US Cities with the Most Swifties Per Capita 

It’s me, hi, I’m a Swiftie, it’s me! With 53% of Americans identifying as Taylor Swift fans and 4.35 million Eras Tour tickets sold in the US alone, it’s no secret that Swifties are spread throughout the country – repping their best Eras outfits all while boosting the economy!  

In honor of Miss Americana’s highly anticipated album “The Tortured Poets Department” on April 19th, we’re celebrating by discovering which cities boast the most Swifties (per capita). We delved into each Era’s Tour cities and their Taylor Swift scene to analyze factors such as stadium attendance, TikTok videos, Google search volumes, Taylor Swift-themed events, and the number of Facebook Taylor Swift group members – to determine which city is the most “Fearless” in their love for Tay Tay.  

Key Findings: 

  • Santa Clara crowns itself as the ‘Swiftie Capital’ with a perfect score of 100/100 
  • Tampa ranks 2nd overall (98.7/100), with Pittsburgh closely behind in 3rd (66.5/100)  
  • Including Travis Kelce himself, Kansas City holds the 4th highest Swiftie density, with a score of 65/100 
  • Las Vegas ranks last overall, with a “Blank Space” score of 0/100 

…Ready For It?” Cities with the most Taylor Swift fans

After meticulously analyzing data from coast to coast, Santa Clara, California wins “The Great War” and ranks #1 with a perfect score of 100/100. This ultimate Swiftie Capital hit an impressive tally of 10.7k TikTok videos recorded from the two shows alone! Not only that, but a whopping 137k total fans attended these shows – resulting in a 107% population increase considering Santa Clara’s population is only 124.8k! As Taylor says, “Don’t Blame Me” love made us crazy! 

Making waves on the East Coast, Tampa, Florida secures #2 overall in Swiftie capita, with a score of 98.7/100. The city’s high rank comes as no shock, given the average fan attendance of 68.8k per show and an impressive 24.2k TikTok videos capturing Taylor Swift’s performance. Ahrefs (keyword tracking tool) also reveals a substantial 33.5k Taylor Swift and Tampa-related search volumes, while Facebook showcases 9.7k members in Taylor Swift dedicated Facebook groups. It’s clear that Tampa’s Swiftie community is thriving, and it would’ve been a “Cruel Summer” indeed if Taylor missed this Sunshine State city!   

Steel-ing the hearts of thousands in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Taylor’s home state claims #3 in our Swifties per capita ranking – with a solid score of 66.5/100. Steel City contributed significantly to the Taylor Swift frenzy nationwide, as they racked up the #3 highest Taylor Swift-related search volumes within their city; 51k to be exact! Additionally, 12.8k TikTok posts were created in the hub, with 2.5k fans in Taylor Swift-dedicated Facebook groups. But the celebration doesn’t stop there! Across Facebook and Eventbrite, the city has lined up 10 upcoming Taylor Swift-themed events, including a “Trivia Night: Taylor Swift Edition” and “Taylor Swift Cookie Decorating Class”. They sure know and love their native state star “All Too Well”.  

Wrapping up the top 5, Kansas City, Missouri secures the #4 position with a score 65/100 – boasting the #2 highest tally of fans in Taylor Swift dedicated Facebook groups nationwide! Perhaps, including Travis Kelce himself? Meanwhile, Arlington, Texas claims the #5 spot with 63.5/100 points, proving its dedication to Taylor’s tunes. 

On the flip side, Las Vegas finds itself at the bottom of the list with a “Blank Space” score of 0/100. Despite its sizable population and turnout of 128k for the 2-day Eras Tour concert, only 6.8k TikTok videos were posted – the lowest in the nation. On top of that, only 992 are recorded to be in Taylor Swift-dedicated Facebook groups, with just 3 Swiftie-themed events coming up. But hey, Vegas fans, just “Shake It Off” and don’t let the numbers bring you down!  

Ladies & gentlemen, will you please stand? Here are our honorable mentions 

It’s been a long time coming but…these cities have shimmered the highest (nationwide) in each of the factors we used in our index:  

Highest Eras Tour attendance average: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had the highest average attendance per night, with an impressive 72.5k fans per show.

Taylor Swift event hub: Within the same state, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hosts the highest number of Taylor Swift-themed events, with a remarkable tally of 42 for the year. 

Taylor Swift Google search hotspot: Seattle, Washington emerges as America’s internet fame when it comes to Taylor Swift, as they racked up the highest search volumes on Google – with a whopping 71.7k searches related to Taylor Swift and their city or stadium. It’s giving “Sleepless in Seattle”!  

Highest count of Taylor Swift TikTok videos: Minneapolis, Minnesota takes the crown for the highest number of TikTok posts nationwide, rounding up an astounding 44.3k videos.  

Most Swifties in Facebook communities: Chicago, Illinois boasts the highest record of fans in Taylor Swift-dedicated Facebook groups, with an impressive 23k Facebook members.  

Conclusion: Swifties are here to stay, “Forever & Always”  

“Call It What You Want” America, but the truth is undeniable – it’s a “Love Story” when it comes to the Swifties’ unwavering dedication and loyalty. Beyond her record-breaking tours, her influence goes beyond the stadium – such as social media, hosted events, and more!  


In April 2024, we looked at the 2023 Eras Tour cities as our seed list, then created an index analyzing and weighing a multitude of factors. Please note that we didn’t include the 2024 US Eras Tour dates as the shows haven’t begun to assess their rankings. 

  1. Eras Tour Attendance (Pollstar and local news) – 30%  
  1. # of Eras Tour shows within each city – 15% 
  1. Google Search Volumes (Ahrefs) – 10% 
    • Searches including: ‘Taylor Swift + city’ and ‘Taylor Swift + stadium’  
  1. # of TikTok posts (TikTok) – 20% 
    • Searches including: ‘#city + TS + The Eras Tour’, ‘#city + Eras Tour’
  1. # of Facebook group members in dedicated Taylor Swift groups (Facebook) – 20% 
  1. # of Taylor Swift themed events (Facebook and Eventbrite) – 5% 

Each city was then scored on a scale of 0-100 to discover which cities have the most Swifties per capita.  

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