Most Surprising Gamblers to Get Caught Stealing Money

Most Surprising Gamblers to Get Caught Stealing Money

Certain gamblers are cliché, right? The business person playing table games during a work trip to Las Vegas, or the retired couples who pour their pensions into the slots in exchange for buffet passes.

But who wouldn’t you expect to see at the casino?

1. Two Nuns

Everyone knew that Sisters Mary Margaret Kreuper and Lana Chang were gamblers. They were open about their many trips to Vegas, funded by a ‘rich uncle’.

Except it turned out that the rich uncle was really the parents who were paying for school.

The nuns admitted to siphoning off cash from tuition fees and donations at Saint James School near Los Angeles for at least a decade. While reports estimated that they stole upwards of $500,000 it wasn’t confirmed. What was confirmed was that their order would be returning the money.

It makes you wonder if they wore their nun’s habits to the casino for good luck.

2. The Banker

Brian Molony probably should never have been hired by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, considering his passion for the track and gambling developed from the age of 10.

But his test scores were so good, they hired him right out of university. He led an unassuming lifestyle in Toronto, unless you count the millions he embezzled and gambled.

In fact, he set up special shell companies and accounts that made it easier for people to deposit sums of money into the casino without detection. So he was a gambler’s banker, helping everyone send their money directly to the card table. Once he was caught, he served his time and ended up working as a business consultant, hopefully without access to anyone else’ accounts.


3. The Priest

After losing more than $1 million to gambling debts, a Swiss priest was sent to rehab. He was forced to resign from his religious duties, especially as he used his position as priest to secure loans from churchgoers to fund his addiction.

Amusingly, the church authorities knew he had a gambling problem but didn’t warn parishioners about the issue. Instead, they offered therapy and other support, which the priest refused to travel to Russia for the World Cup instead. After that point, the church authorities decided to take disciplinary action and remove him from his post.

He’s not even the first priest to be caught gambling like this. Another priest in Philadelphia also embezzled, this time $500,000 for gambling. Do you think these men had faith that they would win?


4. Some Buddhist Monks

It seems that Buddhist monks, for all their internal happiness and seeming calm just can’t stay away from the casino action. This one went to prison after stealing over $250,000 from his own temple to gamble.

In Korea, a massive scandal broke out when a group of monks were recorded playing high-stakes poker, drinking, and smoking. At it for 13 hours, they gambled $875,300. It caused such outrage, the whole country needed to breathe and say Ohm.

5. The MP

At the end of 2018, Canadian MP Raj Grewel resigned from his position so that he could get treatment “related to a gambling problem that led him to incur significant personal debts.”

Plenty of other politicians have been known to gamble a bit from time to time, and certainly no one expects them to forgo one form of entertainment or another. However, when you rack up that kind of debt, and then invite bankers to official government receptions, that certainly raises some eyebrows!


6. The TV Producer

Plenty of celebrities are notorious gamblers. There’s nothing unexpected there. But this TV producer managed to get out prison time after engaging in high-stakes sports betting with a Russian mafia-run gambling ring.

Everyone knows that if you’re going to be a celebrity who gambles, you should just find a nice young lady running games out of her penthouse.


7. The Kindergarten Thief

For some gamblers, finding money is as easy as stealing money from a baby. Almost literally for Periclis Telios. This president of a kindergarten association stole over $220,000 from the school’s accounts for his gambling habit.

After he was arrested, he told detectives that he wagered on pretty much everything. From AFL betting, horses, greyhounds and more, he just poured his ill-gotten funds into gambling every day. It helps to get more funds by not only running the kindergarten, but also becoming its accountant. Thanks to the police and court, it appears that Telios will be in time out for a while.

8. Your Neighbor’s Kid

Gambling is something that’s clearly part of adult entertainment. In Las Vegas, anyone under 21 isn’t allowed on the casino floor, and around the world age restrictions are enforced. But recent studies show that underage gambling is on the rise. In fact, kids are more likely to have engaged in underage gambling than drinking or smoking.

Whether they are doing it online, sneaking bets at bars and other establishments, or simply betting on cards games with friends, it appears that kids are gambling a lot more than anyone realizes.