poker variants, like Casino Hold'em or Ultimate Texas Hold'em, pit players against the house/dealer rather than against other players, where the goal is to have a stronger hand than the dealer's to win.

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