Progressive Jackpots – Raising The Stakes

Progressive Jackpot GuideRegular casino patrons are familiar with progressive jackpots, because special progressive slot machines occupy prominent places on casino floors.  Banks of machines are often placed below well-lit money boards that increasingly tick upward, to represent the rapidly growing jackpots.

The Allure Of Progressive Jackpots

How can you walk passed a one-dollar machine that promises to pay out hundreds of thousands?  Most people stop and shovel a couple bucks in, which keeps the jackpot totals rising at a blurring pace.

Progressive jackpots are awesome – they add another layer of wagering excitement to the standard betting routines of your favorite games.  ‘Progressive’ simply means the pot continues to grow until somebody hits the right combination, to take home the jackpot.  And since the conditions for winning have long odds, the pots can get pretty big between wins.

Disciplined gamblers know that in the long run, sticking to proven strategies is the best way to win. But everyone loves the possibility of hitting a home run, especially when getting into the progressive action is as easy as placing a small side bet. Progressive jackpot totals reach into the hundreds of thousands – even millions, so winning one might change your life.

How A Progressive Jackpot Works

In the case of online slots, jackpots are fueled by steady flowing bets, coming from networks of machines.  A fraction of each wager is funneled into the progressive jackpot, so when multiplied by the large number of machines in the network, the jackpot climbs faster than you can pull the virtual one-armed bandit.

Each casino has a different hook, but special symbols or unique combinations are usually the things you need to see on your slot machine pay lines to win a progressive jackpot.  And it’s not all about slots these days; online casinos have attached progressive jackpots to all your favorite games, from roulette to stud poker.

Qualifying For Progressive Jackpots

In order to qualify for progressive jackpots, most table games require that you place an additional bet.  Side bets are funneled into the progressive pool, but not before the casino takes a healthy split, for running the games.

Progressive jackpots can be winner-take-all prizes, or split payouts that reward various levels of performance. Every casino has a unique approach, so make sure you know what you’re looking for. In Roulette, for instance, players that hit their number three times in a row might get a portion of the jackpot, until someone hits 5 in a row, to take home the whole progressive pile.

In many progressive poker games, royal flushes win the jackpots, but sometimes other hands like 5 of a kind are also rewarded.  Blackjack progressives often hinge on scenarios that use lots of cards.  For example, if you’re facing a dealer that draws 7 cards without busting, you might be the jackpot winner.

Progressive Jackpot Tips

Caribbean poker jackpots usually pay flush or better hands, so for your additional one-dollar wager you’re eligible to dip into the progressive jackpot with a flush, full-house, four of a kind, straight flush or royal flush.  It seems like you might contribute a lot of extra dollar bets before hitting one of these hands, so is it worth it to play progressive bets online?

No matter what games you play, your strategy should always be to win the pot, with a progressive payout acting as a bonus or unexpected windfall.  Play the extra progressive side action when you’re ahead and can afford it, but don’t look to progressive jackpots as ways to get back on track when you’re faltering.

Maximize your chances of winning by understanding the rules of each progressive and betting accordingly.  If you are chasing a progressive bingo jackpot, for instance, play multiple cards during off-peak times.  Pre-buy bingo tickets so you don’t miss your favorite progressive games.

To qualify for the progressive jackpot, slot machines often require you to wager the maximum number of tokens. Don’t withhold a couple tokens, only to find you could have won a couple hundred thousand, instead of a couple hundred.

Progressive jackpots pay huge sums, when compared to the relatively small bets that get you in on the action.   Like the lottery, the odds of hitting the jackpots are long, but the potential for taking home the mother lode adds further excitement to online gambling.